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utorak, 06.12.2011.

Red apricot a high gaochu heaven

You closed gate does not appear

Garden flowers and odd Dou yan

Red apricot a high gaochu heaven

Unfortunately your walls too can't think highly of

Sister you space guard hid in a courtyard garden

Brother when I call you hear

Partition your phone again and again

You do not answer the phone

Urgent brother that lovestruck pair of eyes

Wall flower floating in thick

You step gently appreciating gardens

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Life sometimes calm like a dry well maybe you will also fall into this

You rarely contact, in this long long of life in the, you door phase poly of time may only tens of thousands of min one, but in each other of heart are retained has a copies Miss, a copies told, even he to to ends, even had has many many years, even then met Shi, already is people non-property also non-has, you still will as deep of remember with such a people, this has enough has.

Life sometimes calm like a dry well, maybe you will also fall into this mouth went dry well, maybe you love without what in ancient times, and the rocks crumble, perhaps Wafa early, with sideburns and pale, but with this kind of a friend, there will be some ripples in the your life, a little color, you think of him. Remember him in silence, perhaps this world will never forget my life.

You appreciate in this world, there is such a person, he is not here with you, he didn't do for you what you want, he will have a very good, long life, sons of full, happy sth

You are very happy to have had that kind WOW Gold of feeling, pure and long in this complicated world, there is such a friend, worth your blessing, to Miss

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I think that is a ranged from love and affection between friends

Have a friend, I think that is a ranged from love and affection between friends, you will occasionally miss him silently, reminded him, warm, has a beautiful, has a moving. In times of sorrow and trouble, you may think of him, you hope that he can be here with you, to comfort you, you understand, but you never talk to him, are you afraid of your own that sadness would hamper his quiet life.

You will be a song, a color, think of him, thinks of his sincere, thought of his obsession, reminds him that had experienced hardships together. Because there is such a friend, you'll be more appreciative of their own lives, love of their life, because you know he wishes you well, he would like you to take good care of themselves, when they meet again, he would like you to tell him that you are happy.

Those secular of concept, in you of heart Cheap WOW Gold, because he of exists and variable of feeble, you just in heart deep for this people set has a Department little of space, quietly to stuck with that copies better of memories, from a began you on know, in you Zhijian does not has what love, seems to on up love on blasphemy has this copies emotion, this only is a friendship. So what is this all about then? Do you want to for many years, but no clue.

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petak, 18.11.2011.

Long streets in silence long only rain rustling of falls

I could write a lot of dead sentences without hate, but they are not without regret to have choices Cheap World Of Warcraft Gold. Because of unruly, because they do not care, because pretended to be indifferent, in fact, their care, they are not meant to be feeling fine.

Watching is about to lose a season, looking at what others are harvesting and joy, and remains a lonely one, winter rain flutter freely at night, alone drinking your own mind, standing alone at the four seasons of spring comes and reincarnation, movement, a quarter quarter romance.

Want some warm words, slowly grooming in the warm, but how is not clear, shear continuously thoughts. As the night air in thin gauze curtains swaying, that light faint drizzle, combined with a burning cigarette smoke curl upwards, in the night in hazy, misty like a fog, thin and small, I feel like being in the bustling old sth

Long streets in silence long, only rain rustling of falls, knocking on the leaves, slices of fresh gently diffused over a delicate fragrance, wanders in passing it around people, distributed among the hazy fog. Chronology of time as silver, a memory, gradually fading away, the heart seems to be an extremely small time spread, who can tell me how much is there in the rain of falling tears of helpless hurt.

Standing in the rain and enjoy rainscape is different, the distant mind, flight to your heart, so I can't miss, Miss miss you heart.

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Get it on there will be a beautiful story

I've never offended anyone

It did not expect even the night has to torture me

Let me touch that block of love

Pain in my wandering around

Heart felt, the more strongly

I'm afraid to think of his

Afraid of his memory I am drowning

Get it on there will be a beautiful story

Although things were over, but I still think

Even though I didn't change, he does not change, community are changing

That bumped him

Let me know

Even when a good grasp of the

We cannot be together

You or I, complaining

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Purple blue in the rain at night such as scattered thoughts fly

Tonight, a winter's night rain of fine cotton, with a few mellow, high music cut from ear ear Dees, flashing neon lights against the fashionable young men and women, all gorgeous and free.

Lonely River Bridge, slight breeze across the head, blows on the head of black hair, I don't know if it's still flying in the years.

Turbulent times deep in the Red dust, winter rain falling with no zest or vigour, Ze call of human sounds in speech. Tizzy, cloud-like to put it mildly, as vacant as Zheng. Flying with slices of a delicate fragrance of chrysanthemum petals, softly diffuse Liao in the rain around, fall and winter rains, falling petals, falling in the winter rain, in the text, a mood of enjoyable moments to come.

Purple blue in the rain at night, such as scattered thoughts fly. A missed note finger gently swaying, voicing fanghua.

Twilight of the mist, rain curtain of thin, dots are all from the people's tears.

Light rain in the evening, you will always have a State of mind unbidden, will always have an impulse at the fingertips of roaming. The same rainy night, different seasons, the same people, different locations, in the rainy twilight Buy WOW Gold, wandering in the years have been missed. Shallow footprints, as long as it is their own leave no regrets at that time, then this is no regrets.

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subota, 12.11.2011.

Don't think the correct values to Fei survey others choices

Since ancient times, residential care homes who love taking bread,,

And they have often been Fei discussion,

Vain, despise the poor and curry favour with the rich was tailored for them adjectives,

And I, but dismissed

In the present commodity economy thriving logistics society,

How many people will understand "the vermilion gates meat and wine, roads are dying" a gruesome sight!

How few people understand "road, hungry woman holding child abandoned grass" sad!

How will understand "meal is a grass-roots, the evening food is veneer" helpless!

How can the world:

There are a few people who can not eat human pyrotechnics?


Don't think the correct values to Fei survey others choices.

"To eat for days" is the eternal unchanging theorem.

In pursuit of bread and given up on love man is rational,

After all, in limited circumstances,

Fish can't have it both ways,

But there are some exceptions, such as the poignant love of Liang.

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Dancing in the wind leaves watching the setting sun welling up Golden clothes

I have a feeling more than once, that is a very familiar place suddenly came to a very strange place for no reason at all, like the characters in the different hacker, this is where? Why I'm here? And see everything around, Oh, has gone through so much in the Middle, but those who lead and fleeting memories we all rare to simply omitted, like you have never occurred. Shang Saturday night in road slowly go with, a yellow leaves from I forehead falling to ground, I meal sense soaked with bleak, bending body picked up that tablets yellow leaves, carefully watch with it does not too clear of choroid, may had it also wanted to became a independent of life, and does not by season reincarnation by control, may it itself is a independent full of life, is falls is because is because in this time of reincarnation in, it has completed has himself of mission, finished has himself by can do of all, it of fall is not life of periods, but omitted,. Dancing in the wind leaves, watching the setting sun, welling up Golden clothes. Pick one leaves, listening to, whisper of the autumn. Rotate time matured through four seasons, all handsome, laughing all the way, standing in the way time, then the unique life. West wind alone who read cold, desolate yellow leaves close-sparse Windows, cooler than the West wind, but was again under the control of the autumn, who cannot escape this cold, like seconds cannot escape a second time, and can only watch them go by, helpless. Dust easily washed away, safely wait glitz fell to chewu, you can always understanding words get in the way of life track opaque is the heart, as a gang leader in a disorderly crowd in the Red dust, no matter what to put in order, after which there will always be traces remain in the memory, not always the same familiar. If life has no regrets, no waves, we will defer to the cycle of time, calm through the spring and summer, autumn and winter? If we can go back now, do we owe our compromises? In fact, everything is no answer, because time does not forget to walk, do not forget to take it. Young people in the years of vicissitudes, such as the yellow leaves, slices of scattered, so in between surges up life, float or sink, tidal rise and fall, to finally be in the mind meditation qianbian: Once Upon a Time.

Four seasons reincarnation, Time and tide wait for no man to be replaced, when autumn leaves floating, we're just enjoying a form of life, although looking forward to the coming of spring, but we can't as there are grass Cheapest WOW Gold, again looking forward to prospects for their style. Just like at this very moment, I wrote what wants to leave in the Past-time, pick up those lives fell silent under the render time, only to honor the memory of those who do not care in the past, after ours, it opened the yellow pages, the warmth, continued unabated.

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Just doubled has doubled yiqian wrote had of text

Thin numbers, half the time since I wrote anything. Until the fall, was once like write something this season, during this time wrote poems of the night thoughts

, Wrote at this time last year the dream of early autumn. Still remember when writing poetry scene, a man standing near the hostel balcony window, listening to beautiful piano pieces, to the Chin glassy eyes staring down people coming and going on a path, occasionally blowing cold wind, smashed the train of thought, back in my memory. A year has passed in haste, but also to late autumn, is the intention to write something.

Just doubled has doubled yiqian wrote had of text, messy of mind in suddenly full has melancholy, in this quietly of night scattered, swooped down on cannot restraint of dreams in, I wanted to, in such a complex noisy of life in the, even to has night also does not was note a with pen copying like water years of people 's, may, had too more of better we are has lost, those engraved of beat, those precipitation in heart of distressed, those after never was touch touch of truth, also are has disappeared out, like at this time of night--gradually deep to. We were years exile, like a grain of dust, scattered in the wind, and gradually into the world. Some time ago, one evening boring to look at the blog entries and photos on the Web for all, and later in a person's album a school newspaper was found in the electronic version of the picture, a closer look, each version has album master's article and an article I, suddenly I'm amazed. Those days of writing poetry, songs cry the day Hu constitutes a fine picture-picture in my mind one by one in Flash. Rain-ripple, the time flow in the past for so long, I've finally seen most clearly that time until today. At this point, the shallow Moon glowing yellow leaves out, maybe next second what yellow leaves on the ground, and even I haven't finished this sentence when there are countless film yellow leaf movement has already slim body and time to say good-bye. Flourishing of all life is a journey song, like a dream, mixed with loss, even so, the past such as surreal listening and circulation between the words get in the way of details, like a cup of tea, around the corner I carefully studied Cheap WOW Gold, eating slowly, sometimes never pulled the heart open hearts, and that's it.

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subota, 05.11.2011.

However continued loss of the months and years

I think those worthy of life is not worth all the memories of past events recalled again, ready to forget them.

However, how willing?

The most bitter, bitter but Union decided not by; most difficult in the world, but gone to turn around.

However continued loss of the months and years, you'll blame me? 

Do not know how many of the night, trance an illusion

"City of Sufi dancing with strangers over color, thin clouds, one rain leakage, dreaming dreams, all hit by a rippling light rain, the lack of a warm, I'm so cold. ”

Youth in my eyes, the cast of a lonely figure.

Blink of an eye, had a really fast ....

Andante, finally, it will complete, in conclusion, we have to hold the fading years. Live in yesterday's situation. Today's end, could find no further back to the music of a song a little bit yesterday. Only the useful life of the brilliant, honour the lost youth.

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