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Decorating cabinet tops. Office door decorating ideas. Ceremony chair decorations

Decorating Cabinet Tops

decorating cabinet tops

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Torta Mazzo di Rose / Bouquet of Roses Cake (top view)

Torta Mazzo di Rose / Bouquet of Roses Cake (top view)

make this cake for the 90th birthday of an aunt of my hubby (it wasn't THE birthday cake since another aunt did it). At the beginning I tought of making a little cake. But as I was afraid that my aunt keeps the cake in her display cabinet without eating it, I deceided to make a dummie cake. She was very satisfied with her present. Only one uncle was not so happy, and said to me : " Don't make such a joke anymore, I want to eat the cake the next time !!!"
The "cake" was 14 cm (5 1/2 ") and about 25 cm (10") high. Before making it, this cake seems to me very easy and quick to do, but finally it needs a lots of time to make all the stems, and all the roses (here about 140 roses !!!).

Reaser bonnet-top in Pale Canary

Reaser bonnet-top in Pale Canary

A 1920s full-form bonnet-top china cabinet with full fret-work lattice door, by Reaser Furniture Company, moderately distressed in Pale Canary, unpainted original hardware. This furniture company made some of the most impressive, lively, and unusual forms, especially china cabinets. I always look for their pieces.

decorating cabinet tops

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