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I think that is a ranged from love and affection between friends

Have a friend, I think that is a ranged from love and affection between friends, you will occasionally miss him silently, reminded him, warm, has a beautiful, has a moving. In times of sorrow and trouble, you may think of him, you hope that he can be here with you, to comfort you, you understand, but you never talk to him, are you afraid of your own that sadness would hamper his quiet life.

You will be a song, a color, think of him, thinks of his sincere, thought of his obsession, reminds him that had experienced hardships together. Because there is such a friend, you'll be more appreciative of their own lives, love of their life, because you know he wishes you well, he would like you to take good care of themselves, when they meet again, he would like you to tell him that you are happy.

Those secular of concept, in you of heart Cheap WOW Gold, because he of exists and variable of feeble, you just in heart deep for this people set has a Department little of space, quietly to stuck with that copies better of memories, from a began you on know, in you Zhijian does not has what love, seems to on up love on blasphemy has this copies emotion, this only is a friendship. So what is this all about then? Do you want to for many years, but no clue.

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