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Drag radial tires : Canadian tire holiday hours : Infinity tyres any good

Drag Radial Tires

drag radial tires

    radial tires
  • (radial tire) radial: pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing

  • (radial tire) A style (or method of construction) of tires used for most vehicles, which incorporate reinforcing cords distributed radially relative to the hub (at 90 degrees to the direction of travel)

  • (Radial Tire) tires built with plies running perpendicular (90 degrees) across the crown of the tire. To strengthen the tread, these tires require belt plies going circumferentially around the tire.

  • A person or thing that impedes progress or development

  • haul: draw slowly or heavily; "haul stones"; "haul nets"

  • pull, as against a resistance; "He dragged the big suitcase behind him"; "These worries were dragging at him"

  • The action of pulling something forcefully or with difficulty

  • The longitudinal retarding force exerted by air or other fluid surrounding a moving object

  • the phenomenon of resistance to motion through a fluid

Drag Radials

Drag Radials

This is how we drove to the spot, gotta have the sticky tires for traction

Vivitar 285hv camera left lighting up side and back of car, Vivitar 285hv camera right lighting up front of car, Vivitar 1900 on the ground lighting up the front wheel. Triggerd via Cactus V4 triggers.

Drag tires

Drag tires

I've started running 275/45/17 Nitto drag radials on stock '05 GTO rims at the track. They are wider and stickier than the stock BFGoodrich street tires - if only I could figure out how to do a decent burnout to heat them up...

drag radial tires

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