07.04.2008., ponedjeljak

Za kraj

Jučer je prošla točno godina dana od kada sam stigao u Liberiju, 06.04.2007. Trebao sam ostati cijelu godinu, ali nisam. Nakon cca 9 mjeseci života i rada u neviđenom siromaštvu i bijedi, nakon nebrojeno puno potrebnih i nepotrebnih avantura, mnoštva jedva izbjegnutih pogibelji s našim malim avionom, nakon puno nervoze na poslu i puno teških osobnih trenutaka, moje tijelo je opet uključilo "emergency evacuation" u poslijednjim danima 2007. godine i ja sam završio u bolnici u Kölnu sa Hepatitisom A i Dengue groznicom. Tijelo se opet teškom mukom izborilo za svoj život i još je u dugotrajnom procesu regeneracije jetre, a ja sam konačno sebi rekao: ne vraćam se više! Bilo je jako korisno proći kroz sve te teške osobne krize u kojima sam sazrio vjerovatno 5 puta brže nego li da sam ostao kod kuće u Europi, ali mislim da je dosta za ovaj život. I konačno, na kraju puta, doživio sam jedno iskustvo, jedan uvid koji me oslobodio "robovanja" Africi i dao jasan novi (stari) smjer.
Bilo je to negdje početkom drugog mjeseca ove godine, u Zagrebu. Još sam bio prilično slab sa zdravljem, ali sam radio male šetnje Pantovčakom kako bih održavao mišićnu aktivnost. Spuštajući se ka Britancu, odjednom su me preplavile slike Afrike, siromaštva, gladi, ratova, nasilja i svega što sam tamo vidio. Bilo mi je jako teško radi svega toga, a najviše me boljelo to što ma koliko pomoći poslali, ma koliko humanitaraca otišlo tamo da pomogne olakšati patnje tih ljudi, još uvijek milioni ljudi budu zaboravljeni jer jednostavno fizički nije moguće stići na sve strane i pomoći svima. Tada mi je "puklo" u grudima, otvorilo se nebo i potekla je neizmjerna i neograničena ljubav ka svima što pate u Africi i diljem svijeta. I eto, na kraju "karijere", nakon više od 12 godina, ja sam konačno osjetio da u svom srcu diram ama baš svako biće koje pati i da je ta ljubav nekako suštinskija, važnija za ljudsko biće i da ga više hrani nego li zdjela riže i mlijeka u prahu. Konačno sam postao istinski humanitarac, konačno sam našao rješenje da dođem, da stignem do svih onih koje pate. Taj osjećaj je realan i živ u meni. Tim putem želim nastaviti svoj život, nesebično davati svoje srce, dušu i duh kako bi se ublažio bol svijeta.
A one koje zanima pustolovina, neka odu na početak ove priče i krene čitati. Od dna stranice, naravno! :-)

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04.07.2007., srijeda

Nesto stvarno pametno. Konacno!!!

Africans to Bono: 'For God's sake please stop!'

By Jennifer Brea Tuesday, July 3, 2007

farmer Arusha, Tanzania – Africa is a continent of despair and desperation. Here, eight year-olds toting AK-47s massacre whole villages and eccentric dictators feast on the organs of the opposition, believing it'll boost their mojo. Tsetse flies nibble on the eyelids of starving children who sport distended bellies like it's their birthright, not to mention the fact that by the time you finish reading this article, another six Africans will die from malaria, five from AIDS, and seventeen from poverty and hunger. Also, the wildlife is beautiful and the people like to dance and sing.

That's Africa, and it's in desperate need of our help. Luckily, a few enlightened megastars from America and Europe have come to save it.

Curiously, not all the natives are grateful.

Last month, world leaders and Bono met in Heiligendamm, Germany for the G8 summit to renew their commitment to increase aid to Africa. Vanity Fair's special Africa issue, edited by the man himself, hit newsstands with 20 celebrity covers, a gaggle of celebrity writers, and a conspicuous shortage of Africans.

Many of Africa's best and brightest become bureaucrats or NGO workers when they should be scientists or entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile in Arusha, Tanzania, at the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference, a group of the continent's intellectual elite issued a very different plea: stop flooding Africa with aid. Since 1984, an assortment of Silicon Valley billionaires, child prodigies, ex-presidents, artistic geniuses, mad scientists, and movie stars have descended on Monterrey, California for TED, for an annual event The Economist called "Davos for optimists." Three weeks ago, TED held its first-ever conference in Africa, bringing together trademark optimism with an even more humbling sort of A-list.

Eleni Gabre-Madhin, a World Bank economist, returned to her native Ethiopia to start a commodities exchange to prevent future famines. Daniel Annerose invented software in Senegal that allows farmers to track market prices via SMS text messaging. Alieu Conteh built the first cellular network in the Congo, Florence Seriki, Nigeria's first computer manufacturing company.

Then there's William Kamkwamba, the undisputed showstopper, a teenager from rural Malawi who, at age fourteen, built a windmill from plastic scrap and an old bicycle frame that generates enough electricity to light his family's house.

These speakers were selected to support a thesis, painfully obvious but somehow radical in this age: Africa won't be "saved" by aid, but by the ingenuity and determination of its own people.

Andrew Mwenda, an outspoken Ugandan journalist who was jailed last year for criticizing President Museveni, lambasted the Western world's "international cocktail of good intentions" for robbing Africa of its future. After all, what country has ever gotten rich from aid? What Africa needs is investment.

Near the front of the darkened auditorium a white man with orange sunglasses stood to object. It was Bono! The audience (myself included), exuberant in the presence of celebrity, craned their necks to catch a glimpse. Aid saved Ireland from the potato famine, Bono declared.

George Ayittey, author of Africa Unchained, a wildly popular book which argues Africa's problems should be solved by Africans, was bumped from his scheduled spot so that Bono could play a prerecorded greeting from German chancellor Angela Merkel on the importance of honoring aid commitments to Africa. "Try telling Chancellor Merkel that the Marshall Plan was a load of crap." Bono then took the stage to defend what has become his life's avocation: opening the pockets of rich governments to give to the kleptocratic governments of Africa. What Africa needs is its own Marshall Plan.

Comparing post-war Germany or Ireland during the Great Famine to Africa is a bit like comparing post-war Japan to Iraq. Aid might be able to restore normalcy in a country devastated by war or disaster, but can it really push a whole continent of largely pre-industrial societies into the next phase of history?

Africa has never loomed as large in the popular imagination of the West as it does today, thanks to the Jeffrey Sachs-Bono ambition to Make Poverty History, and of course to Angelina Jolie and Madonna's commitment to adopting African babies.

Their message of hope is one that seems to deny Africans a role as agents of their own transformation. We can save Darfur. We can save Africans from disease. We can even save Africans from themselves. Africa can be saved if we just try hard enough.

It is true that from the villages of Darfur to the slums of Soweto, thousands of people on this continent die unnecessary deaths each day, but Africa is home to 900 million. Tragedy is a small part of a much larger and more complex story.

Of the 47 countries that make up sub-Saharan Africa, only five-Sudan, Chad, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia-are home to active conflicts. Last year, Africa saw its highest growth in GDP in two decades. Sixteen African countries have favorable sovereign credit ratings. Botswana's is higher than Japan, yet it still strles to attract investment.

For the thousands of foreign-educated lawyers, businessmen, and architects from the Diaspora who are leaving cushy corporate jobs to return home with their skills and their dynamism to open businesses, it's about creating wealth, not reducing poverty. Africa is not a victim in need of saving: it's a land of opportunity.

Kenyan economist James Shikwati, who in advance of the 2005 G8 summit in Gleneagles famously asked rich nations, "for God's sake, please just stop" giving Africa aid, thinks even misery is an opportunity.

We can fight malaria by distributing free mosquito nets, which may cost $10-$60 each by the time you get them down often impassable dirt roads. Or, as Shikwati sests, we can train locals how to operate a business spraying homes with an insecticide that will keep them mosquito-free for six months at about $2 a family.

We can spend billions importing medication, or you can invest in local farms that grow the Artemisinin, a Chinese herb with potent anti-malarial properties, and the factories that process it.

We can continue the endless cycle of need and dependency, or you can create jobs, develop indigenous capacity, and build a sustainable future.

Aid not only crowds out local entrepreneurship, it makes governments lazy and deprives countries of the incentive to build effective institutions. Public revenue derived from taxes makes governments directly responsible to their citizens. Free money builds white elephants and bloated bureaucracies, it being far easier to create new government jobs than implement policies to fight unemployment, especially when someone else is footing the bill.

The perverse result is that many of Africa's best and brightest become bureaucrats or NGO workers when they should be scientists or entrepreneurs. Which is why some are wondering: why not just take the aid money and invest in local business?

"If you make Africans rich, they'll be less poor," said Idriss Mohammed, a financier who wants to raise a private equity fund for Sub-Saharan Africa. "Forget making poverty history. I want to make Africans rich."

Audacious, blasphemous, foolhardy—possibly—but that philosophy is precisely how China has been able to lift millions out of poverty in only a few decades and become a magnet for foreign investment.

Still, it would be plain stupid to say aid doesn't matter for Africa.

When aid builds infrastructure–roads, railways, power plants, electric grids–it makes it cheaper for farmers to bring their crops to market, medicine to get where it is needed without spoiling, labor to flow where the jobs are. Ninety percent of roads in Angola are unpaved, 70 percent of those in Nigeria. It might not be as sexy or photogenic as holding up the child with the swollen belly in front of a television camera, but that is the real crime.

This is why China's seduction of Africa has been so complete. While Americans are pestering their leaders to Save Darfur–an unlikely prospect absent full-scale military intervention–the Chinese are busy building roads and hydroelectric power dams. China believes Africa is a huge economic opportunity and deals with Africa like a business partner. The Chinese see Africans the way many would like to see themselves.

After his impassioned defense of aid, an African man in the audience asked Bono, "Where do you place the African person as a thinker, a creator of wealth?"

Celebrities make easy targets. Many at TED attacked Bono (ironically the catalyst for holding a conference in Africa in the first place) less for what he has done and more for what he represents. He has done more for raising Africa's profile and our awareness about debt relief, unequal trade, malaria and HIV/AIDS than perhaps any human being in history. He represents a game we have all played for nearly fifty years whose only winners have been corrupt governments and the international development industry.

Visibly wounded by the question, confused how anyone could misinterpret his good intentions, Bono, like the proverbial white man with black friends, set out to prove how down he is with the black man.

Africans are the "most regal people on earth" and music is their DNA, he told the room of mostly doctors, engineers, and businessmen. He then began singing a traditional Irish dirge to show us how Celtic music has Coptic roots, and so is fundamentally African. I wasn't the only one giggling in the back row.

Bono, in his awkward defense of his "Africa credo," also represents our fundamental failure to listen.

Aid can alleviate immediate misery and that is why we love it. Charity is a profoundly human response to all those images that pull on our heartstrings. But all evidence points to the maddening conclusion that, in the long run, aid not only has no positive effect on economic growth, it may even undermine it.

The only way Africa will develop and create wealth is if it can attract foreign capital and trade its goods on the world market like every other economically successful country does.

But investors are jittery. And considering what we think we know about Africa, who would blame them?

We make Africa glamorous, plastering billboards with sultry images of Gwenyth Paltrow proclaiming "I am an African." We throw billions of dollars at Africa and hope for its salvation. We buy Vanity Fair and read about "Madonna's Malawi" and "Jeffrey Sachs's $200 Billon Dream."

Branding Africa as barbaric and hopeless or glamorous and chic may sell magazines and get us to open our purse strings once in awhile. But neither myth is true or useful.

Here's a radical idea: if we really want to help, why not ask Africans, not their governments, how they perceive the challenges before them, the dreams they have for the future, and the resources they think they need to realize them?

Instead, we let a well-intentioned Irish rock star, a Jewish-American economist, and their Hollywood cohort become the voice and face of Africa.

And in the process, the story of the other Africa, the Africa that is dynamic, creative, and wants to work as a partner and the leader of its own future, is being drowned out by the clarion cry of the anti-poverty glitterati–and our own appetites for gripping, salacious headlines of war, poverty, and grief.

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08.02.2007., četvrtak


Stvarno sam pretjerao sa nepisanjem bloga. Kao sve nesto vazno se dogadja, nikako dovoljno inspiracije, pa nemam zelju, pa ovo pa ono. Sada sam si dao kao zadatak da redovno pisem.
Daklem, prvo da dam koordinate: Köln, Dzermanija. Tu mi je baza do daljnjega, a to "daljnjega" moze potrajati do beskonacnosti. Trebao sam ici u Liberiju u travnju, no to je otkazano i sad sam na "One week notice", to jest cekam telefonski poziv da me pozovu s posla i da krenem nekuda. Za to vrijeme se pokusavam baviti internet novinarstvom, intenzivnim pretragama interneta, ucenjem francuskog i citanjem strucne i duhovne literature. Uz to, poceo sam i s "treningom za zaglupljivanje i istakinjanje so nabreknati misici", ili u prevodu - poceo sam ici u teretanu i na bazen. Prosli tjedan sam napravio jednu blic turneju po Balkanu - Skopje, Zagreb i Beograd - i u Beogradu mi je jedan decko rekao da je dobio preporuku od Makaje da ne ide vise u teretanu jer to zaglupljuje, da se radije pocne baviti hatha jogom. Jako sam se smijao tome, ali nakon 2 dana zaredom u teretani i susreta uglavnom samo sa "sirokim celjustima" i "niskim celima", mislim da te rijeci imaju jako puno smisla. S druge strane, to ionako nece imati prevelik utjecaj na moje mentalne sposobnosti, buduci da se ne dozivljavam nesto bas inteligentan u zadnje vrijeme. Cini mi se da bih mogao idealno funkcionirati kao sef nekog malog ducana u juznoj Slavoniji recimo, ono svakodnevne nabavke i sitni proracuni - ali nesto inspirativno i kreativno i od koristi siroj zajednici - to jok. Nema. I prilicno me zivcira takvo stanje svijesti. Maleno, sebicno, zgrabiti za sebe i zadovoljiti svoje sitne potrebe i zadovoljstva i onda kraj price, nema vise interesa. Zar je to spomena vrijedan zivot, zar je to radosno sudjelovanje u sukreaciji velikog zivota? Nije. I jos je najgore od svega sto zivim s velikim ljudima, psihicki naprednim i razvijenim, koji jako puno rade za svijet oko sebe. Ali ne kao "milosrdni krscani" koji citav zivot pjevaju u crkvenom zboru, daju ogromne donacije, svi ih vole i znaju kao dobre ljude, a onda umiru od raka na zelucu ili ne znam gdje vec. Ovi "moji" velikani rade puno jer je to odraz visokog stupnja realizacije svijesti, ljubavi, radosti, zanosa i ostalih vrlina volje, osjecaja i misli. To je jednostavno dio njihovog Puta. I uz takve ljude, vec vise od desetljeca, ja ostajem u svom malom filmu, u svojoj zatvorenoj sobi, u svojoj depresiji, tugi i debljini; moje misli i osjecaji sve vise gube na plemenitosti i sve vise izranja iz pozadine skriveni egoizam koji neumoljivo probija svoj put i osvaja sve veca prostranstva u mojoj nutrini. Umjesto upravo obrnutog procesa u kojem bih trebao dozvoliti sve vise rasvjetljavanja tamnih dijelova duse, sve vise predanosti i sve pogodnijem i meksem tlu kako bi rijeka zivota mogla teci i niz moju dusu, meso i kosti za dobrobit svijeta. Lijepe rijeci, ova poslijednja recenica, zar ne? No, to nema veze sa mnom i mojim nacinom zivljenja, ja sam negdje drugo, usmjeren u nekom potpuno drugom smjeru. Iz nekih sasvim prizemnih razloga, kao na primjer zelja za prihvacanjem, ja i dalje vrijedno obavljam neke korisne stvari za svoje prijatelje i svoju zajednicu, ali moj nutarnji stav nema apsolutno nikakve nesebicnosti, inspiracije ili enutzijazma u citavom tom radu. Cisti strah od odbacivanja okoline i drustva, strah od ostajanja sam. I onda jos u razgovoru s nekim pametnim (nazalost, najpamentijim od sviju) koji kaze da bih mogao odraditi jos 10 godina u Africi!?! Da, taman da ostanem potpuno sam, da me svi zaborave, da izgubim zivi kontakt sa svima koje poznajem, da mi se potpuno unisti emotivni zivot koji je vec sad na prilicno tragicnom nivou. Upravo ostvarenje mojih najvecih strahova. I sanjarenje da je sve ovo mucenje s razlogom i smislom, da ce se to pretvoriti u neumoljivu odluku i zelju za samoostvarenjem. Mozda je i tocno, samo kada? Nije mi bas gust "patiti za vise ciljeve" kad te vise ciljeve uopce ne percipiram kao moguce potencijale u mojoj dusi. To su vise neke mentalne slike koje nikako ne mogu postati ozivljene. I onda mi je tako dosano i tuzno na ovoj planeti. Sam i osamljen, cak i u "guzvi" finih ljudi... Dakle, snijeg, tako je naslov ovog posta (tko se jos sjecao naslova prije nego li sam ovo napisao, ima cokoladu od mene). Pada od jutros i sve izgleda bijelo i cisto u nasoj ulici. Valjda me to i natjeralo da pocnem opet pisati.

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07.01.2007., nedjelja

Kad se iskljuce reflektori...

Nakon 38 sati putovanja smo se vratili sa trotjednog putovanja kroz Indiju. Vecini je ovo bilo prvo putovanje izvan Europe, ili izvan poznatih turistickih odredista.
Zapadnjaci su plakali nad bijedom i siromastvom, ekipa iz Makedonije je uglavnom uzivala, Hrvati su mudro sutili o svemu. Osim Makaje, dakako.
Ja sam svakodnevno umirao od smijeha gledajuci njihove reakcije na takozvani kaos.
Vidjeli smo i iskusili stvarno svasta, mene je najvise dojmio izlazak sunca na brodu na Gangi uz Varanasi (Benares), zatim Taj Mahal i "tantricki" hramovi Khajuraha.
Ipak, najhranjivije je bilo sjediti i meditirati poneko popodne uz grob Sri Aurobinda u Pondicherryju.

Puno iskustva, puno utisaka, posljedice cu osjecati sigurno jos mjesecima.

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13.12.2006., srijeda

Well, well, well...

What a strange coincidence, I say!
I was just writing a lettter, high from the sky, some thoughts to you, my dearest Countess of Bavaristan, Lady Olga, at the same time when you put your noble fingers at the keyboard and wrote your precious comments. Blue blood is not water, may I say!
Then just allow me to put them here, instead of expediting them via our gracoius Royal Pidgeon Mail Service to your private courts. You will indeed notice my great affection and influence in writing style from my last destination. Here it goes...

Dear Olga,

I am sitting comfortably at the back seat (First Class, or course) of the aircraft of Hrvatistan Hava Yolari (Croatia Airlines), travelling back to our beloved Gruezistan from yet another exciting trip - Makedonya! As the plane was flying over Al Munikh and Bavaristan, it immediately evoked very fond memories of you, Grand Dutchess, and your Imam-I-Nemam Sheikh Deanowitsch of Oktoberfest.
As you can imagine - sitting, doing nothing and just enjoying being in the presence of our fellow tribe members of that fairly far and remote Swiss Canton, was all but boring. Needless to say, from my very first stepping into the des(s)ert tent of His Immense Curlyness Abu Rossy Frizura Mashallah, there was absolutely not a single quiet and peacefull moment - so common in our home of Alpesia. (imagine, now flying quite low directly over The Old Villa of Antiques...)
As usual, that extraordinary magical place instantly opens even the most frozen Western hearts (yes, also the Swiss ones have been reported to be affected!). Many memorable meetings with that lovely people, many unpaid overtime hours of hing, very many very late night talks followed by, naturally, late morning awakings. But it doesn't seem to be something of a problem or an issue at all, even for those who are "working"...
Let me not forget the uncomparable Macedonian Haut Cuisine a la Tetka Vera, accompanied by inevitable family "love and joy spreading" stories. Last night she even shortly came to the above mentioned desert tent and, while leaving, showed off some of her rich repertoire of greetings, followed by the well known hand and palm gestures, which brought many eye witnesses to the very edge of a serious heart atttack...
Although this sounds like just a long introduction to the description of real happenings, I believe this letter will have to be concluded now, since my grey cells are not ready to process more at the moment. Well, I sincerely hope that your own memories will be of a great help while reading these words.
Friday is the start of what seems to be unforgettable journey to one more glorious former collony - India. Therefore, allow me to express you already now my best Royal wishes for the prosperous new year, filled with better air condition for rotten cabbage filters.

I hope we will meet before my definite move to the Northern Provinces of the river Rhine.

With my deepest affection


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05.12.2006., utorak


"Neun und neunzig Luftbalonen" - Nena. Uh, od kada ovdje nisam bio!!! Oko 11 godina, cini mi se...

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23.11.2006., četvrtak

Dio moje privatne korespodencije...

Wednesday, the 22nd of November, 2006

"Best regards from Sprünglistan"


How marvellous that you could find some time to visit our British homeland!
How is Liz - is she still keeping her conservative style? What about Charles and Camilla ? What about our horses? Oh - I cant wait to play Polo with you next spring ! Unfortunately this season I could not manage to take part in the traditional fox haunt - my dear friend and owner of this little medical device shop in Sprünglistan just begged me on his knees not to leave him alone with all his business. He is still such a child, indeed, with his 58 years he still is not able to stay alone in the company for just one day! Always somebody has to stay with him, write his documents, answer the phone, make coffee - oh my goodness - and you know my temper: I just can not say "NO" if somebody desperately crying talkes me into something.
So I hope next season we will visit all my dearest places together. For now - just let me send you one page from my diary to give you a little feeling about important historical events in Central Europe.

In devotion to the highest - wherever it is - and God shave the Queen!

Lady Olga Puddington

Thursday, the 23rd of November, 2006

"Re: Best regards from Sprünglistan"

Ah Olga, Milady,

It is so amusing to read news from our various provinces that you always so gladly enjoy to visit.
In good old England it is as usual: rain, rain and rain, which contributes to the mood of those peaceful and cheerish people. Well, HRH Liz is sending you Her Best Royal Greetings and expecting to have a long chat with you, whenever you have had enough of Europe and would return to the British islands.
I arrived back to Schokoladistan, in my Joyville castle last night with our Royal Air Services, after exhausting tours of Collony and Zagreb, which followed immediatelly after the end of the meetings in the City of Westminster and the reception at the Buckingham palace. I really do need some time to put myself together, but another important diplomatic conference is starting tommorow early morning in Geneva and it requires My Noble Presence. Important indeed - I can't refuse it, since it will direct my whereabouts for the coming year, and this means that you will also have to pack your things soon and adapt it to the climate we will be heading to. I sincerely hope it will be somewhere in Asia - I am bit tired of our African collonies...
At the end, would you fancy showing up at the birthday party of Lady Soo of Allahmadingen this Thursday, 30.11? I think I will come, there will be chanting and some more programme (BBC?). Maybe we can pop up at the stage together, it will be much easier for me.
Btw, have I told you I had one hour spontaneous performance in Collony after the chanting, on the very same table we had us pronounced Mr and Mrs Puddington?

With my best personal regards, extended naturally to His Hairlessness dDoBT


Sir James Puddington, Duke of Kloten

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15.11.2006., srijeda


Dalmatinac. Ae!

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03.11.2006., petak

Tesko, Hakini, tesko...

Bas sam htio pisati o svojoj dijeti, ionako. Izgleda postaje gadno...
U posljednjih 5 tjedana, od kada je sve pocelo, izgubio sam 13 kg i to s relativnom lakocom. Posto sam vec ranije ove godine bio na otprilike ovoj tezini, a svako gubljenje kilograma znaci jedan sasvim novi zivot na psihickoj razini, dosadasnji trening je bio vise kao potvrda te nove razine, konacno ovladavanje i harmonicno zivljenje na toj, novoj razini zivota, zdravlja, pokretljivosti, otvorenosti, radosti, ljubavi itd. Osjecam sve te promjene, tu novu lakocu zivljenja, puno dublji unutarnji mir, nova zrelost, introspekcije itd. Ne treba ni spominjati da se kvaliteta i duzina meditacija eksponencijalno povecala i da donosi prekrasne plodove. Ali eto, ja zelim ici dalje, zelim dobro izgledati i zelim biti jos sretniji. I sada tu nastaje problem, jer od jucer, danas, za mene, to jest za moju psihu, pocinje Terra Incognita. Sva dnevna disciplina, prije svega psihicka, odjednom je postala jako teska i dosadna. Nesto u meni se buni: ne zelim vise biti uredan, ne zelim vise biti sabran, ne zelim vise biti bistar i svjestan, ne interesiraju me vise meditacija i pranajama. Odjednom sam bezrazlozno jako gladan tijekom dana, osjecam kako frustracija raste u meni sa svih strana, bjezim od truda da budem otvoren i radostan, radije se zelim povuci u sebe i zacahuriti. Imam puno i previse bezveznih, malih, letecih, zbrkanih misli i osjecaja koje s nekim uzitkom samo prezivam u glavi, samo da ne bih napravio mali napor da se skoncentriram na bitno, na lijepo, na podrzavajuce. I zato mi je prilicno neugodno jer, kao sto rekoh, to je nepoznata teritorija za mene i ne znam koji zakoni vladaju tamo, kako se treba ponasati, kako pravilno upoznavati i ovladavati time. Naravno, na tjelesnom nivou uopce nije problem smrsaviti jos 5 - 10 kilograma, ali ako nisam dovoljno zreo za tu novu tezinu i sve sto ona donosi i na psihickom nivou - onda ce se sve to "smrsavljeno" zasigurno opet vratiti prilikom prve jace krize. Dakle, u brojkama stojim ovako. 01.10 sam imao 118.5 kg, danas imam 105.1 kg. Moja zelja je do kraja godine doci na izmedju 95 i 100 kg, iako bi i 100-tica bila vise nego zadovoljavajuca. Jako sam se nadao da cu uspjeti sve skinuti na ho-ruk, ali ovaj uvid da i psiha mora sukladno pratiti fizicke promjene toliko kristalno jasno stoji pred mojim ocima kao cinejnica, da ne ga ne mogu jednostavno ignorirati i reci da je to samo moja lijenost. Bilo bi mi jako zao da se ispostavi ono sto, u stvari, slutim: jednostavno jos nisam spreman za taj jos visi psihicki nivo. Da, sada mozda mnogi mogu skociti i reci nesto kontra ovoga, ali nekako mi je jasno kako taj citav proces ide: ja sam morao jako patiti prosle godine tamo u Africi, kako bi se u meni sve prelomilo i kako bi doslo do te nepokolebljive odluke da moram nesto napraviti sa svojim tijelom. U tih 8 teskih mjeseci, ja sam imao osjecaj kako sam kroz te krize psihicki "smrsavio", to jest poceo polako funkcionirati na jedan sasvim drugi nacin, odbacujuci neke stare dugogodisnje navike i trazeci vise usmjerenosti i jasnoce u osjecajima i mislima, kao i okretanja paznje i trazenja zadovoljstva i ispunjenosti u zivotu ka unutra, a ne vise prema van, prema drugim ljudima. U prosincu to je bilo vec jasan osjecaj da mi je psiha izmjenjena, cak sam za novu godinu i govorio drugim da osjecam da sam smrsavio iznutra, da se samo treba i fizicki manifestirati. Ipak, prosla su opet puna 3 mjeseca prije nego li sam se uistinu i fizicki prihvatio tog posla. Tada sam sa 126 kg dosegao 103 kg, ali s vojnickom disciplinom i potiskivanjem frustracija. Dobro, ta mi je disciplina tada trebala kako bih dobio nekakvu voljnu konstrukciju i smjer. Ali opet, tijekom ljeta, postignuce nije bilo stabilno, frustracije su izasle kao erupcija na povrsinu i ja sam se vratio na 118kg. Zato sam opet morao poceti sa dijetom. Sada, tijekom druge dijete, u novom i drugacijem vanjskom okruzenju, sve radim sa puno vise paznje i ljubavi za svoju dusu i svoje tijelo. Zato je i islo tako lagano i lijepo, zato i tako puno plodova meditacije, tako puno zadovoljstva, tako puno radosti i zahvalnosti za ono sto mi zivot daje, zato tako naglo sazrijevanje i materijaliziranje naucenog, kao i slobodno izrazavanje mnogh stvari iz nutrine. Zbog svega toga, ne znam da li i koliko duboko ici opet u izazivanje frustracija, da li treba cekati da dusa sazrije ili je treba isprovocirati tjelesnom promjenom i "natjerati" ju da se privikne. Moj sadasnji osjecaj je da je bolje ne dirati, vec ostati navec dosegnutom i tamo se dalje stabilizirati i utirati put za sljedeci korak, kada god bude vrijeme za njega. A opet, s druge strane, zelja za dobrim tijelom i izgledom, kao i sve ono sto to nosi u nutrini i u socijalnim kontaktima, je prevelika, predugo traje i ta tema me previse boli. Ne preostaje mi nista drugo nego da pokusam ipak malo glavom kroz zid, pa da vidimo. Moj tutor je odlican i racunam na njega i njegove neprocjenjive savjete.

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Rodjendani, podsvjesni i/li nadsvjesni

Jucer je bio 12. rodjendan makedonske Komaje. Sasvim slucajno, u Zurichu se po prvi puta srelo 4 Makedonaca i Makedonki (3 Komaje + 1 Hare Krishna), prvi put zajedno i svi su bili sretni sto mogu sresti "nekog svog" i pricati svoj jezik. I naravno, emotivna razmjena u smrzutoj i zatvorenoj Svicarskoj. Prvo kazaliste, zatim kafic koje je vise licio na kazalisnu ili cirkusku scenu s obzirom na face posjetitelja. S obzirom na profil i interese okupljenih, bilo je puno zajednickih tema koje se nisu uopce morale doticati politike, novaca i ostalih dosadnih tema kojima te obicni ljudi cesto maltretiraju. Bilo je puno razgovora o umjetnosti, kulturi, mladosti, dozivljavanjima razlicitih sredina i navika itd. Vrlo inspirativno i lijepo. I onda kad sam dosao doma, palo mi je na pamet koji je to bio datum. Krv i duh nisu voda...

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26.10.2006., četvrtak


Danas sam dobio ultimatum. Brojcani. Ili toliko kila do tog i tog datuma ili ides doma! (Hm, to doma ne postoji, ali nema veze) Stvarno sam pretjerao ovaj vikend u Kolnu sa jelom, a kao fol sam na dijeti. Sta cu, tako mene love posljedice mojih zaljubljivanja - kad se nista ne desi s nekom koja mi se svidja, onda sam ja gladan, tuzan i depresivan dugo vremena. Sto je jaci emotivni dozivljaj, to je dublji pad. Srecom, ovo tuzan i depresivan mi se cini da se polako razgradjuje, dok glad ostaje kao vrlo zeznut igrac. No srecom, moj tutor nije raspolozen za moja moguca kenjkanja i izvlacenja, vec pici direktno u glavu. Pa tko prezivi. Inace nema smisla. Nije mi 10 godina. (Nego 12, khm...) Od straha da me ne izbaci, danas se instantno pokazalo 1 kg manje na vagi nego li jucer. Moja sreca. Jos 2, 3 pa cu opet "biti u milosti".
Veceras sam bio u susjednom gradicu na pjevanju kod prijatelja i upoznao sam brdo novih ljudi, medju njima i jednu lijepu Makedonku. Izgleda lijepih Makedonki nikad dosta kod mene...

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24.10.2006., utorak

Mr. and Mrs. Lord Puddington

Well, indeed! Imao sam pametnija posla od pisanja bloga pa mi zato i nije bilo. Pametnija i puno ljepsa. A i pristup kompjuteru mi nije bas najjednostavniji. A stvarno bi se imalo sto reci za posljednja dva tjedna. Krenimo redom, ali unatrag.
Proveo sam dugi vikend u Kolnu, kako to moja Mrs. Lord Puddington (Olga) kaze "u posjetu nasim skromnim posjedima u Njemackoj." Vec je u autu bilo jako lijepo i opustajuce, vrlo prijateljski i iskreno. Kada smo dosli na cilj, ta se dobra atmosfera jednostavno prosirila dalje na sve nase domacine, a dalje je "teklo samo od sebe". I kada smo bili svi za stolom, i kada smo se sretali i pricali u manjim grupama ili jedan na jedan, sve je bilo nekako zrelo, lijepo, bogato. Puno bitnih stvari, a i puno smijeha. Olga je drzala javno predavanje o kultiviranju samog sebe i to je bio glavni cilj, ovo sve sto se desilo oko predavanja je jednostavno bio neplanirano lijep dodatak citavom vikendu. A ja sam se skoro jako zaljubio...
U srijedu prije toga je Makaja imao javno predavanje u Zurichu i ja sam ostao potpuno otvorenih usta. Nikada nisam toliko uzivao niti u jednom njegovom javnom predavanju do sada. Em sto je bio citavo vrijeme sasvim "na lopti", sto bi rekli "straight to the point" i toga se drzao citavo vrijeme, em je radio toliko viceva tijekom predavanja, s tolikom lakocom i razigranoscu je dirao vazne i bolne teme danasnje zapadne civilizacije, da sam ostao potpuno iznenadjen. Predavanje kakvo sam uvijek zamisljao, savrseno predavanje. A s humorom - pa to valjda kronicno nedostaje germanskim Svicarcima, mogao sam lako zamisliti da bi se ovo moglo zvati i "Prosvijetljeni stand-up komicar". I onda smo se slucajno sreli tijekom pauze i kako me pozdravio tako sam osjetio koliko je ekstaticno radostan - toliko puno da su mi misici zavibrirali od njegove radosti.
Inace, u ovom prekrasnom selu sve vise i sve cesce imam osjecaj da se nalazim u Raju. Pogotovo kad je lijepo suncano vrijeme i kad imam neko pitanje za mog tutora. Onda ga nadjem kako cita na velikoj drvenoj terasi na suncu, iza njega stabla i livade i onda mi prica o ljepoti ove planete i o nasem polozaju na njoj, kao ljudskih bica. I onda se neka milina razlije niz mene, neka skromna malenkost koja uziva u ovom prekrasnom svijetu.
Tada je lako meditirati dugo i lijepo, tada je lako naci inspiraciju i da ti nikada nije dosadno, tada je lako biti stalno aktivan i dobro raspolozen. Zahvalan sam za ovu mogucnost.

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09.10.2006., ponedjeljak

Smak svijeta

Stigao je sudnji dan, ljudi. Dogodilo se ono cega smo se svi najvise bojali, nase najcrnje slutnje su se obistinile: zamislite, oprostili su mi 0.05 franaka (23 lipe, 2 denara) na kasi u supermarketu!!! Ljudi, ovo je Svicarska! Upomoc! Zenska na kasi mi je samo podarila tek jedan njezni pogled pun razumijevanja (od kojeg su mi se noge presjekle) i odmah revno upisala minus u neku tekicu tamo ispod kase. Ostao sam zaprepasten i bez rijeci, dozivio sam izvanredan sok, osjecam se duboko poremecen i pogodjen.

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05.10.2006., četvrtak

U Svicarsku kada podjem ja

Moram priznati da sam vrrrlo ponosan na cinjenicu da mogu zivjeti nekoliko mjeseci u Svicarskoj. Svakako cu to naglasavati u novim kontaktima (pogotovo ako dobro izgledaju :-). Ovo sam primjetio tek kada sam doputovao u ponedjeljak i po svemu sudeci u pitanju je ozbiljan kompleks. Bas sam vidio kako s prezirom gledam na Balkan i kako uzivam u cinjenici da sam tu, na bogatom Zapadu. I kako mi se ne pada na pamet vracati dole, ako je ikako moguce. U tim trenucima, kada me obuzmu te misli, toliko mi se zgrci i napne pleksus, da mislim da ce eksplodirati od boli. Mislim da ima veze s mojim starim. On je bio glavna faca u selu kad se spustio u Split i napravio zavidnu karijeru bez fakulteta. Mozda u meni postoji zelja da ga nadmasim, iako vise nije na zivotu. Trudim se vise razmisljati o onome radi cega sam uistinu dosao ovdje, nego li o ovim blesavim kompleksima i frustracijama - od njih "nis' koristi", kak bi rekli...

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03.10.2006., utorak

Lost in translation

Dragi gledaoci, javljamo se iz Zavidovica kod Zuricha, gdje se upravo odrzava olimpijada u gubljenu vremena!
Ja sam se konacno smjestio i poceo s pjesmom "Moj je zivot Svicarskaaa" i danas sam se imao cast prvi put izgubiti u okolnim sumama. I to iz jednog jedinog pokusanja! Naravno, putem je pocela padati kisa, tako da sam se pojavio kuci nakon vise od 2 sata, potpuno mokar i dezorjentiran. Jos sam sa sobom poveo mladog njemackog ovcara koji se "jako raduje kada ga netko vodi u setnju" - kako kazu gazde. Mislim da je sada promjenio misljenje.
Malo opisa: drvena cetverokatnica, sa velikim vrtom ispred i iza kuce. U prednjem vrtu drzimo ptice, patke i ostale gucili bucili zivotinje, dok se iza kuce nalazi prostrani vocnjak sa malom sumom. Kroz vrt i uz sa,m rub kuce tece potocic. Najbolje je od svega sto se voda moze piti direktno iz slavine, sto je prava rijetkost u CH. U kuci je sve cisto i ukusno sredjeno, atmosfera tipicno podsjeca na ugodni dzemper i topli kakao uz kamin negdje u Alpama. Sustanari su zreli, pametni i harmonicni ljudi, tako da mislim da ce jedini problem ovdje biti - moje prisustvo ;-))

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29.09.2006., petak

Još malo pa nestalo

Još par dana, pa dižem sidro iz Zagreba i bježim u Zurich. I tamo trebam ostati oko 2 mjeseca, barem se malo skrasiti prije nego li opet dignem sidro i odem u neku nedođiju na uglu zemaljske kugle. Tako je to sa putnicima a la Shanti. Nemaju doma, nego kao cigani se stalno sele s mjesta na mjesto. S jedne strane se dobija ogromna sloboda, nevezanost i raznovrsna iskustva. S druge strane, stablo nikada neće narasti veliko ako ne pusti duboke korjene koje će ga podržavati u rastu. Meni se čini da u svim mojim putovanjima tražim način i hrabrost da započnem jedno jedino neophodno putovanje u životu - a to je put kroz samoga sebe. Nakon toga uistinu nije bitno da li stalno putuješ ili si uvijek na istom mjestu, jer onda čovjek ide samo tamo gdje je stvarno potreban, gdje se može podijeliti kako bi šira okolina profitirala od njegovog doprinosa. Barem mi se tako čini.

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