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29.10.2008., srijeda

Corn polenta day

Oh boy, again my polenta day!

Today I had lamb stew (sort of, VERY weird, btw).

For breakfast I made tortilla's (a bit thicker, couldn't make them thin, they kept on braking), and ate them with some ajvar and... Now I can't rememebr what I ate this morning!!! Oh boy...
Oh, yes, with the stew.
I had NO IDEA what to have for my breakfast with tortilla's, lol.

Lamb stew:
1/2kg lamb meat (cut into smallish pieces)
1 onion
0.7dl water
pepper and garlic
salt, too

Put the onions on a tiny bit water and stir, they need to get nice and soft and glazy. Then add lamb and continue stirring
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28.10.2008., utorak

Cabbage day

I had this cabbage for good seven days. It already got a bit off at the top.
So, I cleaned it until I got to the clean leaves and then cut it into stripes.

But let me start with the breakfast:
70 gr goat cottage cheese
40gr ajvar (check ex Yu shops and Turkish shops, do not forget to check if they've added any sugar; I know that Podravka does add sugar to it's ajvar)
1 slice bread

So, that
one cabbage, sliced into stripes
50gr smoked ham and a few stripes bacon
1 onion
2cm ginger
dried rosemary
2 super dry laurel leaves
pepper and some (a pinch) curcuma powder

Cut bacon into tiny pieces and put it into the cooking pan on a very low heat. After a while (when it let some fat out) add onions. Fry onions for a while (they need to get nice and glazy - well, in my case, I like them yellow/brownish), then add ham, stir for a few minutes, then add cabbage, and cover with a lid. Leave it on a low flame for a while, stirring occasionally.
Add some pepper (I like my food spicy, so I always add more), keep on stirring.
Before turning off the heat, add curcuma powder, and rosemary and laurel leaves (crumble them!), and ginger!
Stir it all together.

Now, I am not too fond of the cabbage. I like sauerkraut, but cabbage like this is definitely not my cup of tea.
This way, I kind of manage to eat it.
So, yes, it is nice, but if you ask me if it's super delicious, you know what? The Sacher cake is super delicious, or the Chocolate truffle cake.
This is not exactly on my delicious list.
But it's good and spicy and I like my meat, lol.
Oh, almost forgot: as this is very salty, I ate it with cherry tomatoes (gives the freshness to the taste, and takes the saltiness).

2 carrots
1 apple
1 pomegranate

P.S. Not sure, but most probably no dinner. This cabbage killed any interest in food for a day...
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27.10.2008., ponedjeljak

Beans day

Today I have decided to eat beans for lunch and dinner.
It was a bit too much to think of beans for the breakfast, so I made a buckwheat porridge, lol.

But, for lunch/dinner:

Take 250gr beans (I had "fresh" ones, meaning from this year, but they're still not completely dry) and put them in the water. You need to keep them in the water for AT LEAST 8 hours, to get them nice and puffy.

Then, throw away that water (will reduce gas later on, lol) and add fresh one. Cook for 45 minutes-1h.
Put 1/2 aside.

Part 1:
To the other half, add salt, pepper, chilly peppers, cumin and mix it into a thick soup with hand mixer.
In the mean time bake some sunflower or pumpkin seeds, cut some fresh coriander leaves and 1 smallish leek in super thin slices, and grind a bit of ginger (2-3 cm).
Add it all in.
Delicious soup.

Part 2:
Make a simple salad with that other part. Add half onion, sliced in thin slices, lemon juice, salt, pepper and a splash of oil.

A very filling lunch.
Bon apetite!
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26.10.2008., nedjelja

Rice day

Well, today there was the change summer to winter time.
Firstly, I slept till late (*yaaaawn*), and then, had no wish and will to get out of my bed.
So, no breakfast.

But for lunch:
three stuffed peppers (from 23.10.08. receipt), with 6 smallish potatoes.
Try to steam potatoes, to keep as much vitamins as possible. Mash potatoes and put all together.
While I steamed potatoes, I have added 2 tomatoes, cut in small pieces to the peppers (just for some colour).
It was delicious!

Ok, since it is a rice day,I have bought rice paper to make spring rolls (?).
I followed the instructions, and filled the rolls with sea weed, fresh coriander, red pepper, ginger, cucumber, that nice, thin rice pasta, and shrimps.
As a dip sauce I took tahini and added some salt and grounded chilly peppers.
Very, very delicious.
The preparation and cutting vegetables took most of the time. The rest was simple, straight forward and very short (especially the eating part, lol).
Good night girls!
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25.10.2008., subota

Barley day

Saturday and lovely weather, which means no, I am not going to stay at home, lol!

Puffed barley with 20gr bacon (yes, I know, second day in a row, but am out of ideas!) and 1 leek cut in super small pieces and 7 olives and some dried oregano.

30 gr barley
2 leeks (cut in small pieces - 1cm)
5 small yellow peppers, cut to 1 cm pieces
20gr bacon, cut into tiny stripes
fresh coriander leaves (chopped)
salt, pepper and lime/lemon juice

Cook your barley for 15-20 minutes (if you put 2-3dl water, then cook until all water evaporates).
Mix all ingredients together, season with salt, pepper and lime/lemon juice.

No dinner! Wasn't hungry at all.

20gr hazelnuts
1 banana
1 pomegranate
2 spoons hazelnut/almond paste (couldn't resist)
5 fried surimi sticks (you know, it's a substitute crab meat, although will have to check thoroughly what is it made of...)

P.S. I am preparing myself for a fish day, where MOI is going to make it! Been at the fish market and boy, that fish looked simply yammi!

P.P.S. I definitely should NOT eat cooked barely! Got that difficult to breath reaction AGAIN!!!! No reaction today when having puffed barely for breakfast, only with cooked barely. Unbelievable!
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24.10.2008., petak

Polenta(corn) day

Today is my free day (thankyouthankyouthankyoudearlord!), and it's Friday.
Which makes me super lazy!
Ok, ok, I met my cute colleague, took over the things he had to give me, paid some money to the municipality, went to the doctor, even went shopping!
But for the rest it was my super lazy day.

So, I took the rests of polenta from the freezer and... todays is a POLENTA DAY!

For breakfast, I sliced 7-9 slices of polenta (approx half of what I had) and put the slices on the baking pan, to get a bit of colour.
And then devoured it with bacon (from my Mum, home made, of course) and leek. Wow, I stank!
But it filled me up and was not hungry.

150gr grapes

1 tomato (which has at least 200gr), cut into a pan, together with 7 cloves garlic (sliced). Fry for a while. Then add leek cut on 2cm pieces, and polenta, also cut into small cubes. Close with the lid.
After a while add anchovies (cut in super small pieces) and oil that they were in.
Keep on stirring!
NO salt!!!! anchovies are super salty!
At the end add some dried basil.
Anyway, going to finish my dinner!
See you.
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23.10.2008., četvrtak

Long time - no see

Yes, it has been a long time.
And yes, I have cooked in the mean time.
And yes, I have had a restaurant lunch (the usual salad, lol).

Anyway, good morning, girls!

The past week I was busy organising the choir at work. Actually, I was busy searching for, recruiting and dragging people to come to the first rehearsal (yesterday evening). I am dead tired.
But, it was satisfactory. I have enjoyed talking to people, and a few people have actually come and joined the choir.
AND, I have auditioned for a part in a newest Panto (please check here what it is), for a part of a young beautiful woman, lol...
There are going to be more auditions, as not that many people have shown the interest. So, although I was goooood, I am not sure I'll get the role.

As for the cooking...
I had the best intention to cook nice stew on Sunday evening (for my Monday lunch), but it got burnt.
So, I took all the burned vegetables and scraped the black part and ate it on Monday. There. No way was I going to cook another lunch.

What I did:

Meal 1:

1 onion, chopped
4 yellow carrots, cut in half smaller pieces
300gr beef, cut it in small pieces
3 cloves garlic, chopped (super small)
2 leeks, washed and chopped in 2 cm thick pieces
1 spoon oil (sunflower)
1 orange carrot, cut in julienne stripes (very, very thin ones)

Sautee onion and 1 chopped clove garlic in oil.
Add yellow carrots, continue stirring.
Add beef, and stir.
Cover it so that it cooks in it's own juice for a while (low heat) - 10 min.
Add 0.5l water and let it cook slowly.
Let 1/2 water evaporate, then add the orange carrot and leeks. Let it cook for another 10 minutes and just before turning the heat off, add garlic.
Hey, don't forget salt and pepper!
Mmmm delicious!

Meal 2:
300gr minced calf meat
3 peppers, deseeded only (do not half them)
1 onion, chopped
5 cloves garlic, chopped (tiny)
20gr rice
1 egg
1 spoon of oil (any)
salt, pepper

Sautee onion until it gets nice and glazy.
Turn off the heat, and let the onions cool down. Add garlic, meat and egg. Mix it all well (wash your hands before you mix it - if you do it by hand).
Salt and pepper!
Take 1/3 of mixture and to that part add rice. Mix well!
Fill peppers with the mixture.
Put the peppers in a smallish pan, add 1l water and let it cook for at least 45 minutes. Add some tomato sauce, and let it cook for another 10 minutes.

This you can eat by itself, or make mashed potatoes.

Meal 3:
Take the part of that meat above (2/3) and make hamburgers.
Add oil to the pan and bake them.
What I did yesterday, I cooked the stuffed peppers at the same time, so I'll have my meal for tomorrow.
Anyway, I added some corn flour, as the mixture got a bit too watery.
Put it on the low heat, as the meat needs to be baked a bit longer (you don't want any trouble on your stomach!)

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17.10.2008., petak

The best breakfast ever!

4dl coconut milk
40gr rice
50-70gr hazelnuts
20gr goji berries
Put them all together in a cooking pan (Teflon, if possible) until the rice absorbs the coconut milk. Add just a few grains stevia and continue cooking, stirring occasionally.
In the end add 2 good pinches of cinnamon. And if you have any fresh fruit, add that too.
This morning I ate it with a peach (cut in tiny pieces) tonight, I am eating it with white grapes.


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15.10.2008., srijeda

E, jebaji ga!

I thought of that no counting.
It's against my nature, lol!
I need some kind of structure, need to follow at least SOME kind of plan.
So, I'll start again.
But this time, I'll start counting from tomorrow.
I made a nice spreadsheet with the dates and days that I am going to sue for 4-day-rotation diet (you know, rice on day one, then again on day 5, then again on day 10, etc).

The reason is that I got worse. The symptoms are worse.
I really hate it.
But again it was all my fault. Anyway, don't want to take any chocolate (especially nice one) for any time later. I'll buy it myself once the time comes. And share with friends (as only small amounts will be allowed).

Yes, this is a new beginning.

And just to let you know I still have grapes and peaches to eat (stuff that I'm not supposed to have).

As for today:
Buckwheat porridge with 2 (or 3? can't remember) peaches

Chips with chicken and 3 peppers (green and yellow).

Pumpkin soup
(it's my friend's Mum receipt).
Ok, here it is:
1 carrot
1 potato
1 onion
2-5 cloves garlic
pumpkin, cut in cubes

Cook separately pumpkin and separately the other vegetables. When both cooked, put them all together and blend.
In the end, add 2cm grated ginger, some salt, pepper, parsley, garlic.
When serving, serve with roasted pumpkin seeds.

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14.10.2008., utorak

Before going to bed...

I need to write down today's menu:

OK, here it goes:

buckwheat porridge with berries

40 gr millet
1 onion, chopped
1 carrot, cut in julliane stripes (I think that's how it's been written, anyway, very thin stripes)
40 gr bacon, cut in small pieces
1/2 Chinese cabbage, cut
3 cloves garlic, cut (however you like it)
Salt, pepper

Put the bacon in the pan, low heat. The point is that bacon lets own fat.
Then, add onions and carrot and keep on stirring.
In 10 minutes add the bottom, thick part of the cabbage and keep on stirring.
After 10-15 minutes, add garlic and the rest of the cabbage and keep on stirring for another 5-7 minutes.
Add some salt (as bacon is already a bit salty) and some pepper.
You can also add some other spices to your liking.

In the meantime cook millet on a low heat until all water evaporates.

Some kind of salad would come well with it. I had three yellow peppers.

3 baked chicken wings
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13.10.2008., ponedjeljak

Not counting any more...

What's the point anyway???
Today's menu:

30gr buckwheat flakes
10gr coconut flakes
Put all together in the evening into 2.5dl water
As it is a grape time add some grapes. Mmm nice and sweeeet...

2 cucumbers
50gr goat cheese (bit drier cottage cheese)
1 onion
salt pepper and lemon juice

BTW, this meal is ABSOLUTELY not enough. At one point you'll need to eat something, so take some addtional food with you!

I made guacamole!!!
I bought avocado's, a bit off already.
1 avocado
1 smallish onion
2 smallish tomato's
1/2 lime (or lemon)
salt, pepper and some grounded chilly pepper

So, peel avocado (it needs to be REALLY soft) and mash it. Add some salt and pepper. I added grounded chilly peppers, too. Stir well in.
Clean and chop finely 1 smallish onion. Add to the mashed avocado and stir again.
Wash and chop finely those two tomato's. Don't forget to clean them off the seeds (otherwise it'll get too watery).
Add the tomato's to the mixture and stir it all well.
In the end add the lime juice, stir again and it's ready!

Now, you can eat guacamole with Doritos chips, or you can can simply eat it with the bread.

I spooned it in 3 minutes and feel absolutely great!!!

And now going to cook for tomorrow and for Wednesday!
See ya!
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11.10.2008., subota

A fool

Tonight. No, wait, it was yesterday night (as it is Saturday now, lol).
Anyway, I made a fool of myself.
Went out for a drink with my friend. We went to a coffee shop, as there I can play backgammon (and NO, I do NOT take drugs, you should know it by now. And no alcohol. You know I am NOT ALLOWED!).
To get the backgammon board you need to give something in return, like the keys or ID or whatever.
I gave my keys.
And then, after 3 games (I lost, 2:1), I had enough and wanted to go home. So, I returned the board and chips and took my keys.
Went out of the coffee shop and tried to unlock my bike. The key was NOT mine!!! I couldn't open my lock. How on EARTH did they manage to take off MY key and put someone's else's?
I was enraged. "I will never, EVER leave my keys in anyone's hands except my own. Ever again. How could they? This is disgraceful. What shall I do?"
Until at one point I remembered that I have TWO SETS OF KEYS!
And that the lock from this bike is attached to the other set of keys.

Dear mother Earth, please open up and swallow this foolish woman.

Anyway, I appologised, thousand times, but I still think they will remember that "dome buitelandse" who demanded her key back, the key that was in her purse all the time.

I think I am stoned. I shouldn't visit coffee shops, not any more, not since they've decided to cut down on tobacco when making joints and let people use pure drugs (hash/grass).
I'm obviously not used to the drugs.

Ah, well.
It has happened.
Hopefully it won't happen again.

Bloody hell!
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10.10.2008., petak

Day 2.5?

In the mean time I use the same receipts that I have prepared before.
With exception yesterday.

For yesterday I made:

150gr minced meat (beef)
1 huge onion, chopped
6 cloves of garlic, chopped in super small pieces
salt, pepper, rosemary (dry) or any other her you might have

I fried the onions first, when they got brown. I added meat and 3 chopped cloves of garlic, continued stirring.
I like my meat well done, so it took good 1/2h before I was happy with how baked was my meat. In the end I simply stirred in the last three cloves.
I ate it with buckwheat (when dry 70gr), and salad made of peppers and cucumbers.

And went to bed at 20.30h.
Was dead tired (had my yoga class early in the morning).
So, when there was a fire in front of my building I haven't heard a thing! Slept through the whole thing.

And, date on Sunday!
See ya next week.
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06.10.2008., ponedjeljak

Day 2.1 (2x time)

Yes, I know. I AM disappointed. And I AM angry, AND dissatisfied AND all the rest.
And I did get the bloody things on my skin again (like small, tiny pimples that itch badly).
So, it has to start all over again. And continue. Until it becomes a style of living.


30gr rye flakes
1 spoon goji berries
1 spoon coconut flakes
Put it all together and pour 4dl water in. Put on a minimum fire and let it simmer for good half an hour (in the mean time I had my morning grooming). Of course, it can be done only if you have non-sticky pan.

Lunch (I also had it for dinner, so this is for two-three times)
1/2kg white beans
2 large onions
10 cloves garlic
10 small tomatoes
salt, pepper, oil, lemon juice
Put beans in the water (for a few hours - I've left them 5h in the water).
throw that water away (to prevent the gasses), and pour fresh water for cooking.
Cook for an hour or longer if you like them very soft.
Then, cut all the onions and garlic and stir in the beans.
Add all the seasoning to your liking. In the end add cut tomatoes.
It is delicious!
Refreshing (tomatoes part) and satisfying (beans give the feeling you have something in your stomach, lol)

Chicken soup (I cooked it on Saturday, so will have some).
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05.10.2008., nedjelja

New start?

Unfortunately it wasn't!
And I am a tiny bit disappointed in myself.
I ate a cake today and drank cappuccino. With milk.
Which means that tomorrow I need to start all over again.

Ah, well...
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03.10.2008., petak

Day 2.2

Very modest day (so happy it is weekend!!!)
corn bread (finally have finished it - got it from my Mum, she baked it, no yeast)
goat milk cheese (half soft), approx. 70gr

portion chips (I know, I know... but I still haven't bought any vegetables to cook)
approx 1/2kg tomatoes, halved, eaten with a pinch of salt, lol

Well, for dinner I went to Bijenkorf and had a plate of nice crunchy and steamed vegetables.

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02.10.2008., četvrtak

Novi start - day 1, or 2.1


Today I ran after the garbage truck!
It was an old paper collection day, and I have forgotten to put that paper to the street (well, I woke up a bit too late...)
So, when I've heard the truck turning into my street, I ran downstairs from my top floor, and started to throw the paper outside. The truck was already passing by when I opened the front door. I think the men on the truck were all very amused by the expression on my face. Big eyes and an "o" mouth, like in "oh, they're going to pass me, what shall I do with all this paper I still have in the house?".
Anyway, it was a nice morning, I had fun, they had fun and the paper got taken away.

And now my Candida thingy...
I have to start all over again. After my chocolate relapse, here is a new season of my diet.
Today I went for simple stuff (plus I need to finish off everything I took from Croatia).
70 gr soft goat cheese
2 slices of corn bread (my Mum baked it for me) :D
1 tomato

portion of fries (shouldn't have but couldn't help myself)

2 small pork chops (cleaning the fridge of all red meat)
1/2kg tomatoes (seasoned with salt only)
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01.10.2008., srijeda

Bec i moje kulinarije

...kojih naravno nije bilo.
I nisam mogla odoljeti tolikom stvarima.
Pojela sam, i sada brojevi:
- 4 kobasice pecene (bez, senfa molim lijepo... ima secera u senfu)
- 3 strukle od jabuka (pa oni stavljaju i prezle u jabuke!!! Staaaaasno!)
- popila 3 masala caja u Starbucks(u) sa 20ak kapi mlijeka.

A sinoc i danas sam sve skupa pojela 5 (rijecima: P E T) kockica cokolade!

I da sada necu gorjet u paklu.

E, pa od sutra (ili tako nekog dana, cim si nabavim namirnice) ponovno pocinjem svoju strogu dijetu.

P.S. Cokolada je bila ok, ali mi nije bas bila nesto posebno... Hvala onome necemu na nebesima ili jos malkicu dalje sto sam se 3/4ski odviknula od slatkog. LOL
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Permanent tourist - 2

Good morning,

I think I am getting a bit of a cultural shock, as this much culture in only four days is way too much, lol.

So, yesterday I finally went to see the van Gogh exhibition (it was about the time).
And, it was absolutely great timing - Monday afternoon, not that many people around.
Ok, it was definitely a bit busier than it would be in the early afternoon, but that was on purpose, lol.
You see, after museum I went to the Opera again. This time it was 'Romeo and Juliet'. An opera.
I wasn't as lucky as the day before when I stumbled onto the lady who offered me a ticket. This time I sat in the gallery, a bit too much to the right (for my taste). And I paid more (15E).
Of course, yours truly has changed the seats at the beginning of the second act, :D
Still the gallery, but centre (there were empty seats, so why not; I can hear you Dutch mumbling 'Foreigners, you're all alike...')
I didn't like it that much. I mean, they sung well, but the idea and the scene and choreography... It simply didn't click.

And, I always thought that R&J was a ballet, not an opera...
I was surprised by the plot. I think, I'll have to read a bit more about it. Here, R&J had a wedding, had their wedding night and even had half an hour before dying. Together, of course.

Ok, the ballet surprised me, too. When I read Onegin, his death was the main point of the whole book, wasn't it? (please remind me, that book I’d read trillion years ago)
Well, in the ballet, it all goes more about the girl who was in love with the Oniegin’s best friend, rather then Oniegin himself.

Van Gogh, I have finally seen it.
And I loved it! There were a few key paintings missing (like the sunflowers or that room in tra-ta-ta), but for the rest, it was a really good exhibition. I kept on returning to see my favourite paintings. (Ha, some of them are in The Hague/Amsterdam, so I will definitely see them again).
I loved the colours he used, especially the green and the blue.

A few things I have heard or been talked to.
On my way from the airport to Vienna, in the bus, I sat next to an Indian man. We were talking about the general stuff. One of the things he said was that Vienna is so clean, unlike France or the Netherlands, for example.
Well, the streets we have passed were clean, that’s true.
Although, later (on Sunday morning when I was on my way from the “Passage”-he, he, he-bok-Mali-kak-si-kaj), I’ve seen why is it so clean.
You see at two, three, four, five in the morning there is a small army of the cleaners who go around and clean the streets so that we tourists can enjoy the clean city.
Wow, what a wake up call. I wish my Indian friend was there to see it for himself.

I was really lucky, I must say. This much lovely weather… hmm…
Anyway, I have found out that I have to go to Vienna again, as I’d like to see Anthony Hopper exhibition (good excuse, isn’t it?)

Love ya all
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Permanent tourist

Bila u Becu!
Pisala frendicama, a ovo su pisma!

Grussgot meine liebe freunden,

Now, I hope have deleted all of those who told me not to write to them any more and deleted those I don't want to keep in touch that much :p (cheeky me, lol), and that I have included everyone I'd like to inform (:D) about my little trips.

Yes, I have started again! After two years of fasting (well, with the exception of Island), the cultural tourism again!
And yes, I am in Vienna. Van Gogh exhibition in Albertina (that I still have to see).

I've arrived on Saturday. And it was pure luck.
Imagine: morning, 2.30, the alarm goes on. Me, half awake-half not, calling taxi to make sure I will not miss my train.
Then preparing the last bits and pieces, making breakfast (yes, at 3.30 in the morning) and going downstairs to meet the taxi.
4 o'clock.
Then I panicked! Oh my god, I won't make it. I called the taxi firm again to ask where is my taxi. "Yes, yes Miss, it's on it's way..."
Rigth, for 15 minutes already.
No way I was going to miss my plane. So, I walked to the first bigger road and halted one there. Ran to the station, ran to buy the ticket and ran to the train itself. Bloody hell!
And then, guess what, they had a nerve to call me and ask why didn't I wait!
Ohhhh... I said lots of things. Everything I thought, but in a very polite way.
(*Just listening to the Snow Patrol (on the radio), "Chasing cars".*)
The flight here was ok, although, CITY HOPPER!!! Hope the way back will be also as uneventfully. No air pockets, for example... :)

Checked in the hostel. The room I am in has 6 beds. And they were all full! Two Chinese guys from Malaysia, a girl from the UK, a girl from Russia and an Asian girl who I have seen for 3 minutes so didn't manage to ask about her whereabouts ;)

And then I went for a walk. It was great. There was a flee market, just off the Mariahilfestrasse. A big one. I really enjoyed it.
It took whole 4 hours to just walk it through and see and enjoy the atmosphere.
Which I did. Big time. :D

In the evening, as it was Saturday, I have decided to go out. And no, I didn't feel like going anywhere, but you know what, I thought, why not?
So, bok-Mali-kak-si-kaj, I went to the Passage club. Yes, Mike, I've been there.
And it sucked. Big time!
The night was 'dress to impress', but of course I left my ball dress at home. I got in only because I spoke English.
Now, that was one expensive trip.
The entrance was 15E, then cloak room is 1.5E, then the toilet was a 1E, then the drinks 7E. An expensive night, but now I can say I was in the Passage club, lol!
The first dj was HORRIBLE! Although I have seen people jumping and dancing (of course, it took good three hours for that - until people got drunk enough), it was horrible. He just had no idea how to build up the atmosphere and make people dance for the sake of dancing. The second dj was much better, but it was already 2 in the morning and I was dead tired.
Went home around 2.30h and was in bed by 3.30h.
One of the Chinese guys was REALLY snoring super loud. But I was so tired I have immediately fallen asleep.

Wow, I can still do it. I can still stay awake and enjoy myself (if there is anything to enjoy). lol

Yesterday was a great day, very nice weather. So, I went for my walk. (No, still no Albertina, although I was thinking about it, lol).
Instead I went to the St Stephendome to get the view of the Vienna. It was steep and hard. And I was sligthly disappointed. It was not an open space, but a small room with four windows. Ah, well...
Afterwards, I walked a bit around the city centre, and then I have decided to go to the Hunderdwasser house and the Kunsthaus Wien.

Now... I like what Mr Hunderdwasser has done with the architecture, I really do. But the paintings... Nope, I wouldn't like one of those in my living room. Well, maybe one of the prints (actually I liked two prints) and a tapestry, the paintings... nope.
I guess you really need to like that kind of art to enjoy it thoroughly.

It was almost the end of the day and it was so beautiful that I really wanted to use as much as possible. So, I went to Prater.
And they have that mini trains!!!! I went for a round. It was sooooo nice. I really like trains, big and small ones.

You all know that I am not too fond of the heights.
Well, you can all pat my back, I went to the big wheel. I was terrified. You get into a smallish coach (like with the trains) that is held on a pole in the middle right there on the ceiling. And it swings A LOT! Especially if people move from one side of the coach to the other. And they did. Or you get an idiot who gets an idea to jump a bit just to see if it moves. Well, I was 'lucky' to have one. There was a woman who jumped up and down and she scared me to death. Yes, I told her off. Nicely, again.

And then it was already 19h and I was dead tired and just wanted to go back to my hostel.
So, I walked a bit and decided to go and see where exactly is Albertina.
On my way, I passed the Opera house. Since I was there I just wanted to see what was playing and what does the Opera look like from inside on the performance evening.
And now, zücker kommt zu lezt.
I got the ticket!
I simply went in, just to see how much the tickets costs. I was approached by a woman asking If I'd like a ticket. For TEN E!!!!
I did. And it was fantastic!
I've seen the 'Onjegin' ballet, and seen the Opera at night and wore all my day clothes and mingled with all nicely dressed women and men. :D

In bed by 23h. Dead tired.

And today in a new day. Looking forward to enjoying it.
Lots of love to all of you!
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