†Let the past fall asleep

I'm grieving and I'm yearning for the time
We used to be together
Life's fading
Only leaves remain on the ground
And our memories are dying with us

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†Put out the light . . . and then put out the light.

(It was everything... it is.)

If they offer me themselves, even for just a bit, I take all I can. I hurt them in the most inexplicit way to drain ages from their own minds.
They become scared children, lost, crying for help.
In that moment it hurts the most, it breaks my heart.
Talk to me, whoever you may be.
Talk to me so I can hear you.
Shout, scream, rage... but let me hear you.
Motionless I shall stand, like a sculpture shaped out of stone, and I shall hear, but don't leave me.
When I touch your face, every shout will vanish, only a tear shall drop from your eye.
The one of pity.
. . .
In that very moment I all but crave to have you... in the most twisted way possible!
Let me not embrace the darkness...

"Put it out..." ~ she whispered.

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†Christine de Lioncourt

Good morning, sweethearts.
My name is Christine de Lioncourt and I am here again to bleed out my secret thoughts.
I have witnessed many losses, tears and weeps, deepest fears, as of my own as of others, but also lies and coldness by my beloved ones... as the time passed.

Time, a curse which mankind whishes to posses and thinks the same is real.
That's just another lie, I assure you.

My thoughts are not as empty as I believe and I cannot hold myself back from writing.
Even if these words are empty, they are marking my return into this world.

I am sometimes cold.
Sympathetically cold.
I feel sorrow.
I am motionless.

If I start crying, will my tears be nothing but drops of blood?
Illusion... I have to create myself a new illusion within which I will be able to dwell.
Who do I have to pray to give me myself back?
No one.
That is why I have returned... to see whether my blood had been changed.
Yes, it stills the same.

"I can finally breathe again..." ~ she sighed in tears, looking at the full moon thru her opened window.


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...Pain Over Darkness...

†Christine de Lioncourt

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"Now, my love, now's the moment.
I can swallow the life that beats from your heart and send you into the oblivion in which nothing may ever be understood or forgiven,
or I can bring you to me."

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"Let the pain get worse, because only when the pain is really dreadful do I want to die."

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"Beauty wasn't the treachery he imagined it to be, rather it was an uncharted land where one could make a thousands fatal errors, a wild and indifferent paradise without signpost of evil or good."

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"Dear God, this is love.
This is desire.

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And all my past amours have been but the shadow of this."

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[the chapter of silence]


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