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JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR - Wild (2016) [Deluxe Edition]

Dave Stewart got it right when he saw a great guitarist about to break out in this young lady, and he took her on tour. The blues ran rampant through her British veins. At 16 years of age, Joanne Shaw Taylor began a career that is still taking shape on her fifth record, Wild, two decades later. Enter Bonnie Raitt and Jeff Buckley, in 2016, her style evolves into a mix of rock and roll through the eyes of a woman that has a lot to say.

Joanne, in fact, never considered herself to be strictly a blues artist, despite recognizing that it is one of her major influences, and as a kid she listened to Robert Johnson. On the altar of her outstanding idols is, of course, Stevie Ray Vaughan, an inevitable reference to almost all great guitarists, but also Free, Paul Kossoff, Gary Moore, Clapton...She makes clear that she's not trying to set a trend, nor open borders, but just do it right, enjoy herself as a songwriter, and go down in music history as a singer/songwriter. That´s it. She doesn't want to just be the “new face of blues”. As lovely as it is.

01. Dyin' To Know 02. Ready To Roll 03. Get You Back 04. No Reason To Stay 05. Wild Is The Wind 06. Wanna Be My Lover 07. I'm In Chains 08. I Wish I Could Wish You Back 09. My Heart's Got A Mind Of It's Own 10. Nothin' To Lose 11. Summertime 12. Sleeping On A Bed Of Nails 13. Your Own Little Hell


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