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pandora jewelry retailers have numerous imported relationship

you must treat them just like a family. "Fifi's voice suddenly changed some of the serious. made a condition. Tang Feng was secretly nod. Fifi although it changed a lot. but she still has not changed the nature of good. "No problem. you know. brother man. said of it.Their monthly salary must be given high than I. you know. the dark angel is some intelligence to make money by selling. at present not pandora charms business is not very good. so I gave them the salaries are very low. but you can not do.

This is no pandora bead bracelets I can give them Baochibaozhu per ten thousand per month.Well. you have to give I have some of the elite."this onebrother. is very pretty fellow. you are not do not know. we all dark angel is a woman. Who is responsible for the safety of the usual. You give me some good skill rushing scene Well. in Hong Kong also needs to see that big wherever he goes. "Tang Feng Feifei see some hesitation. immediately began spoiled Tang Feng Feifei most are spoiled by the live.

one to her delicate voice. pandora style charms surrender said." Good. good. good. I told you to pick individual bayonet.Thank you brother. but I could not afford these people how to do. "Don really Meipi Qi Feng of the sister. and unable said." They pay me to give this total okay.Yeah. I know my brother Loved. Well. in order to show sincerity. I send someone to you that. just Ruier sister. one sister and static two. "Fifi and finished. call Don peak breath. and then to take the lead in the phone that said.

" Fifi and you have something to say. "Man connected pandora style beads the phone and said." Miss Fifi. I was number. please told. ASister. I want you to take. to protect my sister two you. "Fifi and the numbers speak absolutely no sense to speak and subordinates. No. slight chuckle." I understand. what would you be commanded. "Fifi sighed and said." No. sister. I would have talked to you. talk to me just point to me as a friend. OK. You say something like that I feel weird friends.

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