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Postcard - Torres del Paine 05.03.2005

Due to popular demand I will write in English from time to time from now on. So finally I've reached Torres, the most popular backpacker destination in south America according to the Lonely Planet. Well, I would have to disagree. If you ask me the place is just overrated and to damn expensive. I have to admit the park looks thruly majestic and the photographs come out just like from a ferry tale. The granite pillars, colorfull lakes and giant glaciers look magnificent and remind me a lot of misterious and dark Mordor from the Lord of the Rings. The problem is the harsh weather that reigns most of the time. Screw the nice postcard if you didn't enjoy the place you visited. Strong wind and bad weather just don't allow you to have magnificent treks like you can have in similar national parks.

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