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Moj kolega - Marc Sprout RIP

We Fein for a warm summer breeze
buckled by sand blasted knees
White caps flow through our dreams
in the arms of our queen
one with mother nature
a turn at a time
flowing so peacefully
or boosting sky high
With her we exist
she makes us feel whole
the call of the ocean
has such a strong hold
When the windy waves are on
it cannot be explained
the feeling that touches us
of forces that cannot be tamed
Today we mourn a lost soul
who felt what we feel
the dream... the stoke..... consumed him
his feeling was real
His love took his life
he will be remembered by all
every time we yahoo
when the freo doctors on call
So ride in peace old mate
cause we are riding for you
Whenever that wind blows
we will be thinking of you.

Marc Sprout

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