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Firatli Clinic u Istanbulu elektroakupunkturom protiv Retinitis Pigmentose

Prijatelj iz Beograda nedavno je kontaktirao dr. Osmana Firatlia iz Firatli Clinic u Istanbulu koja je specijalizirana za liječenje Retinitis Pigmentose pomoću elektro-akupunkture. Donosim njegova dva odgovora...

We apply Electro-Acupuncture therapy for the treatment of genetical
eye disorders such as Retinitis Pigmentosa and Stargardt's Disease.
Since 2005 Each year I present the success of the treatment in
World-Congresses(in Washington, Budapest, Prag, Thessaloniki, Athens,
Den Haag, Riga, Ankara) by showing the latest improvement results of
my patients, the examples can be viewed on my web-site and . On these web-sites
you can also view the speeches of my patient who had this treatment
.So far I had more than 5000 patients and the results show the success
of the treatment.

I highly recommend you to investigate both web-sites and watch the
videos about coloured visionfieldtests and speeches of my patients.
Visual Field Tests are medical proof of my treatments success .

Before starting with the treatment ; we send our patients to
eyehospital for taking a visionfieldtest and OCT. After 22 sessions
these tests are replied and compared. Starting from the first sessions
the patients feel improvements and it continues until the end of the
treatment. The improvement with our therapy is permanent.

I also want to mention that this treatment doesn't have any
side-effects and the patients doesn't even need to use any medicaments

We apply 22 Sessions for the completion of the treatment. Each week
are 3 or 4 sessions applied. So you are supposed to stay in Istanbul
for a minimum of 6 weeks. We can help you finding an apartment near
the clinic to rent if you need.

The cost of the treatment is 5500 US $.

Retinitis Pigmentosa is seen as an incurable and not-treatable disease
by conventional medicine right now. Even stopping this disease from
getting worse will be seen as a big success. However; when we evaluate
the success of our treatment; we take improvement of visual field as
basis. In this aspect ; we have a success rate of more than 95% . The
good effects of treatment continues after 22 sessions and the visual
improvement is permanent. For some patients the treatment will be
completed after 6 weeks; where most probably other patients with lower
and visual field and acuity and with severe complications of the
disease depending on the reaction to the treatment need another 1 or 2
treatment course. We decide about this after the visual field test in
6 weeks, but if they need patients are expected to come again in 1
year for another 22 sessions.

We are looking forward to help you with your disease.

For any further information; please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards;

Dr Osman Firatli
Firatli Clinic Istanbul

Most of the patients who come for the treatment are in later stages of
this disease. For example with a visual field of 5-10-20 percent. Plus
some of them have additional complications of this disease which you
can read from the web-site ( . For those
patients its highly possible that they need more than 1 treatment
course (22 sessions) . But the improvement from the first course is
permanent. Our intention to continue the treatment is to gradually
increase the visual field and visual acuity of our patients. Of course
in medicine you can not speak 100% about anything. But in accordance
with the statistics we kept so far : Every 97 Patient of 100 Patient
keep the healing (improvement) effect of the treatment until the next
round, 30 % of them even come back with better vision then before
because the positive effect of the treatment ( which we apply during 6
weeks) continues in a positive way for 2-3 months. Other patients
which are in the other 3% and realise a worsening ; we call them
before the scheduled time for the other round.
On the other hand; all patients who benefited from the treatment and
their treatment was over ; their vision hasn't been deteriorated again
so far.

So in light of this all information I can say that the effect of the
treatment is Permanent!

Another subject is to recover with only 1 treatment course (22
Sessions). We have some examples with that. But these patients visual
field was all very good; they were still very young and none of the
complications of the disease was yet appeared by them.
We can not speak certainly about your future treatment period unless
we see your visual field test ; examine you and see your reaction to
the treatment within time.

Best Regards;Dr.Osman FIRATLI

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