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29.07.2009., srijeda

Chinese cabbage

100gr bacon, cut in small, thin stripes
1 smallish carrot, sliced
500gr Chinese cabbage, cut in thin stripes
30gr raisins
chilli pepper flakes, ground coriander
9 cherry tomatoes, halved (I had to use them)

Put the bacon on the very low heat, so that it gets seethrough.
Add carrot, and let it steam/fry for 5 minutes.
Add cabbage, raisins and spices.
Let it fry for 10-15 minutes.

Very nice with rice noodles.
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28.07.2009., utorak


After long time, here we go again.
R. asked me a few days ago if I cook and why I don't cook that often.
Also, do I eat healthy or... what am I doing anyway in that important gastronomical field.

Well, I have decided to continue.
Especially because I had a great goat stew.

350gr goat meat, cut in small cubes
2 middle sized onions, cut in rings
1 whole garlic, cleaned and cloves cut in rings, too
4 tomatoes, cut in eight
salt, pepper, jenneverbessen (3) - klenove bobe, rosemary
2 spoons of oil (I use chicken fat)
1dl water

Put oil in the pan, fry the onions for a while.
Add meat and continue frying. At one point, when the onions get a bit browner (after 15min) and you see that the meat is not red any more, add 1dl water, cover and let it cook in the steam.
After 20 minutes, open the lid and let as much water as possible evaporate.
Then add garlic, tomatoes, spices, cover again, and let it cook for another 20-30 minutes.

Goes perfectly with polenta.
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