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STEVE HACKETT - The Night Siren (2017)

The Night Siren is the twenty-fifth studio album from English guitarist Steve Hackett, released on 24 March 2017 by Inside Out Music. The Night Siren showcases Hackett’s virtuoso guitar playing as strongly as ever, along with regular collaborators, plus musicians from several different countries who were invited to celebrate multicultural diversity and unity. Hackett is widely traveled, making friends everywhere he goes, and has always embraced multicultural diversity. In these times of unrest, he has been inspired to express his belief that the world needs more empathy and unity. His wish to involve a range of musical sounds, instruments, musicians and singers from different parts of the world is both a development of his eclectic approach to music, and also shows how people can be brought together - even from war torn regions.

Talking about his latest work, Hackett says, “This latest waxing represents a bird’s eye view of the world of a musical migrant ignoring borders and celebrating our common ancestry with a unity of spirit, featuring musicians, singers and instruments from all over the world. From territorial frontiers to walled-up gateways, boundaries often hold back the tide. But while the night siren wails, music breaches all defenses. To quote Plato, ‘When the music changes, the walls of the city shake.’”

01. Behind the Smoke 02. Martian Sea 03. Fifty Miles from the North Pole 04. El Nino 05. Other Side of the Wall 06. Anything but Love 07. Inca Terra 08. In Another Life 09. In the Skeleton Gallery 10. West to East 11. The Gift


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