A Pomer Experience

13 ožujak 2014

Picturesque tourist town Pomer is situated 8 km from 3000 year old city of Pula which makes it perfect sailing base for exploring the Istria peninsula. It's well known for its camp located in a thick pine wood, which has recently been renovated and equipped with many entertaining facilities. It's also known for its large marina with a numerous yachts located in a protected Medulin bay. ACI marina Pomer is located near the bright spots for excursions and recreation - islets Union , Susak and the Large and Small Srakane . Marina is very well connected with major roads and in close proximity (10 km) is to Pula airport, while those in Trieste and Ljubljana, are located about 130 km from Pomer.

Pomer was founded by the powerful Roman family Aranum and its original name was Pomerium. The family built luxurious thermal spas, extravagant villas and oil and wine making facilities. From the historical monuments the most known is the church of St. Flora's from the Byzantine period. I also recommend the ancient thermal spas (remains of luxurious thermal spas, grand villas and harbors), parish church of the Visitation of Mary (built in the 15th century) and the church of St. Foška. Once fish and mussel farm, Pomer is today famous for it's seafood restaurants.

Along the coast stretches a rocky beach with pebbly bays and paved sunbathing areas. Above the beach there is a pine forest where you can hide from the summer heats. There is also a new walking trail which goes through old pine wood around the camp and we strongly recommend walk tour over the newly renovated little bridge that goes across the Pomer bay. For those faithful to the spirit of sportsmanship, Pomer offers a variety of sports - windsurfing, volleyball, cycling and many others. For those who are more into cultural events and festivals I recommend Pomer evening (traditional festivity with entertainment and a traditional cuisine offer held on August 14th, classical music concerts in the church of the Visitation of Mary, Vinkuran Evening, Vinkuran (traditional festivity held on June 7th ) and Šanpjero games (sports contests with entertainment held on August 1st ).

While in Pomer, do not miss the opportunity to visit well known tourist destinations of the Istrian peninsula - Pula, Rovinj and Poreč. Sailing is the best way to discover this cities as well as secluded bays and beaches so charter a yacht and sail away. For more info about chartering a yacht in Pomer area, click here.

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