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How wonderful it is to be happy again.
To feel alive again.
To have a reason to smile.
To breathe.

Faith was lost, couldn't find any reason in anything.
You came.
And you changed me.
You made me feel like I matter.
You convinced me I deserve to be happy.
I deserve the best.
I thought it to be impossible.

I have faded, I have been so small.
So invisible, so not important.
You made me shine, you made me stand tall.
I am important, to you, to myself.

There are no words to say how I feel for you.
How much I am blessed to have you.
How happy I am to have you in my life.
To have the feeling we are invincible.
Everything is possible with you.

Today we will say something,
that we didn't say to anyone yet.
I stand by that. I live for that.
I trust in it.
Can't wait to prove the world it is possible.

Love you!
Forever and more!

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