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Allen Tire Richmond Va

allen tire richmond va

    richmond va
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Capitol building, Richmond, VA

Capitol building, Richmond, VA

The capitol building in Richmond, VA was designed by Thomas Jefferson. It is found on p.251 of 1000 Places To Go Before You Die (US and Canada) Inside you can see a beautiful statue of Washington, the only one done from a mask to give it true likeness. This is also the place where Gen Lee was commissioned to lead the Confederate Army during the Civil War. The tour is very much worth your time. There are also a lot of historic building in the immediate area dating from Revolutionary and Civil War times.

Emerald Green Dragonfly in the Fan, Richmond, VA

Emerald Green Dragonfly in the Fan, Richmond, VA

I accidentally noticed this beautiful emerald green dragonfly in our front yard in the Fan, Richmond, Virginia. It was very calm and tranquil so that I could rush back home to grab my camera and be back in time to take a good shot. I actually like this combination of emerald green with green background and a few black spots on dragonfly's tail (I'm not sure it's called "tail" though). I wish someone could tell me how this beautiful creature is called!

allen tire richmond va

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