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Don't think the correct values to Fei survey others choices

Since ancient times, residential care homes who love taking bread,,

And they have often been Fei discussion,

Vain, despise the poor and curry favour with the rich was tailored for them adjectives,

And I, but dismissed

In the present commodity economy thriving logistics society,

How many people will understand "the vermilion gates meat and wine, roads are dying" a gruesome sight!

How few people understand "road, hungry woman holding child abandoned grass" sad!

How will understand "meal is a grass-roots, the evening food is veneer" helpless!

How can the world:

There are a few people who can not eat human pyrotechnics?


Don't think the correct values to Fei survey others choices.

"To eat for days" is the eternal unchanging theorem.

In pursuit of bread and given up on love man is rational,

After all, in limited circumstances,

Fish can't have it both ways,

But there are some exceptions, such as the poignant love of Liang.

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