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I thought it belonged in the story.
Only over and over again he gave utterance to one phrase.
Poirot asked no more questions.
* * * * * * name in order the three best newspapers in texas oh knotty com.
That is what i wanted.
Hercule poirot, 14 farraway street oh knotty com.
And suddenly a baleful idea shot across my mind.
I found one almost immediately, and brought him back with me.
When he arrives opposite, you must go out on the step and beckon him in.
The communication cord was pulled just as we got to the outskirts of paris.
He has, perhaps, i only say perhaps, the finest brain in the world at the present time.
He is, as i tell, of a singularly indolent disposition oh knotty com.
I brightened up a little.
He made no sign of recognition, but i was at once aware that he was trying to speak to me.
Poirot rose oh knotty com.
Easily among the wings with his patron, the great del delano.
She laughs like a delighted child.
That woman is one of the idols of france.
Miss st oh knotty com.
Then she almost flew at my companion.

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