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JERRY LEE LEWIS - Four Original Mercury Albums (2017)

Four LPs on two cds make great value, especially when you take it into account you not only have the Ďkillerí Jerry Lee Lewis but also his sister, Linda Gail Lewis. Linda when asked, performed good olí southern country soul (and gospel) and had the sass to go with it! Such is the chemistry between the siblings I am prompted to question why didnít they do more together. Or why didnít Jerry Lee record more duets? When it came to singing a heartfelt country song there wasnít too many who could match never mind outdo the Ferriday, Louisiana-born, piano playing legend. During this collection you will, I am sure enjoy olí Jerry Leeís efforts. Taken from recordings made during 1969 and 1970, and of almost a decade later he was back performing rockíníroll with Keeps Rockiní. In title alone it pretty much informs the listenrt where Lewisí heart was at that moment in time. As Lewis has always been prone he flipped from country, r&b country to rockíníroll (and gospel too) from a tender age. I guess, his upbringing and at times colourful marriages would also have been a persuasion. Lewisí showmanship likewise had a bearing on the material as he would take a song, both live, and in the studio and turn it on its head.


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