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Ruggedized Umpc - Carpet Contractors - Carpet Dfw.

Ruggedized Umpc

ruggedized umpc

  • Designed or improved to be hard-wearing or shock-resistant

  • (ruggedize) produce in a version designed to withstand rough usage; "Detroit ruggedized the family car"

  • (ruggedization) the act of making a piece of equipment rugged (strengthening to resist wear or abuse)

  • describes devices designed for industrial environments.

  • In personal computers, Ultra-Mobile PC (often abbreviated UMPC) is a term coined by Microsoft for a small form factor version pen computer running a licensed copy of Microsoft's Tablet PC operating system.

Ruggedizing The Everun

Ruggedizing The Everun

30 minutes of work with a Dremel tool and voila! ruggedized Raon

matt models ubergeekwear

matt models ubergeekwear

ruggedized wristphone

ruggedized umpc

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