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Dancing in the wind leaves watching the setting sun welling up Golden clothes

I have a feeling more than once, that is a very familiar place suddenly came to a very strange place for no reason at all, like the characters in the different hacker, this is where? Why I'm here? And see everything around, Oh, has gone through so much in the Middle, but those who lead and fleeting memories we all rare to simply omitted, like you have never occurred. Shang Saturday night in road slowly go with, a yellow leaves from I forehead falling to ground, I meal sense soaked with bleak, bending body picked up that tablets yellow leaves, carefully watch with it does not too clear of choroid, may had it also wanted to became a independent of life, and does not by season reincarnation by control, may it itself is a independent full of life, is falls is because is because in this time of reincarnation in, it has completed has himself of mission, finished has himself by can do of all, it of fall is not life of periods, but omitted,. Dancing in the wind leaves, watching the setting sun, welling up Golden clothes. Pick one leaves, listening to, whisper of the autumn. Rotate time matured through four seasons, all handsome, laughing all the way, standing in the way time, then the unique life. West wind alone who read cold, desolate yellow leaves close-sparse Windows, cooler than the West wind, but was again under the control of the autumn, who cannot escape this cold, like seconds cannot escape a second time, and can only watch them go by, helpless. Dust easily washed away, safely wait glitz fell to chewu, you can always understanding words get in the way of life track opaque is the heart, as a gang leader in a disorderly crowd in the Red dust, no matter what to put in order, after which there will always be traces remain in the memory, not always the same familiar. If life has no regrets, no waves, we will defer to the cycle of time, calm through the spring and summer, autumn and winter? If we can go back now, do we owe our compromises? In fact, everything is no answer, because time does not forget to walk, do not forget to take it. Young people in the years of vicissitudes, such as the yellow leaves, slices of scattered, so in between surges up life, float or sink, tidal rise and fall, to finally be in the mind meditation qianbian: Once Upon a Time.

Four seasons reincarnation, Time and tide wait for no man to be replaced, when autumn leaves floating, we're just enjoying a form of life, although looking forward to the coming of spring, but we can't as there are grass Cheapest WOW Gold, again looking forward to prospects for their style. Just like at this very moment, I wrote what wants to leave in the Past-time, pick up those lives fell silent under the render time, only to honor the memory of those who do not care in the past, after ours, it opened the yellow pages, the warmth, continued unabated.

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