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Last four months I earned almost 500$ of solving micro tasks on the Internet. I will set the screen shots to prove it. I'll show you exactly how much I earned and when payments were made. Just to mention that I was registered on Neobux and Clixsense on 27.05.2014.




Simply, instead of playing games in moments of boredom, I decide to solve micro tasks on the Internet. And believe me, it's worth it.
In June, I made 35$, in July 112$, 180$ in August and September, about 200$.

There are two excellent websites that I use to earn money:

The above links will take you to a site where you will be able to earn some money. How much, it's up to you.

At the beginning, you'll need to open account.
First 4-5 days, you will only watch advertisement (about 20 per day) and you will work on small amount of tasks.
Advertisements looks like this:

So the first days you'll have a small number of jobs available. The goal is to do five different jobs and 100 tasks with accuracy over 70% to obtain a 1st badge. There is a much more work. For a badge 2 you need 10 different jobs, 100 tasks and accuracy over 80% and for a badge 3 your accuracy should be over 85%.
You will be required to register on the site .... and your first earning on the internet can begin. Tasks are varied and generally not much difficult (find someone's profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, find contact information on a website ....). Initially there will be smaller amount of jobs/tasks available, but every day their number will increase.

Tasks offers looks like this:

Mainly offered assignments are worth 1-17 cents, but sometimes they are worth 35 or 70 cents. Also, from time to time there will be tasks (something like a bonus) which you'll solve very quickly, and they are worth 7-8 cents, so in 30 minutes you can make 4, 5, 8 U.S. dollars or even more.
You will find tasks on Neobux here:

and on Clixsense

So far, every month I earn more than the previous one. I'm at level 2 and there are always jobs and task available to work on. On Clixsense I took Premium membership in September ($ 17 a year) and now bonuses for task are 16%. As I already wrote, the key moment is when you earn Level 1, than you'll really feel that you have started earning money. Until that moment there is a small number of tasks available, but when you get rid of 100 of tasks and move on to Level 1, the real game begins.
Period to obtain Level 1 is the most critical, because that is a period when most of people give up, before even try to earn some real money. Therefore I sincerely advise you to wait 5-10 days and when you reach Level 1 you can asses whether you are satisfied or not, or if you actually want to try make money this way or not.
Until that moment, work on other available jobs and click on adds. It is good to click on advertisements for at least two reasons:
- You get points which you can use for extension of rented referrals
- For each click on an advertisement you get 3 clicks to AdPrize (Neobux), and clicking on AdPrize can get you small cash prizes, new points or, if you're very lucky, Golden membership for one that is worth 90$.

I want to emphasize how important it is to play on Neobux and Clixsense. Tasks are actually on the site called Crowd Flower and Neobux and Clixsense take jobs/tasks from Crowd Flower. Thus, solving the tasks of both the site at Crowd gathers in a Flower. This is especially important in the beginning when you have a few tasks to work to reach Level 1 faster. Furthermore, tasks are often the same on both sites.
This is how I'm doing. When I see that there's a task that I want to work on (especially those worth 7-8 cents) I open them immediately on both sites. In general, these tasks on Clixsense are worth one cent less, so I first try to do this there. If I fail, I can see what I did wrong, and I can see how things should work. Then I solve the same task on Neobux. Sometimes I work more than 30 tasks I believe this is a good tactic. See reverse case. If I fail doing some task on Neobux, then when I solve 30 of them on Clixsense work I actualy earn 30 cents less then I would earn on Neobux (one cent for each task).

This is an ideal opportunity to present some of my results, to see how much money can be taken from a single task.

I will present you couple of screen shots where you can see the history of solved tasks and the time it takes to resolve them.

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