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30.06.2008., ponedjeljak

Candida - day 20/21/22

Everything going well, I’ll fill in the last two posts.
Those few days I hibernated. Literally.

I woke up completely disorganised and lost in time and space.
So, then to get some structure, i made breakfast - buckwheat porridge.
(the usual stuff).

Also, in half an hour I prepared the lunch and dinner for today.
It'll be the same, just will see how much shall I eat in the afternoon.
Might get an apple if not enough food.

So, I cooked 80 gram buckwheat.
In the mean time, I cut:
1 celery stick in small, tiny pieces
10 cherry tomatoes in small pieces
4 baby cucumbers, in thin slices
2 onions, firstly cut in halves then each half in thin slices
3 cloves garlic in small cubes
1 pepper in thin sticks
2 spoons of capers (not supposed to eat them, but well...)
Olive oil, salt and one lemon (juice).
Put together the vegetables and cooked buckwheat and season with olive oil, salt and one lemon (juice). Oh, and chives!
Just tried and it is absolutley delicious.

These two days I ate bits and pieces.

Bits and pieces for breakfast - including 6 cevapcici with one bread bun.
Dinner I had at my friends' place: the ostrich steak with rice and salad. The only wrong thing about the salad was that I got it served with vinegar, although I am not supposed to have it. But serves me right for not warning them in advance. :D

For breakfast, I had two buns of my super delicious bread with some ham (approx 50gr), ajvar (can be bought in Turkish shops) and avocado dip (like guacamole dip - 2 avocado's, salt, pepper and garlic).

As my breakfast was so filling, I had no need for lunch, although I took a few nuts, simply to fortify.
But again, I had 250gr of cherries.

For dinner I made veal cevapcici (minced meat, shaped as a thumb), grilled.
I grilled them in Teflon pan, without any oil. But they were so juicy and oliy that I baked onions in that fat (cut roughly and in thick rings).
Cevapcici went with ajvar, too. And one bread bun.

For the desert I made a strawberry cream: 100gr almonds with 300gr strawberries to be mixed and chilled.

Finally I haven't eaten it, as cevapcici were very filling.
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27.06.2008., petak

Candida - day 18/19

Mmmm... eggs! Three pieces! With my delicious fresh bread!
I had fish soup. I took my bread with me.
180gr shrimp, seasoned with the lemon juice, with bread.


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25.06.2008., srijeda

About Candida

Last update: 01.03.2009.

This was supposed to be day 17, but...

I got asked a few times about my situation, and why I follow a diet and if it works.

Firstly to say, it is not a diet in sense of counting calories and restricting food group types (not complete truth - you’ll see what I mean).

Since I was 8 (or 10) years I had problem with allergies. Then, at the age of 18 I started getting problem with skin, something that one of the dermatologist called “dermatitis atopica”, (atypical), which in 98.75% cases means that the doctor has no idea what it is (that’s how my GP explaned it to me).
For the past 10 years, I’ve been under stress big time.
The skin problems got worse and at one point I started using the corticosteroid cremes. There was a period when I kept on using them for full three months without stopping until I got told off by my sister (she told me off big time – since that moment I started avoiding my Dutch GP).
Also. I had a few bad infections, so I got and used the antibiotics. I’d say I had those 5 times, usually 10 days treatment, all in the period of 7 years.
Then, last year and this year (2007/2008) the skin problem got super worse. I feel sorry I haven’t made photos of my hands. The skin on my hands was very brittle and it actually broke open and the blood and puss came out of it. It freaked me, my friends and people around me out.
That was the moment when I have finally decided to go and do something.

I went to the dermatologist, to make the allergy tests. No allergies.
My friend told me about the food intolerance test and I’ve had made one.
I went to “Poliklinika Analiza”, placed in Split, the institution that makes the test. I was tested on 95 different ingredients. Later on I have made some internet research, and found out that the name of the test is ImuPro 100.
There is also ImuPro 200 and ImuPro 300 test.

Results have shown that I have huge intolerance on cow’s milk and all produce made of cow milk; soy and all produce made of soy, cola (including coca-cola), cashew nuts, grape fruit, brown/red beans.
In a follow up conversation with the nutritionist/doctor I got explained what to eat and what not to eat, what to use and how.

The first few months:
My first week was a nightmare. I was completely lost. Completely!

Then the luck smiled at me and I found www.wholeapproach.com site.
That was a relief. I could actually learn something about my condition, and follow some rules to try and get feeling better.
But it was still a nightmare.
I had to get off the sugar and sweets completely. It took me three months to do that.
In that period I counted days when I was without any kind of sugar (fruit included, with the exception of lemons, and sporadic granny smith apples and oranges).
Also, in that period I ate cookies that were not sweetened by sugar, but all kind of other sweeteners (natural). To cut it off completely.

I tried to eat as much fiber as possible, lots of vegetable, lots of granes that I am not intolerant to. Also, because of Candida, it was sested to avoid wheat and anything made with wheat flour for at least 6 months. Reason, there might have been mould prior to being processed. Also to avoid mushrooms, to avoid vinegar, or anything that came out of the fermentation process (miso, apple vinegar). Also the tomato sauces/juices/concentrates, as there might have been mould on them too.
No dried fruit, as there is a special additive, plus might have been mould on, no ready-made food, no ready made dressings for salad, lots of no, no no’s.

The normal, usual shopping took hours instead of usual max 30 minutes.
I had to read every single product I was interested in to check for the sugar, or milk, or any other ingredient I am not allowed to eat.

That’s when I started following what I eat and tried to make the blog (also for my two friends who follow the same diet)

Since then my only vice are crisps. (From time to time I have a HUGE craving for a “Kettle” natural crisps (potato chips)).
Unfortunately, it’s still going on. But with a bit of will and a bit of persistence it’ll be ok.

In the mean time, I have found the lab in the Netherlands (god save internet!) that does the same test, but much wider – 277 ingredients, which includes additives and food and colouring and all other stuff.
Well, I want that test. It’s called ImuPro 300 Test.

Will let you know how it went.

Only want to add that the problem with food intolerance is that it might show (and might not show to outside – my intolerance goes to my skin mostly) much later.
Right now (03.11.2008.) I have a reaction on something, but no idea on what. It might have been something I have eaten in Vienna (beginning of October), but might be something from the last week…
Ah, just wish me luck.

Here is the newest update (05.02.2009.)
After trillion years and not being sure and being afraid what will happen and if I have developed any new intolerances and if darn CA has been eradicated, here is the result:
CA is gone! Hallelujah, praise the Lord!
Nah, praise myself for being persistent. And being good girl and taking care of myself.

But I have developed new ones. Now listen to this.

The test has four levels.
If intolerant to the ingredients from the fourth level, it's been advised not to use them for a year.
Level three ingredients to be avoided for 32 weeks (8 months)
Level two to be avoided for 16 weeks (4 months).
Level one to be avoided for 8 weeks (2 months).

I have no level four.
Level three: all grains containing gluten, then E412 (Guar gum), Macadamia nut, Peanuts and cranberry (veenbes in Dutch).
Level two: again cranberries (no idea why twice...), complete chicken egg, cow milk, coffee, poppy seed, nutmeg, Brazilian nuts, catfish.
Level two: egg white, egg yolk, agar-agar (E406), almonds, amarath (grain), pineapple, cashew nut, red algae, goat milk/cheese, ginger, honey (mixture), squid, kiwi, black pepper, pine tree seeds, pistachio nuts, pumpkin seeds, ricotta, sheep milk/cheese, shiitake mushrooms, vanilla, sunflower seeds.

Basically almost everything that I have been relying on (too heavily, obviously) qua food for the past 7 months. Great! Just great!
Well, I have decided not to be bothered too much.
Yes, I will avoid these ingredients as much as possible, BUT I will not avoid them completely. I simply think my body still needs to recognise these ingredients.

So, for now no milk for me (unless cooked), no bread for me (ok, once a week). And the rest just incorporate somehow.

I am a bit dispirited.
Wish me luck!

Confession: I have sinned badly. I ate cakes and cookies and chocolate and bread and honey.
And got the metal taste back! I hate it!
Have resolution, though...
New year of my life, new habits. So, no more sugar, no more alcohol, reduce everything I have intolerance on, and start four day rotation diet.
And yes, I'll make it. I have to, remember? :S
Btw, I hate planning meals! I've been always much better in ad hoc situations (qua food).

Love to you all,
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24.06.2008., utorak

Candida - day 14 to 16

I know, I know.... Shame on me!

Ok, here it goes.
Buckwheat porridge with coconut flour (for fibre), some goji berries, apple fibre (from the health shop) and cinnamon.
I've found the olive spread that contains only lemon juice, olive oil and garlic. So, the spread on bread (that was my last piece) with half avocado.
On Sunday I made pasta with tomato sauce and salad.
I cooked 500gr of pasta (for two of us, and there were still some leftovers).
How I made tomato sauce.
I chopped an onion, really fine. Then chopped 3 cloves of garlic (not that fine, as I like to taste it).
Then I fried it a bit.
In the meantime I have chopped the tomatoes. And I didn't skin them. Put them as they were, as I think that any kind of fibre counts, so this one, too. :D
I have grounded some black pepper, but have still not put any salt. Let it simmer.
Then after good 45 minutes, I have added salt, and continued with simmering.
In the meantime I roasted the pine nuts for the salad. But as I've decided that the sauce looked rather gloomy without anything in it except the tomatoes, I've decided to add some roasted pine nuts.
So, in the end, add good 70 gram of roasted pine nuts, some oregano, basil and rosemary.
Now, I have also added another 4 cloves of garlic.
Salad - with lemon juice and some salt (some kind of pre-packed salad).

Btw, don't know what you do, but I wash my salad regularly (the pre-packed one). Just in case.

I had (again) the buckwheat porridge with cinnamon.

For lunch I went to the restaurant, and had lunch and dinner (huge portion).
I had fish soup and then steamed fish with fries.

Porridge with rice flakes! I made it the same way as the buckwheat porridge.

I cooked 80gr rice (brown and wild mixed)
In the mean time I took two celery stems, and cut them into the small pieces.
I had 200 gr young asparagus, which I cut in halves.
The, I put approx 2dl water, celery and the lower part of the asparagus (as it takes longer to get soft). As it was all too green, I have added 2tbs goji berries (they're red, and a bit sweet).
I added 1ts cumin (whole), salt and pepper.
Let it cook for 10 minutes.
Then I added the asparagus tips and let it cook for another 5 minutes.
In the end after I took it from the heat I added some lemon juice, as there was something missing and in my opinion it was that soury taste that was missing.
Then I combined all together (rice and vegetables).
I ate it with pork meat.

Approx 20 Brazilian nuts.

And tomorrow is the corn day!!!
I have already bought the milk, so will eat polenta with milk (probably millet milk).
Oh, can't wait!
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21.06.2008., subota

Candida - day 12/13

Yesterday I have forgotten to write.
Yesterday I had a bike crash. I was biking to work, minding my own business, being late AGAIN, so I was minding my own business and biking rather fast.
And then on the big crossroad, there was that guy, nice, in nice suit, new bike.
It was green on the stop light, I didn't slow down.
From some 15m, I've seen that the guy turned to the left. As I was supposed to continue straight on, I simply moved to the far left, to be able to pass. BUT, then Mr Nice Suit changed his mind and moved to the right.
Even now I see myself screaming and hitting his back wheel with my front. I didn't touch him, but I did get his bike.
Boy, was I shaking afterwards...

Anyway, what have I eaten on Friday (day 12):
I still had bread, so I SINNED!!! 2 sunny side up eggs with 1 little bun. The other one I ate with savoury almond spread (bought in the health shop).
I cooked millet for the very first time!
So, I fried 2 cloves of garlic in a teaspoon of oil, when golden added millet and continued frying. Then added water (a good finger above the level of millet) and let it simmer.
In the meantime I chopped an onion and another 3 cloves of garlic, and fried them on two tablespoons of oil. I sliced two courgettes and added it to the fried onions. Continued stirring. Then I added some red pepper paste diluted in water, salt, pepper and turmeric (1 teaspoon). Let it simmer. And that's it!
Simple, not too heavy, but filling.

7 macadamia nuts. Not much, I know, but I had my yoga and I don't eat before exercising.

SATURDAY - day 13
In the morning I made the porridge with buckwheat flakes. So, 60gr of flakes, 3 spoons coconut flour, 2 spoons goji berries and a bit of stevia powder. I cooked it with 2dl kamut milk+1dl water.

A banana, and some cassave chips, as I was rushing to catch the train.

Here is the chilli con carne I'm making right now.
Please check the site:

For the desert - strawberries.
That's it for today!

P.S. Today I've been at the Ayurvedic doctor. What the doctor told me is that I am Pitta-Vatta type, but at this moment my dominant dosha is Kapha, i.e. I am completely out of balance.
He told me that my problem is dominantly the digestion.
Also, I am not to combine meat (fish) with milk and beans (lentils). Any of the combinations.
Also he told me to try and eat ingredients I'm not intolerant to, but in very small dosages.
So, I plan to eat one cashew nut next Wednesday. I'll drink a spoon of milk on Friday. Now, soy... What can I have? Something small...
Well, might ask my friend if she cooks something with soy to have a bite, lol!!!

Going to eat. HUNGRY!!!!!

P.S. Oh, boy, oh boy. Chilli con Aduki was a HIT! Absolutly DELICIOUS!!! You have to cook it!
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19.06.2008., četvrtak

Candida - day 11

Hello there,
Today is the bread day.
BTW, the bread that I gave baked yesterday FINALLY came out as the bread should. It was delicious and well baked and absolutely wonderful!

What I did,
300gr rye flour I mixed with
100g polenta (corn flour), also I mixed
1 super small (I mean really small) tea spoon of baking soda (soda bikarbona).
Then I added the water and stirred well (by hand!) for 5 minutes. Boy, was I tired!!!
Now, how much water - I haven't put too much! What I was looking for is the mass that would be compact and just a bit wet(tish).
And, I've decided a different approach: I've decided to let my dough rest for an hour.
Then, I mixed it a bit (max a minute) and put it in the oven dish.
This time, I cut the dough like this: --I----I----I--
So, what I got were 8 smaller pieces.
When I've cut the dough in the dish, I've really cut it completely, to the bottom (although that was not my intention; the intention was just to make the incisions 5mm deep, to get it well baked from inside, too).
But, no! I got 8 small rolls, each super filling.

Ok, menu for today:
I ate two rolls with 2 sunny side up eggs :D + a small sin - 2 super small slice of goat cheese (from my Mum).

Leak soup with smoked ham.
In 0.75l water cook 100gr smoked ham, either cut in small pieces or all n one piece. I prefer small pieces, as it cooks much fatter.
After 1/2h, add chopped carrots - do not chop them too small, as I like my vegetables a bit crunchy.
Here, I added a spoon of red pepper paste, just that it gets a bit of colour. Let it cook for another 5-7 minutes.
Add chopped leeks (I had 2, smaller ones, approx 200gr). I've chopped them into 2cm pieces. Do not forget to was them beforehand!
Then let them cook for another 10 minutes. Add some salt, not too much as ham is salty already, and some pepper.
That's it. Eat it with the bread.
Since I had taken no snack with me, I have decided to treat myself (when sinning, let's sin all the way, lol)
So, I had a small portion of chips (pomfri).
That's it.

For dinner...
Well, as I have sinned so much, I'll sin all the way: another small piece of cheese with my lovely bread!
C'est tout!
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18.06.2008., srijeda

Candida- day 9 and 10

Yesterday I was not at work.
I felt tired and sick and not exactly well. So, have decided to stay at home. Should I mention that I have stayed WHOLE day in, and the weather was absolutely great?

Anyway, here are the breakfasts and lunches and dinners for both days.

DAY 9:
Breakfast - Cooked buckwheat with kamut milk. What I've done is cooked the buckwheat (actually kasha), 100 gram, after it got cooked, I took 1/4 and cooked a bit more in the kamut milk, also added a spoon acai berries.
Kamut milk is the most sweet of all grain milks.

Lunch - As I have never eaten fennel, I decided to make something with fennel and buckwheat.
So, I cut a fennel bulb in small pieces, and steamed it for 5 minutes.
In the mean time I cut two small onions and 3 cloves garlic. Fry onions and garlic for 2-3 minutes, add salt and pepper and I've added some turmeric (curcuma). Let it fry for another minute.
I took a dish that has a cover, if you don't have a lid, you can always put some aluminium foil. Then, I put a layer of fennel, layer of kasha and on the top a layer of the onions. And then again.
I have added a bit of water, a bit of kamut milk (just to make it nice and soft).
And in the end I mixed a teaspoon of tahin and kamut milk and poured it over.
200 degrees fro 30 min.

Dinner, the same. Only 1/3 and with salade.

Day 10:
I cooked rice.
For breakfast, I've done exactly the same thing as I've done yesterday: cooked 1/4 of rice in the kamut milk.
I had bought 4 witloof chicory's, so, I cut them in halves, then took the middle a bit (so that all the rice doesn't fall out).
Then, I cut a piece of ham (10x10x0.5) in tiny pieces.
I cut an onion and 3 cloves of garlic (very small, fine pieces).
So, firstly I sprinkled the ham, then onion and garlic and then rice on each half witloof. Covered the dish with the aluminium, foil and put it in the oven for 1/2h on 15 degrees.


Tomorrow is a bread day!
Since I was baking and using the oven, I have baked my bread, too. I hope it does taste good.
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16.06.2008., ponedjeljak

Candida - day 8

Today again the pasta day.

Today I have decided to sin a bit.
As I have bought NO vegetables, I checked what I have in the pantry.
So, today I'll have pasta with basil paste and pine nuts. WITH a bit of dried goat cheese.
And in the evening I'll sin a bit more, as I plan to have pasta only with that cheese and nothing else. Must say I am looking forward to it.

For breakfast I cooked buckwheat porridge, with one banana (very old, very ripe, very brown).

As snacks I took my not so successful cookies.
Ah, well... they'll be eaten anyway. :D
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14.06.2008., subota

Candida - day 6/7

Yesterday I went to bed after the midnight. The worst part is that I woke up this morning at 7 o'clock.
I think part of the problem was the lunch I had yesterday. It was so filling, so heavy laying on my stomach.
Later in the evening I had my yoga class.
I managed to survive the standing postures, but no way for the laying ones. I had a feeling I was about to throw up. So full and heavy.

So, today I had a bean day.

There was still a piece of that not that great bread from yesterday. I ate it with ajvar (can be bought in ex-Yu, Turkish shops), just make sure that there is no sugar in it. Mine is home-made - my Mum, of course! And to make it complete and not to be too hungry (as there was not that much bread, after all) I ate two spoons of hazelnut-almond paste (to be found in the bio shops).

Later on I had an apple, as a snack.

For lunch I didn't eat anything (it was a shopping day, so had no time to eat).
If I would have, it would be something with the beans, most probably something simple like beans salad (chop one small onion, 5 tablespoons not-leveled of beans, salt, pepper, lemon juice). Simple, quick, easy and fulfilling.

For dinner I made Mung dhal beans with spinach.
I have found this receipt in the Sarah Brown's Vegetarian Cookbook, ISBN 0-86318-265-8, page 97.
Receipt with my modification:
I took the whole Mung beans, instead of split ones. Then I cooked them for 15 minutes (in vain hope not to have too much gas later on).
In the mean time I followed the receipt: chopped an onion, grated 3cm of ginger root and fried it for a few minutes in oil - add quite a bit. Added 3 cloves of garlic (small cubes), two tablespoons of cumin (which I tried to ground,but it didn't work, stayed way too big),and a tablespoon of turmeric. After frying a bit, I added those Mung beans, added 1/2l water and let it simmer (I wanted them overcooked).
After good half an hour (you do need to stir from time to time), I took them of the fire and added spinach.
Spinach I took frozen from the fridge and unfroze it. Squeezed the water out of it and added to the Mung beans. Before adding the spinach, I grated creamed coconut, approx 80g. Stirred in the spinach and that grated coconut (delicious stuff, by the way).
Added salt and pepper and stirred well. And then there was something missing.
So, I chopped finely another 5 cloves of garlic and stirred it in.

Now,since I was not eating this meal alone, and men tend to like meat, I have decided to make lamb saft.
I cut the lamb (as I like lamb meat, I have bought 650gr lamb meat - no bones, nice tender meat), cut it in small pieces (approx 2x2x2).
Before that I have chopped 2 smaller onions, and grated 1.5cm of ginger root and fried it together, added meat, and continued frying for another 7-10min. Then I chopped four tomatoes and added them to the meat. I've left it simmer for another 15 minutes.
After that I have added around 7dl of water and let it cook on not too high fire. After approx 3dl water evaporated, I added 2 spoons of polenta flour, just to thicken the sauce, and left it simmer for another 20 minutes.
In the end, I chopped another 4-5 cloves of garlic finely and added them to the lamb, together with a tablespoon of dried rosemary. Stirred another few times, turned off the fire and left it covered for two minutes.

It was delicious and the love of my life was happy with it, too.

Another update.
The reason why I went to bed so late yesterday was baking. I baked another batch of cakes.
Ok, now: when baking pure coconut maroons, I added way too less oil. Let them be oily, they'll be much nicer AND you'll be able to peel them of the baking sheet.
So, tried maroons with ginger (nice, but I think more ginger needs to be added), clove and cocoa. Do not put too much cocoa! They're bitter (although I like them that way) and quite filling.

I made a batch with mixture of coconut and almond flour. These need more fluid (like coconut milk or any kind of milk, and I think the yolk and the white need to be divided, can't be mixed together), and need oil, too. Again, do not put too much cocoa.
Bake it on 175-180 degrees, not more - I've tried and they burned a bit, but didn't dry in the middle. 20 min top!
Going to bed.Good night.

P.S. Tomorrow is polenta day. Check how to make it (already wrote about that one). So the breakfast will be with goat milk. Mmmljac!
Then in the afternoon, I'll make some more fresh polenta and prepare a simple saus (as I have forgotten to buy ANY vegetables). Most probably, I'll fry some onions and a few cloves of garlic in a very little oil (shouldn't eat to fat), and add some coconut milk, max 1dl.
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13.06.2008., petak

Candida-day 5

Whatever you do, do not make a mistake and add to many ingredients!!!!

Firstly yesterday I have baked my bread.
I have mixed the rye flour and a bit of corn (polenta) flour.
Here is the receipe:

Well, I guess I have added a bit too much baking soda and baking powder.
Although, the bread does taste nice (kind of) after whole day in a lunch box.

For the breakfast I had quite a chunk of that bread with an egg and a bit of bread with hazelnut/almond bread spread.
I had no munchies, or any kind of snacks today as this bread... It is so strong and fulfilling there is no need for any munch whole day.

And then around 14.30h I had lunch.
Now comes the bad part.
Unlike the past four days when I've eaten divinely food, this today...
Well, I've eaten it, as it's my creation, but boy...

Anyway, I started by frying two finely chopped onions. Then added 2 chopped cloves of garlic.
I took some veal meat (nice and lean) and cut it all in really tiny peaces (1x1x1, or smaller) because I wanted to have it cooked as fast as possible.
So, I added meat and continued stirring. Then I peeled 2 larger potatoes, cut them in small cubes and added them, too. Continued stirring. Next was a spoon of roasted pepper paste. You can buy it in the Turkish shops (D, Be, Nl).
BTW: But there is no need for it as I have found out later (today) - it worsens the taste of the meal.
Then I added two tomatoes, again in small pieces, and when they started getting all squashy, I added 1/2 of water and let it simmer.
In the end I have added grated turnip. That one I could have REALLY left out. I knew it from before, turnip is a vegetable that needs a special “care”, but now I have just reminded myself.
Anyway, it’s done and eaten.
Oh, before your last stir, don't forget to add some salt and pepper and any other spice you'd like to add.
I've let it simmer for 30 minutes, then turned off the heat and let it cool (went to bed).
All in all, yesterday was not my cooking day.
I was tired and couldn't be bothered, and all that came out at my food!
So, today I am not hungry (although I had only two meals and no snacks), will not eat any more, but anyway feeling like I am 100kg and completly full.

Tomorrow - beans day, or something like that :D
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12.06.2008., četvrtak

Candida-day 4

This morning, while biking to work I've seen two Mum's running.
How did I know they were Mum's?
Easy... each was pushing a pram.
So, they got the exercise, the kids got some fresh air and were in their company, AND they could talk through all the gossips without any interruption.
What interested me the most that in one pram there was a girl 2, maybe 3 years old. And she just sat and enjoyed the ride.
Didn't move a muscle.
Must be very boring when the speed gets to the normal walking.

And here is my menu again. Today I was supposed to have a bread day, but as I was late yesterday evening, I've decided to swap it with rice.
40 gram of rice (whole)
1 dl spelt milk (still had left from yesterday) and 1 dl water
sesame seeds

Put the spelt milk and water in the pan, add rice and start cooking. I have added a bit too much stevia, so it was way too sweet. So, do NOT put too much stevia!
Let it simmer.
In the mean time roast the sesame seeds until they get the light brown colour.

Before turning the heat off, add a pinch (or two) of cinnamon, stir it well, and take off the cooker.
Put the rice in a deep plate/breakfast bowl, and then add the roasted sesame seeds.
If too thick, no worries. Just add a bit of water.

Because I felt very lazy, I have decided to have the same food for lunch and the dinner.

So, I steamed the baby bok choi (I would have done spinach or swiss chord, but didn't buy any) - 4 minutes until it got juuuust a bit tender.
Cooked the rice (approx 90gr) until all water evaporated (approx 2dl water).
Took 7 cloves of garlic and chopped them in small cubes.
One lemon

So, placed the rice on one half of the plate, then placed a layer of baby bok choi, some chopped garlic on the top and squeezed some lemon juice, then the second layer of the green, layer of garlic and lemon on the top.
It was simple and delicious.
As a desert I had two and half cookies I have baked on Tuesday. Now they're a bit crispy, so they're even better.

Do not forget to take some parsley with you. To cover the stink from mouth, lol.

For the dinner I'll have the same, only with the salad (dressing: salt and lemon juice).

I have just realised that for four days I have been eating only vegetarian food. Well, with exception of those two eggs from the cookies.
Wow. And I don't miss it at all.

Although I plan some meat for tomorrow.
Bread day. Looking forward. :D
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11.06.2008., srijeda

Candida-day 3

I still haven't got the reply from the cookies site.
Well, I am going to add the site, together with my variation.

Here is the site I have got the idea from:
check - "Cookies" from Amanda

And here is my variation:
Break two whole eggs, mix until the mixture becomes a bit fluffy.
A splash of oil (not too much, otherwise there'll be too much oil when baking).
Add 250gr of desiccated coconut (kokosova brasna) and continue mixing. In the end I have added a bit of cinnamon (three pinches, but I almost can't taste it).
I have preheated oven to 175 degrees C and baked them for 20-25 minutes.
I like them nice and very brown, so, if you go for 10-15 minutes as it says on the link, they'll stay nice and light.

For the next time I plan to add ginger. That will be interesting. Really wonder how will the coconut and ginger blend. They both have quite strong taste.

And now my menu for today:
I had my porridge from Monday (buckwheat), as there was a leftover and I had no time to make something special today (plus, I was quite very happy for that leftover, had no idea what to prepare for the breakfast).
Btw, if you make more, have a surplus, don't forget to put it in the freezer. That way there will be no mould growing (or even thinking of growing, :))

For lunch and dinner I have prepared pasta.
In the shop I have found buckwheat pasta from Orgran (Australian firm).
Spiral pasta, 250gr per bag.
So, I've cooked the whole thing, all 1/4 kg and divided it in two boxes where the smaller one will be for the dinner.

Splash of oil.
Fry 2 onions, cut in bigger pieces, then add two cloves of garlic chopped in small pieces. Stir.
When the onions begin to brown (and then they kind of fall, they're not that big in volume), add 2 tomatoes. A bit larger pieces.
Continue stirring. You need to stir all the time, as onions tend to stick and burn.
When the tomatoes get soft and start disintegrating, add another three cloves of garlic. Salt, pepper and that's it!
Pour over cooked pasta.

+ I made a nice salad (like on Monday - 4 types), this time I've decided not to add any oil, only salt and lemon juice.

A small salad, same ingredients, same dressing.
And in a shop I have found he Basilicum pasta, (Mamma Lucia). I still have the pine seeds from yesterday, and will add it, too.

For a desert I will eat an apple or two (Granny Smith).
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10.06.2008., utorak

Candida- moj plan- day 2

Today I have added an update on what I have done yesterday for my dinner.
So, no pine nuts, I kept it simple.

Today, as I am going to work overtime, and will have a lunch with my colleagues in the restaurant I have decided to keep it simple again.

Today is my polenta day.
So, I made polenta this morning.
I poured 0.75 l of water, splash of oil (sunflower seeds) and a pinch of salt. That’s how my Mum usually prepares it, but only on a larger scale, as she cooks for the six/seven of us. Then I stirred it for 20 minutes, until it got quite hard. I know some people don't cook it that long, but my Mum does, and I follow what I've been taught. :D
When it all got more or less cooked (I am never sure if it's ok, though - it gets much harder to stir, then I wait for another 5 minutes and only then take it off the heat), I took 2/3 of the polenta and put it in the deep plate.
As I have promised to keep it simple, I have decided to use the spelt milk.
So, I poured the milk on.

For a snack today I took 100gr pine seeds (pinjoli) and roasted them.
I had my breakfast at 7.50h and I am still not hungry and not in need for the snack. So, it will probably hold until the lunch.

For lunch I have already agreed with the chef to have the Greek salad (I called the restaurant yesterday to announce (lol) my presence today).

For dinner, I will have the rest of polenta with the milk. I do like to keep it simple.

After the dinner, I know I will crave for a desert.

Well, glad to inform you that I have stumbled to a site where I have found the cookies that I might be allowed to eat (with a few changes).
As soon as I get the permission from the site moderator, I'll post the original link and what I've done. Sorry!

SPELT - Links on Wikipedia:
Hrvatski - nista!
http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pira (slovenski)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triticum_spelta (English)
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09.06.2008., ponedjeljak

Candida Albicanis- moj plan-day 1

Elem, posto ce ovo i moja americka frendica citati i koristiti (na istoj smo dijeti), here we go.

I have (finally) made a plan how to feed myself and not to get any more food intolerances.
After three months of more or less not too healthy food, I have started!

Ok, today is my day 3.
Yesterday, on my day 2 I have sinned. I've eaten tzatziki (although I KNOW I am not supposed to and although I KNOW I have huge milk intolerance)
So, today it feels like a day one all over again.

Made a porridge with buckwheat flakes (heljda).
(The reason I have found on the www.wholeapproach.com/diet/foodlists.html site.
It is an American site, I know, but still... there are plenty of things that do apply to me.)
As my doctor told me to scrap my intestines with fibre, I add as much additional non-sugary, but fibre(y) products. In this case, I have added the coconut flour, and apple fibre and some flax seeds (a spoon) which I tried to crush a bit before adding to the mixture. To get at least a bit sugar, I have added a spoon of goji berries (some kind of anti-oxidant)
Then I have added the water (lots as I like cooking it forever), and cooking on the low heat. In the end I have added a spoon of coconut milk (mmmm, nice and rich) and two pinches of cinnamon (I LOVE cinnamon).

Then as a snack (around 10.50h) I had a handful of almonds.

As today is my buckwheat day, I have cooked aprox 100gr (dry) buckwheat.
When cooked, I took aprox 4 spoons for the lunch. Those 4-5 spoons I have added to the salad (four types of salad - watercress, rocket, radicchio, and some green normal salad). I have roasted two spoons of sesame seeds, lovely rich olive oil (thank you SANJA!!!!), some salt and lemon juice.
Mmmm... delicious.

As a snack (as I was hungry after the salad), I had 50 gr of macadamia nuts.

What I plann for the dinner:
The rest of the buckwheat I'll fry a bit with onions.
Then I have some spinach (from the freezer - I need to clean my freezer as I plan to prepare stuff in advance and then get it into the boxes).
I'll cook it and add some garlic with oil/salt/lemon juice seasoning (need to eat tons of garlic - at this moment my boyfriend still doesn't mind). I might roast a spoon of pine seeds (pinjoli), but am not sure... Will let you know tomorrow.

That's it.
See you tomorrow!

What I've done:
I sautéed 2 chopped onions (quite big, as onions and garlic are a must in this diet) and two cloves of garlic.
Added 2/3 of the buckwheat (couldn't finish it all).
Added some salt, pepper and red chilli peppers (a bit, not to be too hot!).
A splash of coconut milk (I have it open for 4 days now, so it needs to be finished pretty soon).
Then I took some spinach (the one form the freezer), cooked it a bit until all water evaporated (not too much water, as it will let some water).
Added a splash of olive oil (thank you SANJA!!!!), and three cloves of garlic (I hate cleaning the garlic presser, so I chop it into tiny cubes).
That was delicious (ok, I love garlic).
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