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Its A Boy Girl Thing Watch Online - Bands For Watches

Its A Boy Girl Thing Watch Online

its a boy girl thing watch online

    girl thing
  • Girl Thing was the debut album from UK girl pop quintet, Girl Thing. It features 16 tracks including the hit singles 'Last One Standing' & 'Girls on Top', as well as the bonus K-Klass Remix of 'Girls on Top'. A mix of 2000 Girl Pop & 70's disco.

  • Girl Thing were a British girl band, made up of members, Jodi Albert, Anika Bostelaar, Linzi Martin, Michelle Barber and Nikki Stuart.

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looks can be deceiving

looks can be deceiving


hi guys
this isnt the best
im sorry
i have so much to catch up on with my tags
its like the amount of homework im getting
but thats cool
i love tags and its really exciting for me because im only just starting to get tagged
even though theyre mostly from the same
most beautiful girl
but thats cool
she is so good
just looking at this photo im seeing how bad it is
its so unfocused
o well i need to get the tags done otherwise they "may" keep piling up
as i said
like my homework
ok here i go two tags i might upload later and do more im in one of those moods
1. whats the last movie you watched?
i think it was pirates of the carribbean 4, on stranger tides
2. whats your favourite noise?
umm, prolly when your camping at the beach and its the middle of the night and you are sitting around the fire listening to the cracking of the flames and the waves pounding on the sand and the waves when your in your tent and you can here them, thats just the best oh and crows in the morning, it reminds me of perth
3. Do you like some kind of light when you go to bed or just darkness?
well i sleep with the moonlight and the street light pouring into my room and i quite like it but yeah im not so sure
4. whats the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
well, im not sure im more a do-er of weird things rather than an eat weird things
5. whats something you really want but do not need?
umm a new camera oh and how i could go on
6. whats your hair look like right now?
well its in a bun and i have a braid in my fringe but its all loose and messy from school
7. have you seen waldo?
if so what the heck man?! in australia we call him wally and i swear he was right over there near the thing next to the thing.
lol that was fun lets do another
5 things that make me happy

1. when my friends laugh at my jokes or with me
2. laughing
3. going out shopping or to eat
4. whe i have flickr mail
5. when someone says they love me or that i am awesome....stuff like that

5 things that make me sad

1. when i go on a rampage and throw a fit
2. when my friends make excuses and just put me down and say that what im doing is useless
3. when i have to go and see our schools pastoral carer person i feel sick and hide whenever she comes into our class in fear shes going to take me
4. the fact that not one boy has ever said they liked me since year one and the fact that no one has ever asked me out and yeah i find that pretty depressing
5. when i break promises and let people down
ok im finished
wow thats pretty long
im sorry if i bored you to death
i love you if you read it all
ok byee
p.s i changed my name if you didnt see and were concerned that some random is suddenly favouriting and commenting on all your photos
p.p.s i love chocolate money...lots...its addictive
p.p.p.s anyone know any good songs that they would like to tell me
p.p.p.p.s does anyone know where i can download the song skinny love (the birdy cover) online that wont bug my computer thanks, my itunes doesnt have it as it is only in the U.K :(((

It's a girl thing...

It's a girl thing...

Addy's birthday quilt - made for my friend's daughter (who LOVES pink!) using fabric from It's a Girl Thing by Michael Miller, and Kona coal, pink, PFD and blossom (?). Measures 45" square.

its a boy girl thing watch online

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