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Get Fax-less Payday Loans from Direct Lenders

I will be borrowing a big amount of cash that is why I want to call payday lenders only directly. I went to a payday loan office today but the employees insist that they don't give payday lenders' number to anybody. I wonder why this might be. They got very strict regulations about contacting payday lenders.

I think because of the nature of their business there are also many people threatening these business owners. After all their business includes big money.

I told the employees that there's no need to worry because I want to call payday lenders only because I will borrow a big amount of money but whatever I say and how much I persists they still won't budge. I will need the money because I met a fortune teller that gives lucky numbers so my plan is to use that big money to play in the casino. I'm sure that I will win millions this time. their website

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