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Easy Cook Magazine

easy cook magazine

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Domino recipe week-- prosciutto and goat cheese flatbread

Domino recipe week-- prosciutto and goat cheese flatbread

This week, in honor of the late, great Domino magazine, I'm making all of the recipes that appeared in their last issue.

This is the prosciutto and goat cheese flatbread recipe. I left out the favas and added carmelized red onions and red pepper flakes. The arugula adds the perfect bite. The fresh pizza dough was bought at Whole Foods. We don't own a pizza stone, but cookie sheets dusted with cornmeal work well.

Verdict: Fab!...easy to Whole Foods pizza dough...I want more of

The original recipes from Domino were courtesy of food stylists, Alison Attenborough and Jamie Kimm. They have a new cookbook out with Williams-Sonoma called 'Cooking for Friends,' a 'Domino staff favorite.' Already missing you, Domino staff!

August 31 2009 - Charging for a magazine that's one big ad?

August 31 2009 - Charging for a magazine that's one big ad?


I've enjoyed receiving and reading Kraft's food&family magazine in the past few years - they typically have quick and easy recipes that use very easily accessible ingredients.

But they've started saying that they will be turning this into a subscription magazine. Given the state of the economy, I have some sympathy for their endeavor. However, I have serious issues paying for a magazine when the ENTIRE publication is one huge advertisement for Kraft products. If they're hurting for $, then just stop the publication and put everything on the web! So, I will not be receiving this generally good publication any longer.

easy cook magazine

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