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29.08.2008., petak

Day 82

Today I ate late.
I went to get my blood checked.
I feel very tired and have problem sleeping.
So, I kind of think my iron level is a bit too low.
So, instead of barley porridge in the morning, i had it for lunch.
With two oranges. Oh, it was delicious.

For lunch I am finishing my vegetables.
So, there'll be lots of veggies and a bit of meat.

And then I need to pack tonight.
I do hate packing. Never know how much was I supposed to take. And what to take.
Oh, well...
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28.08.2008., četvrtak

Day 81

The last two days before going on vacation.

Porridge again, this time with , hmmm in Dutch, gerst (will have to check what is it in English, or Croatian, for crying out loud).
Ha! Jecam!!! Barley.
And I 've finished the last three kiwi's.

For lunch I made a salad. It wasn't good. Just to let you know the home made smoked bacon definitely doesn't go well with mixed salad and cucumber.
Also, I added one finely chopped onion and 2 spoons of capers.

For dinner, my soup (still in the fridge - have exactly for one serving).

Going to a concert tonight!
Looking forward!
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27.08.2008., srijeda

Day 79/80

I am DEFINITLY getting lazy.
BTW, next two weeks I will not write a thing (most probably), so as the food is concerned, think of somehting or process one of the old ones.

Yesterday I had my lovely porridge with 1/2kg strawberries (that was delicious!!!).
For lunch I had my soup (clear with chicken meat)
For dinner, I needed something quick, so fries.

(Yes, I am not only lazy in writing...)

Today, I had porridge again with strawberries (approx 200gr).
The rest will be the fish day, :D

Wishing you a great day!
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25.08.2008., ponedjeljak

Day 77/78

I really didn't feel like writing yesterday.
Plus, I ate garbage again!

Morning started well:
2 eggs with bread

Then for lunch I had the other half of my pizza

But then the diner came, and I was in the company of a person that drives me nuts and nervous, so instead telling him off, I ate:
400gr grilled vegetables (mostly sweet potatoes and a few eggplants pieces), then approx 100gr calf meat (shaved from the spit), and finally a HUGE portion of French fries. Super small and crunchy and delicious, but I really shouldn't have touched them!

Ah, well...

Today, I had
50gr cream goat cheese with my bread and rucola salad

Mixed green salad (approx 300gr) with 1ts capers and 50gr green olives (I quartered them). Also, cut an onion (I did, in small pieces), as well as 2 cloves garlic- very small.
Add a bit of salt and oil. Then later some lemon juice (probably two lemons).
And with salmon filet I baked in the oven on Saturday.
Mmmm... looking forward.

Today I'm staying longer at work, so, I'll keep another half of that filet and eat it just like that (with a bit of lemon juice - I like it that way)

If any differences, will let you know. :D
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23.08.2008., subota

Day 76

Let me see...
It is almost midnight now and it's been a long, long day.

And before I say a word about the food, let me just tell you where I've been and what I've seen.
Well, T. has been and seen "Mamma Mia!" the film.
I haven't realised that the actors were going to sing. So after the first song I thought OMG, what I got myself into.
And then I just relaxed. The film is a big joke and it should be taken as such.
I've been thinking... If I ever want to buy the Abba albums, I'll buy this dvd. It is such a chewing gum for the brain AND the music is there. So, what more does a huge Abba fan (like me) need?
Although, I am surprised! Meryl Streep has a very, very good voice.
And there is a first song she sings with Pierce Brosnan, well, it definitely sounds good.
But, again, Collin Firth as a gay? Excuse me, he is so not into that role. Absolutely out of character. Actually he's overacting.

And speaking of overacting, yesterday evening I've seen the "Sex and the City movie".
I like it (a calcified romantic like me would, wouldn't she?). But again, I liked the serial, too.
The only problem with the film is that it's too long. The whole story could have been told in exactly 60 minutes, just as they used to do it in the SATC days.
Ah, well...
Need to think which film shall be next.

And now the food:
Breakfast/lunch (it was a late one!):
Rice porridge with blueberries.

Lamb meat from the spit, with salad (a very small portion, bought in the small Turkish bakery)

Ah, well...
Here, I got 1/2 pizza (as I baked my bread tonight) and I baked a huge salmon fillet.
Salmon fillet I put in the aluminum foil oiled it well, bottom and top, grated some salt (my special baking salt is usually in a small hand mill), cleaned 4-5 cloves of garlic and stuffed them in the fillet. The bigger ones I halved, to get them easier into the meat). On the top I sprinkled some basil (dried).
For topping I took 5 spoons of fresh goat cheese, and sprinkled around the pizza, 1 onion, 5 cloves garlic, 150 gr cherry tomatoes, 15 olives (I halved them , too) and a tin of artichokes.

That's it for tonight/today!
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22.08.2008., petak

Day 75

I've been doing nothing all day long.
Must say it was a tough job. Looking busy and doing nothing but browse.

I am not in a "termite mood" any more, although it is not as it should be.
I guess there is a reasonable explanation. Oh, I know... ovulation, that's it!
So, now I could get my baby. Hmm... and then what?

Ok, no more philosophical topics.

Breakfast - rice porridge with an orange

Lunch/dinner - in oven baked vegetables: 2 onions, 1 sweet potato, 5 small potatoes, 3 tomatoes and a cassava. The sweet potato and cassava need to be steamed before baking. I sliced them and put to steam. Do not go for longer than 4 minutes, as they get too soft. Also a salad made of cucumber, peeled and sliced. Season and add some lemon juice.

Snacks - I had 1/2l orange juice and 150gr gooseberries.

Dinner - no idea. If really hungry, I'll have my clear chicken soup.

Have a nice weekend!
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21.08.2008., četvrtak

Day 74

Today for some reason I feel like bottomless pit!
Because I had:

For breakfast I had rice porridge with two kiwi's and 3/4 orange (had to throw away 1/4).

Then around 10h, I had food I wanted to eat for lunch, which was baked potatoes (in the oven, you need to scrub them well, oil them well - I bathed them in mixture of oil and salt and herbs), 3 tomatoes and an eggplant.
Tomatoes I halved and sliced the eggplant. I halved the potatoes, too - lengthwise.

Then around 13h I had a herring with a piece of my lovely bread that needs to be finished.

And had just finished the cucumber salad (sliced, peeled cucumber with salt and pepper and lemon juice) and French fries.

And I know I'll be hungry again.
But I'm (kind of) well stocked: I have an orange, and gooseberries and 1/2l orange juice.

Hopefully the pit will be covered with the fruit, lol

If not, there is still the paste made of sunflower seeds and rice crackers.
That might help.

See ya!
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20.08.2008., srijeda

Day 73

Today was an easy day.
Firstly I slept 9 hours!!! (yippy!!!)
And then had a great time at work (meaning: there is no one in the office, I am alone and enjoying myself).
As for the food, the day was very easy as well.

Rice porridge with two sliced peaches.

Fish soup, with my bread AND a portion of fried shrimps.

300gr blackberries

Herring with onions and my bread.

It's been a fishy day!
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19.08.2008., utorak

Day 71/72

I'm so sorry.
And I am soooo lazy.

Plus I mostly do the same stuff (and still have no started the real regime (i.e. really cook and do the rotation diet, AS I SHOULD!)
As you can see, I am angry with myself.

Anyway, for yesterday.
I had rice porridge (rice flakes) with 150gr strawberries. And cinnamon (on the top).

2 onions, chopped; 3 eggplants, cut in cubes; 4 cloves garlic, chopped; 5 tomatoes, chopped
Put a spoon of oil in your frying pan. Put onions, and garlic to fry a bit (like 10 minutes bit?)
Then add eggplant, continue stirring for another 5 minutes, and in the end add tomatoes. Add grounded coriander and salt, some pepper.
Leave on fire for another 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.
You can eat it with millet, for example (as I did, and it was delicious!)

Cake, 2 pieces, I took out of the freezer with coffee! Yes, real coffee with REAL milk. Ok, goat's milk, but still the thing I am not supposed to drink, right?

Day 72:
Rice porridge with two peaches, cut in pieces.

2 onions cut in rings; 5 cloves of garlic, cut; approx 70gr puffed barley; 2-3 tomatoes or min 10 small cherry tomatoes, cut in quarters; one cucumber, sliced; artichoke, three pieces, cut as small as possible; 50gr anchovies filets, cut in pieces

Just put it all together. I have forgotten to add the capers, too. Darn. Would be even tastier. Add a bit of salt, and lemon juice. Stir it well all together!

I've tried it and is super delicious. And simple.
Of course, I stink on garlic, but so what. I like it! (and my colleagues don't mind). :D

Probably popcorn, as I'll stay longer at work today.
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17.08.2008., nedjelja

Day 69/70


Didn't write yesterday (day 69). My apologies...
Didn't feel like it, plus was all in the book.
And ate badly (popcorn and soup).

But I have seen the fireworks yesterday as well (again) and it was beautiful. Really beautiful.
And here is the link to the winning fireworks (Mexico)

Winning fireworks

Darn, phone!
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15.08.2008., petak

Day 68

I have just returned from Scheveningen.
It is the fireworks festival and I've seen (if believing the people on the beach) South Korea and then Mexico.
I really like fireworks. All that lovely colours and shapes and sounds...
Hmm... my favourite outside activity (besides walking, lol).
I made a video of Mexico's entry. If I manage to download it from my little Nokia to my little Linux (as I am completely ignorant qua Linux systems) I'll pt it on line.
It was cold and luckily I had socks and a jacket and a towel to wrap myself in.
AND it's a full moon (or just about to be, :D)
I like full moon. Always so busy and weird and energetic in those days.

But here is to the more important topics.
The diet and menu for today.

There was an egg (sunny side) and my DELICIOUS bread!
I made it again so delicious. No baking soda, nothing. And still it came out so good and tasty.

I went out with my colleagues, so I had the only thing I can: salad. The chef has made mixed salad, with four slices cucumber and 1 slices cherry tomato (no, I am not joking. Literally!), and some roasted pine nuts.
I took 120gr goat spread cheese (that I have bought in Paris) and two more pieces of my bread.
Was very delicious!
But of course, all of that grass and only a bit of bread left me hungry, so I had

Afternoon snack:
I had (now comes the list) -
- 1/2 bag microwave popcorn
- three rice crackers with a tiny bit of sunflower seeds paste
- two oranges

Salad with 1/2 onion (finely sliced), 300gr - from the bag, from shop.
Two pork chops, baked in an egg and rice flakes.

Then I had 10 cooked maroons and 1/2 orange/apple/some kind of berries juice.

And I am still hungry.

I really hate PMS!
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14.08.2008., četvrtak

Day 67


Been thinking...
As my building is facing the beach, and has the balcony, and this very curious female one goes (quite often, btw) there, this female sees rather lovely and unusual sights.

For example:
did you know that most of the surfers actually take their underwear off before putting on the wet suit?
I must say that I have seen lots of VERY nice behinds, and nicely shaped legs.

Although, there are a few shy guys, that put their wet suit with underwear still on.
Hm... I'm never around when they take it off... :(
Really wonder if they take it off when getting normal clothes on.

And of course, there are a few puritan guys, who take a huuuuge towel with them and wrap themselves when taking off their underwear.
Ok, mostly they do show what kind of underwear they have on, before wrapping it all in.

Ah well, this is just a small sideline.

My menu for today:

Rice porridge with coconut flakes (for lots of chewing), two kiwi's and cinnamon.

Ha, I baked my bread yesterday, so took a part from the dough and made pizza.
This time, I baked the dough for 10 minutes, then put the peppers paste on the top, anchovies (50gr), 1 onion (sliced), 5 cloves garlic (sliced), 250gr cherry tomatoes (halved), 250gr olives. And oregano powder on the top!
I have tried a bit yesterday evening and it was SO, SO, SO delicious!
So, looking forward to my lunch.

A bag of popcorn (as I'm going to meet my friend and am not allowed to eat anything she might give to me). :D
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13.08.2008., srijeda

Day 66

It is afternoon, and I am enjoying a very ironic rap song (in Croatian), about building and destroying. Very social song.

Menu for today:
Weeeeell, today the day was a bit upside down. I was feeling a bit low, so I ate horrible things I shouldn't and am not going to. I promise!

So, for breakfast I had a bag of crisps! Natural taste.
Yes, I know, I know.

For lunch I had 400gr grilled vegetables (the ones I usually have) dripping in oil.

For dinner (which I have just finished), I had my lovely rice flakes porridge with coconut flakes and dried goji berries.

Please no comment.
It wasn't a good day!
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12.08.2008., utorak

Day 65

Good morning!

I am still lazy and non inventive.

Rica flakes porridge with a spoon of coconut flour (lots of fibers - bought in a health-shop). Cooced it for good 10, even 15 minutes, in the end added 1/3 ts cinammon.
Sliced three kiwi's and ate stirred it in porridge.

100gr puffed barly, there I added one sliced onion, 2 ts capers, and later on I'll slice a cucumber and 2 tomatoes and will chop finely 3 cloves of garlic.
Will top with the lemon juice.

I plan to make porkchops. But will see tonight!
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11.08.2008., ponedjeljak

Day 64

Writing late because I had whoooole day of absolutely nothing but lots of googling and reading and a bit of working.

Porridge, but this time rice! I have bought rice flakes and it was... hm... interesting, is that a good word?
Anyway, I'll finish it, as I have tons of that stuff.
In porridge I've added the juice and the rest (fiber, remember!) of half red grapefruit.
The other half I had as a snack later on.

A portion of chips. With no ketchup, no mayo. A bit more salt.

Around 350gr cauliflower, steamed. Nothing on.
I made little lamb hamburgers:
250gr minced lamb meat, mix with 1 egg, salt and pepper.
I like garlic, so I chopped three cloves and mixed into the meat.
Shape in balls and then squeeze them flat on the frying pan. Do not put too much fat to fry on, as the meat itself will let the juice and fat.


After dinner (as I was still hungry) an apple and a kiwi.

Worked late. Going to bed!
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10.08.2008., nedjelja

Day 63 - first day back home...

It's evening and I'm writing this AT HOME!!!
Yes, finally! Took awhile, but it works. Yes!

For the past 7 days I was very active. For me being active means also walking a lot, not only practicing sports.
So, although I was really hungry today, I tried to limit the food consumption. There is no more overdone activity...

So, for breakfast I had nothing.
And that was unfortunate thing! I craved food all day long.

I had my lunch at 15.00h! And those were grilled vegetables (sweet potatoes and eggplant), approx. 250gr.

For dinner, I had soup and a piece of baked chicken.

Clear soup: put that piece of chicken in water and let it simmer for 1h. The add a carrot, sliced. Let it simmer for another half an hour. In the end add broccoli or cauliflower (100gr is ok) and let it cook for another 15 minutes.
With cauliflower add any kind of pasta that you eat with your soup (I added rye pasta my Mum made for me).

Then, after those 15 minutes, take your piece of meat out of the soup and bake it lightly in a spoon of oil. Turn it regularly to get the nice colour on both sides.

Since I felt very tired, I felt like no pasta/vegetables/grains or salad for my dinner. Plus, in my mind dinners should be as light as possible. :D
Unless you happen to make pizza... lol!

Good night!
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09.08.2008., subota

Day 61/62 + Paris day 7 and 8

Tonight I'm writing from my own home!
I got internet!!!
So, now I'll try and upload my photo's. They're just the simple tourist photo's, but still. I AM going to upload them, lol.

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07.08.2008., četvrtak

Dan 60 - Pariz day 6

Will write!
yes, i promisse. (And will keep/update my journal)
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06.08.2008., srijeda

Dan 59 - Paris day 5

One of the things I really mis in the Nethelrlands are warm nights, as tonight.
It was around 30 degrees... Lovely!!!
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05.08.2008., utorak

Day 58 - Paris 4

Waiting for my text
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04.08.2008., ponedjeljak

Day 56/57 - Paris 2/3

I have logged in yesterday, but now I see there is no reaction! Like I've done nothing.
Anyway, this is just to log in.

As for the menu:

Day 56:
Buckwheat porridge with an orange (everything juice and meat)

Rice with green salad, rolled anjovis file with capers, olives, baked onion and garlic and 1cm ginger.

Ate at a very nice Jewish fast food place on MOntmartre-something Rue. Will go there again. Nice food and not expensive.

Plus, when I've arrived home yestreday, HA, a party!!!
It was interesting, btw.

Today I've left the house at 12.00. I'm getting late each day.

Buckwheat porridge with an orrange (the same as last time), oh, and a pinch (big) cinnamon

Cooked millet.
In the mean time I fried cut onion with 1 cm ginger root, added grounded xxx (can't rememeber, and need to leave the internet caffee soon- added later on - corriander!!!), and cumin. When brown added sliced garlic and continued. Salt, turmeric and then add cooked millet, to get that nice yellow colour.
Was very delicious. Don't forget the lemon juice.

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03.08.2008., nedjelja

Day 56 - 2 day in Paris

Ok, I'm writing from the nice apple thing from my flatmate.
Don't think I can write too long, so this just as an enter.
Will elaborate either tomorrow or when I come back.
With photo's I hope.

As for the food, I had a salad.
Cooked rice(approx 40 gr), green salad, anjovies with capers, olives, arthichokes.
And for dinner had k

And that's where I have stopped with writing that night, lol.
Is it necessary to say that without my written diary I would have no idea what I've eaten? :D

Ok, here comes the rest.
So, I woke up at 8 o'clock.
Ah, come on I am an early riser. Then I prepared my lunch and my breakfast.

Buckwheat porridge with an orange (everything but peel)

mixed green salad with cooked rice (approx 40gr dry when dry), rolled anchovies with capers, olives and artichokes.

Poached fish with salad and potatoes, but will write more about it.

So, around 11 o'clock I finally left the house. I simply wanted to walk a bit, to see, meet and greet the neighbourhood, and since I was out, i also wanted to buy the metro ticket.
I did, a weekly pass. The only problem was that the pass was valid from the Monday, not Sunday.
And then I walked.
Passed by the Opera house.
Can you imagine???
They have many great men's busts there, Mozart's is above the entrance, but no Johan Sebastian Bach!!!
That really surprised me. Ok, I am not objective, either, as I really think he was a musical genius, but still...
Such a complicated, delicate music, so condensed, looking so simple, but being so difficult. It almost sounds like mathematics, :D

So, I took the opportunity to visit the Opera.
's toilets.
No, I haven't been inside. I was supposed to go and I had the very best intension,... but I simply didn't feel like being inside with so many people in such a closed, not that well lit place.
So, I sat on the stairs and enjoyed the view.

And then just took off through the streets.
And came to the Tuileries garden. That's the garden in front of the Louvre.
There was a summer amusement park there.
And I had decided to eat my lunch there.
I simply sat, ate and enjoyed the view.
There was a group of 5 young Asian people. They have enjoyed their lunch as well. Only afterwards they were so tired and had fallen asleep.
They looked so sweet.

And I continued my walk.
For the past 4 year (I believe it is 4), there is a summer beach in Paris, i.e. the beach is created along the Seine bank. So, I had decided to walk there and just enjoy the view and smells and people and sights.

It was very interesting. People actually went there to sit on the benches/tables and talk and gossip.
There was even a library.
Well, moi, in my broken French, I have borrowed 3 BD (comic books) and read them. Well, kind of read them. But you do need an ID to do that. :)

And then in the evening, all tired and stinky and sweaty I came to my little street. I've heard the music from the beginning of the street. I even thought, wow, Sunday and they're having a party...
Well, the party was in my apartment.
A nice little Canadian brat has decided to invite all her friends and celebrate.
Which I have nothing against, but, man... the only thing I wanted to do was take a long shower.
Instead, I had a good time. I observed those people (they all spoke French).
They're all her colleagues and friends working for some kind of bank (beat me what is the name of the bank).
Then spoke a bit with one of them. That guy, Edward, he was in the sales. He said he was to leave in two weeks and go somewhere south France and start working for Phillips.
Wow, I thought... Here is a Dutch connection.
Anyway, it was really nice and the average age there was 23 years.
Little kids, lol!

And then around midnight I simply had no power or will, So I took my shower (parading in my little pj) and went to bed.
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02.08.2008., subota

Day 55 - 1st day in Paris

It might take longer to describe what and how and where.
Everything going right, tomorrow.
Started taking pics, too. :D

As for the food...
Ah, it's my first day in Paris and I'm a sinner!
Will end in hell anyway.

Ok, how it went?
Well, I woke up in the morning feeling great. Hey, I was to go to Paris!
Then, since I've seen that my train is leaving at 12:35, I have decided to wash the bed linen and towels, and all those things that go on 90 degrees.
In the mean time, I packed and added stuff and food I was to eat in Paris
(since I'll be going to apartment, I have decided to cook).
Checking if I have all the cremes and shoes and trousers.

Then around 11.00h I called my friend who has sold me the tickets and the Paris arrangement. Asked her if she could throw away the paper that was to be put that Wednesday evening. Scared the sh.. out of her. She asked me if I was ok, alive and not hurt.
I was surprised by such a welcome. Then she told me I was supposed to be in Paris already. Naaaah... That can't be. My train was to leave at 12.35h.
So, I went to see her and bring her the key.
And there I checked the timetable.

The train had left at 9:06. And I wasn't on it.
Boy, did I feel stupid!!!
I felt super stupid.

So, I have bought the ticket for the next one, Thalys train at 14:06h, and made damn sure I was sitting on it.
The trip took 3.5 hours. Then, since the apartment was close by (at least that’s how my friend explained it to me), I walked to it.
But took the wrong road, and got lost, lol!!!
Then had to ask for directions. In my super broken French, LOL!!!

Anyway, it was easy to find once you knew where it was on the map.
And there I sat in front of the house waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

The girl who opened the door, Stephanie - Canadian 24 year old brat, was late as well. So, we had a very nice beginning.
Although, she was very, very nice and after I asked about the clubs and dancing, she asked me if I’d like to go with her and her friends.

Finally I didn’t go. I went to Montmartre and Sacred Coer Church and enjoyed the view. I even made photos (which were deleted later on and replaced with better versions, and later date).

And then went back to the apartment, washed my hair, took a long shower and that was the end of my first day.
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01.08.2008., petak

An almost total solar eclipse

Today there was a live broadcast from China on total solar eclipse.
(of course, I couldn't see it as tons of interesting AND educational sites have been blocked, darn)
Well, it was visible here, as well, but not total-total. :D

So, I've decided to check it myself, too.
Of course, I've heard about it only today, so couldn't prepare myself properly.
What I've done is I've taken two white pieces of paper. On one of them I've taped a small post-it. Then I made a pinhole in the middle.

I've taped the punctured paper on the window and placed the second one on the windowsill.

Of course, to took forever, but you know what?
It was worth it.
Boy, I like astronomy!!!!

Exploratorium - Total Solar Eclipse
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Day 54

Yesterday, I have realised that I am going towards the end of the second month of my diet!
Wow, although it took forever to start with it, and it still troubles me, I've almost made it!
Good girl! GG. :D
(Well, there is always a possibility that it will take another 3 months to get myself completely clean. Actually, it might take even take a year(s)).
No, no, no! Positive thinking. That's what I practise. Positive thinking.

For the past few months I've taken up another possible "fag".
Each morning after I wake up, I drink 640ml water (4x160).
Ok, I admit. It came from my sister, it's been called the Japanese water treatment and it cures everything from cancer onwards.
Although I am very sceptical about that cancer (+the rest) treatments, I still drink my water each morning. It makes me rush to the toilet.
So, as long as it works, why not? :D
And as I don't drink enough water during the day, some moisture early in the morning is not that bad either, is it?

Ok, if you'd like to try, then:
Drink those 4 glasses, before brushing your teeth.
Then do whatever you do (teeth, shower, etc) and do not eat anything for 45 minutes.
After those 45 minutes, have your breakfast, eat, drink what you need at the breakfast, and then no food or drinks for another 2 hours.

Anyway, my body starts reacting after 15-20 minutes and makes me very happy, lol.

Oh, and I've started drinking lukewarm/hot-ish water during the day.
Ok, I was never into the cold water anyway, but this suits me and cools me down in this heat (it is soooo hot in my "new" office - with 6 people sitting in, 17 computers and no actual air-conditioning).

Food for today:
I had my baked (sunny side) two eggs!!!! :D
And was VERY happy.
The bread is really delicious. I hope I'll be able to make the same again.

Again how I've made it:
So, 40% corn, 60% rye, water, all mixed together (watery paste - I put a bit too much water) and put into the fridge for 10 hours. Add another 1/2l water (if possible put some some kind of seeds in that 1/2l in the morning).
Mix again.
Oven on 200 degrees C, 1 3/4h.

For those two I have
- a salad with all kinds of vegetables I had in my fridge.
- pumpkin soup.

Sorry... forgotten to tell you: I'm off to Paris for a week. So, plz either recycle something from the past (almost) two months, or make it up yourself. Don't forget to mail it to me, too. I'd like to try it as well.

And now pumpkin soup:
1 small pumpkin (when cleaned approx 400gr, cut in cubes)
3 super small potatoes
1/2 onion
3 cloves garlic
20 grains coriander
Cook all these ingredients in 1 1/2 water until there is approx 1/2l water left.
Then use the mixer and (darn, I've forgotten the word) mix it into the thick soup.
Add 1 cm cleaned ginger and cook for another 10 minutes.

I've forgotten to add salt, so will let you know about the taste. :D
See you in a week time!
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