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Purple blue in the rain at night such as scattered thoughts fly

Tonight, a winter's night rain of fine cotton, with a few mellow, high music cut from ear ear Dees, flashing neon lights against the fashionable young men and women, all gorgeous and free.

Lonely River Bridge, slight breeze across the head, blows on the head of black hair, I don't know if it's still flying in the years.

Turbulent times deep in the Red dust, winter rain falling with no zest or vigour, Ze call of human sounds in speech. Tizzy, cloud-like to put it mildly, as vacant as Zheng. Flying with slices of a delicate fragrance of chrysanthemum petals, softly diffuse Liao in the rain around, fall and winter rains, falling petals, falling in the winter rain, in the text, a mood of enjoyable moments to come.

Purple blue in the rain at night, such as scattered thoughts fly. A missed note finger gently swaying, voicing fanghua.

Twilight of the mist, rain curtain of thin, dots are all from the people's tears.

Light rain in the evening, you will always have a State of mind unbidden, will always have an impulse at the fingertips of roaming. The same rainy night, different seasons, the same people, different locations, in the rainy twilight Buy WOW Gold, wandering in the years have been missed. Shallow footprints, as long as it is their own leave no regrets at that time, then this is no regrets.

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