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Evo malo o ovom finskom metal bendu XD XD XD

Markus Toivonen played guitar with some friends in a band called ”Dark Reflections” which played mainly covers of certain heavy metal bands including Megadeth, Pantera and many others. Later on Markus felt that the band in which he was playing offered him very little inspiration and wanted to play something different. Markus was hugely inspired by folk music and also found himself fascinated about melodic death metal bands, like Amorphis and Dark Tranquility. Then one day Markus asked the band’s drummer, Kimmo Miettinen, if he wanted to play heroic folk ’death’ metal with him. Kimmo agreed. Next Markus and Kimmo asked their friend Sauli Savolainen, if he wanted to come and play the bass. Fortunately he said yes. Now they had a band. Only trouble was that the band had no name at the time. One day Markus was visiting Sauli at his home, when he found a book. A Latin Dictionary. Markus casually opened the book. And from the first randomly picked page he glanced at a word. Ensiferum. Markus found the word fascinating and when he read the translation he got really excited of this word…

Ensiferum started it’s training in January 1996 at the Pasila Youthcenter in Helsinki (the same place their earlier band Dark Reflections had their rehearsals). Markus begun writing songs in 1995, which he got finished later 1996. The songs were ”Knighthood”, ”Old Man (Väinämöinen)” and ”Frost”. Later in the same year Markus lured Jari Mäenpää (at the time a member of a band Immemorial and an experienced solo artist) to join his band as a singer and a second guitarist. Jari came aboard with some great skills and excellent musical ideas. Thus the band was no longer a trio, but a quartet. Jari proved to be a skillfull lyricist and wrote the lyrics on ”Old Man”. The two other songs required no new lyrics for Jari to write, because Markus had done the original lyrics on ”Knighthood” and Sauli to ”Frost”. So Jari just improved them. Ensiferum had their first concert at Pasila Youthcenter in December 1996. Ironically, they perfomed just one song, ”Old Man”, which was the only song including finished lyrics.

Jari went to army in January and the band was in halt. The rest of the guys used this spare time to improve their playing skills. Ensiferum had two unofficial gigs in Pasila (the other in the Youthcenter and the other one outside of it) with a strange line-up…
Jari finished his duty in the army in the fall of 1997 and Ensiferum started training heavily for the first demo, which was recorded at Kivi-Studios in November. The demo included three songs, ”Frost”, ”Old Man” and ”Knighthood”, and the demo had the spread of almost 300 copies in the following year.

At the release of the demo Ensiferum did yet another two concerts in Pasila. New songs got finished, including ”Little Dreamer (Väinämöinen II)”. But Ensiferum had to take a little breather. And things didn’t get any easier because Kimmo Miettinen joined the band ArthemesiA and Sauli Savolainen concentrated on his job and school. That year Oliver Fokin had quit playing drums in ArthemesiA and had a few short jamming sessions with Markus in an old bomb shelter at Munkkiniemi, Helsinki. One thing led to another and Oliver agreed to play drums in the band. So one might say that Ensiferum and ArthemesiA had a change of drummers. Roughly about the same time Sauli was freshed out of the inthusiasm toward Ensiferum and was replaced by Kimmo Miettinen’s little brother, Jukka-Pekka Miettinen. Funnily, at the time he started to play bass in Ensiferum he was only fourteen years old. Now there was a new line-up ready to head the challenges of the second demo. And they had a new training facility: the bomb shelter in Munkkiniemi.

The second demo was recorded in January 1999 at MD-Studios. The demo included 4 songs: ”The Dreamer’s Prelude”, ”Little Dreamer (Väinämöinen II)”, ”Warrior’s Quest” and ”White Storm”. The second demo was technically evolved and although it missed narrowly giving a record deal to Ensiferum it gave confidence to the band. They gained more experience in a local band contest and after that they started to record their third and final demo in November 1999 once again at MD-Studios with the help of Janne Joutsenniemi (a member of Stone and Sub-Urban Tribe) who recorded and mixed the demo in a very short studio session. The demo included 4+1 songs: ”Intro”, ”Hero In A Dream”, ”Eternal Wait”, ”Battle Song” and a bonus song ”Guardians Of Fate”, which was recorded at Jari’s home with a drum machine. ”Eternal Wait” had a guest female vocalist Johanna Vakkuri, a friend of the band. The demo was released with a new band logo, which was designed and conceived by Tuomas Tahvanainen, the same guy, who designed the two earlier logos.

The third demo had great reviews and was awarded to be the top demos of the month in several different publishes. And it also got the eagerly awaited attention amongst the record labels. Once Spinefarm record company got hold of the demo they contacted Ensiferum immediately and started negotiating about the possability of a record deal. In the meanwhile, Ensiferum went in a local band contest and was among the top finalists of that year. Roughly the same time a record deal was finally made with Spinefarm. Ensiferum recorded their debut album in November 2000 at Sundi-Coop Studios in Savonlinna with Tuomo Valtonen (studio engineerer). The album featured such guest musicians as Trollhorn (keyboards), Johanna Vakkuri (guest female vocals) and Marita Toivonen (kantele).

In the spring of 2001 the debut album was mixed by Tuomo Valtonen in his studio. Tuomo Valtonen made the record ballsy, as he always does. At similar times Ensiferum had a new addition to it’s line-up: a keyboard player. Meiju Enho joined Ensiferum and so the band became five-membered. Debut album ”Ensiferum” was released in July 2001 and the feedback was tremendous.

To record "Iron" Ensiferum travelled all the way to Copenhagen's Sweet Silence studios in the summer of 2003. The reason for choosing a foreign studio was the studio´s owner, the famed producer Flemming Rasmussen, who has in the past recorded and produced such famed albums as Metallica´s "Master of Puppets" and "Ride the Lightning". "Iron" was then recorded, produced and mixed by Rasmussen.
After the recordings Ensiferum announced with a sad heart that their singer/guitarist Jari Mäenpää had made the decision of leaving the band. The search for a replacement was started immediately due to the band´s busy touring schedule, and soon a new singer was found in the form of Norther´s lead singer Petri Lindroos. Soon the temporary replacement for Jari took over his duties when Ensiferum toured Europe with Finntroll and The Wake during the Spring of 2004.

steta sto nemaju official spot XD

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  • ne znam sto reci nego da je ovo blog na kojeg cu stavljati anime i metal XD znaci svi metalci i anime fanovi su dobrodosli :D

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    In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen...




Manga/Anime Corner

  • Hmm znaci ovdje cu stavljati kratke opise mangi koje citam ili sam procitao...

    Za sada cu istaknuti mangu Berserk i njezinog tvorca Kentaru Miura...

    Sa preko 29 milijuna volumea prodanih Berserk je jedna od najprodavanijih i najboljih manga za odrasle. Manga je inspirirana srednjim vijekom ali ne japanskim vec europskim. Vrti se oko glavnog protagonista zvanog Gatts, i njegovog odnosa s Griffithom, vođe jedne plaćeničke vojske. Mangu ne preporucujem ljudima koji imaju slab želudac jer ima dosta, stvarno dosta nasilja....

    Miura je svoju mangu prvi put objavio 1988 godine kao 48-stranični Prototype kako ga je on nazvao te je odmah osvojio nagradu za to. Kasnije 1990. godine izlazi i prvi volume mange. Manga jos izlazi te ako želite nove volume mozete ih skinuti odavde

    Malo o glavnim likovima...


    Protagonist ove price... Visok je i mišićav čovjek s ogromnim mačem zvanim Dragon Slayer na leđima. Također ima ugrađenu željeznu ruku jer je svoju izgubio u borbi, no malo protivnika zna da u toj ruci je ugraden i mali top... I početku saznajemo tko je Gatts te o njegovom teskom djetinjstvu i pubertetu. U svojim 18-ima ili 19-ima upoznaje Griffitha koji pobijedi Gatts te ga pričlani u svoju vojsku plaćenika. Taj odnos s Griffithom i vojskom je opisan u 13 volumea. Jos treba napomenuti da se Gatts zaljubjuje u Casku, jednu djevojku koja ga je u početku mrzila no na kraju ga zavoli. Razlog zasto Gatts želi ubiti Griffitha je zbog toga sto je Griffith silovao Casku, a Gatts je sve to morao gledat privezan dolje bez jedne ruke i izgubljenog oka... Trenutno u mangi pratimo Gattsa sada s prijateljima koji mu pomazu u njegovom putovanju.
    U kasnijim volumima Gatts dobije Berserker's Armor, koji mu dopusta borbu bez obzira na stanje u kojem se nalazi Gatts... no ima jedna losa strana u armoru, kad Gatts poludi od boli koje mu netko nanese, obuzme me ga njegov demon, te armor skroz promijeni izgled ali Gatts promijeni i svoje ponasanje, počne se ponasati kao vuk koji ne mari koga napada, napada sve, bilo prijatelje ili neprijatelje.


    Osnivac i vođa bande plaćenike koje se naziva Band Of Hawk. Zbog njegovih taktičkih vjestina, njegovu vojsku smatraju nepobijedivom.
    Griffith ima san da jednom ima svoje kraljevstvo te je spreman sve žrtvovati radi tog sna. Nakon sto ga Gatts pobijedi u duelu i ode, Griffith poludi te spava s kraljevom kćeri. Zbog tog čina kralj ga strpa u tamnicu gdje su ga mučili na razne nacine, te je postao nepokretan, ali Gatts sada saznavsi sto se dogodilo njegovom najboljem prijatelju odlazi mu pomoci da pobjegne iz zatvora. I u tome uspijeva.
    U bijegu od kraljeve vojske Grifftih nekako uzme kočiju te s njom odjase do jednog jezera gdje se pokusa ubiti no onda saznajemo za tajanstvenu moc ogrlice koju on nosi oko vrata. Ogrlica zvana Behelith daje jednom odredenom covjeku moc ako taj covjek napravi neku žrtvu. Tada Griffith uvidjevsi da mu je to jedini nacin da ostvari san, zrtvuje cijelu svoju vojsku četvorici bogova. U zamjenu on postaje 5. bog i dobiva apsolutnu moc. Napomenut cu da je samo troje članova vojske preživjelo zrtvovanje, a to su Gatts, Caska i Rickert.
    Nakon ovog žrtvovanja Gatts odluci osvetiti svoje pale prijatelje te krece u potragu za Griffithom.


    Jedina žena u cijeloj vojsci plaćenika. Pridruzila se vojsci tako sto ju je Griffith bio spasio od silovanja. Nakon toga cijelo ga je vrijeme slijedila. Kasnije je se zaljubljuje u Gatts te njih dvoje budu zajedno. Poslije nakon sto ju je Griffith sad kao bog silovao, Caska je izgubila pamćenje i glas. Zbog tog silovanja Caska je rodlia dijete ali je bilo onečišćeno Griffithovim silovanjem te se rodilo deformirano i proganjalo je Gattsa.
    U zadnjim volumima traze lijek za Casku, a jedino ju moze izlijeciti King Of The Flower Storm...

    To bi bilo to ukratko o mangi... :D

Metal Corner

  • Ovdje cu pisat pretezito o metal glazbi... naravno bit ce i pravih postova, ali sad je i ovo dovoljno :D

    Dakle meni osobno naj metal bend je In Flames te cu o njima malo sad napisat...

    Znaci In Flames je nastao 1990. godine kad je Jesper Stromblad otisao iz benda Ceremonial i odlucio osnovati svoj bend.
    Prvi album Lunar Strain dozivio je velik underground uspjeh. Polako su počeli izlaziti sa underground scene s albumom Subterranean... Moglo bi se reci da im je taj album bio prekretnica u svijetu metal glazbe. Nakon Subterranean-a su snimili Jester Race, album na kojem je po prvi puta zapjevao Anders Friden. Slijedi snimanje albuma Whoracle no nažalost Johan i Glenn su napustili In Flames te ih ostavili s snimljenim albumom.
    No brzo se snalaze i rade dosta promjena oko benda da bi snimili album Colony koji im je bio najveci uspjeh do tada. Postajali su sve poznatiji u svijetu. 2000. godine snimaju Claymana ( po meni njihov najbolji album ) koji se dosta dobro prodavao... U međuvremenu su isli po raznim turnejama po svijetu s drugim bendovima poput Testamenta, Slipknota, Dream Theatera itd. Mislim da su najveci uspjeh dozivjeli u Japanu.
    Proslo je 3 godine, koje su proveli svirajuci po cijelom svijetu da bi napokon snimili novi album Soundtrack To Your Escape. Koji se nije bas istakao po prodaji, ali 2006 godina sve mijenja snimanjem albuma Come Clarity koji je donio osvjezenje u glazbi koju sviraju i tako jos jednom dokazali da su jedan od najboljih metal bendova u Europi, ako ne i u svijetu...

    Spot sa zadnjeg albuma Come Clarity, pjesma je Take This Life

    spot mozete pogledat ovdje In Flames - Take This Life koristi kolačiće za pružanje boljeg korisničkog iskustva. Postavke kolačića mogu se kontrolirati i konfigurirati u vašem web pregledniku. Više o kolačićima možete pročitati ovdje. Nastavkom pregleda web stranice slažete se s korištenjem kolačića. Za nastavak pregleda i korištenja web stranice kliknite na gumb "Slažem se".Slažem se