subota, 06.10.2007.

Oh Chocolate...

After meeting with Lucy this morning we headed towards the Chocolate fair. Full of excitement we entered the beatiful building and enjoyed various chocolates with all of our senses. I have tried SO many different kinds, that I think I had enough chocolate for this month. Uh. I don't even remember any more what I tried, I should've written it down, but one remarkable one was white asparagus chocolate. You don't want to try that. I personally think that is a bit too much, don't you think? You killed the chocolate!! And for my taste, white chocolate isn't really chocolate, and even so it shouldn't be mixed with veggies. No veggies with chocolate please. But in general it was very interesting, I enjoyed it a lot. Oh, and one more thing, don't buy Sheep's milk chocolate. It's uh, pretty intense. Even if you try it, be ready. See, my first try was the white chocolate which, as we know, has more milk in it so now you imagine that...And that little chocolate on Lucy's hand, in case you can't see well, it is an anti-stress praline. It is full of those aromatic oils, just like if you went to a sauna. I think I would prefer going to the sauna then eating the chocolate.
And the next couple of hours we spent walking around Vienna and searching for a hairsalon and eventually we found a great place. I finally cut a good part of my hair because it was in such a bad condition and now it's almost as my natural hair color! Nice for a change :) Hands down, this lady did a great job.
And I also supposed to meet my uncle today who was in Vienna just for the day because he was flying to Greece, and I was being so selfish, thinking just how I had to do my hair, and I missed him. He was already on the way to the airport when I texted him. So I wanted to say again, sorry uncle. Truly and deeply sorry.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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