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14.05.2009., četvrtak


For today I have decided to have green salad for lunch.
So I prepared"

0.5kg asparagus (steamed; ok, a bit less after peeling and cutting the last 2cm) and cut in 1cm long chunks
300gr green salad mix (from the shop)
7 olives (thinly cut in rings)
1 spoon cappers
4 dried tomatoes (from the pot, cut in small pieces)
2 slices fried pumpkin (pot, bought in shop)

I mixed it all together.

As tonight I am going to be hungry (this won't keep me till 22h, lol), I still have chicken soup.

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13.05.2009., srijeda

Pumpkin risotto

I had some already prepared pumpkin in the freezer, so I decided to make this delicious and easy risotto again.

70gr rice (I used zilverrijs, silver?), washed
100gr bacon, cut in thin stripes (btw, you can skip bacon if you want to)
1 leek, cut in rings
1 huuuge onion, cut in rings
3-4 cloves of garlic
pumpkin (as much as you want), I had approx 300gr
oil, salt, pepper, soup stock or a cube, oregano/rosemary/

Pour oil in the pan. Warm it up and add onions. Add garlic and stir.
Add bacon and stir for another 7-1 minutes, or at least until the bacon stripes become see-through/onions get brownish.

Add rice and continue stirring for another 5-7 minutes.
Add pumpkin cut in cubes and stir for another 5 minutes.
Then add water (or soup stock), a soup cube, salt, herbs, pepper and let the rice soak in the water.
That's it!
Delicious with the green salad!
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05.05.2009., utorak

Pasta with cottage cheese

And hello again!
I have stopped writing for a quite a long time.
In the mean time, I was at home (twice) and brought food from there, so actually I was mostly eating meat with salads, than actually cooking and making the real healthy food.

So, here is a my entry for today.

In the morning I had lots and lots of porridge.
Buckwheat, cooked on water, with a few raisins for sugar.
When ready, I stirred in a tea spoon of cinnamon powder, and then washed and cleaned 250gr strawberries (yes! the season has begun) and cut it into my porridge.
Btw, i really eat lots and lots of porridge. I simply adore that warm, liquid, thin-ish mass early in the morning (the description can be applied to another thing our body extracts, LOL).

60gr spaghetti
50gr frozen spinach
70gr fresh cottage cheese
50gr pumpkin seeds

Cook spaghetti as you like them to be.
Take the spinach and put in the pan with a small lump of ghee, low temperature. I let it stay on the cooker until all water evaporated.
Fry your pumpkin seeds until they get brownish.

Put it all together.
Delicious! Although... I had added some chilli sauce later on when having my lunch as it was a tiny bit too blend for me. :D
But filling!

And tonight going to bake bread and make chicken soup.
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