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Roadway Inn Hotels - Bed And Breakfast In Sicily - Royal Palm Resort Hotel.

Roadway Inn Hotels

roadway inn hotels

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Colorado, I love you

Colorado, I love you

but you have worn my ass out.

I have had the most incredible past 3 days. The people in this state go above and beyond. Hospitable, friendly, funny. I haven't had a bad meal or service anywhere I've gone. The roadways are so clean. Estes Park, where we stayed during most of our trip, is truly classy.

The visual stimulation far exceeded my expectations, with views looking out from, and into, the mountains leaving me breathless, and putting tears in my eyes. I am not a traveling type of girl, and to get away for a few days with my brother to experience the wonder of this state has been, in a word, phenomenal. Red Rocks Amphitheatre was the first stop after my plane landed on Thursday. I was in awe, and it set the tone for my entire trip. Yesterday, the sun was shining, the yellow aspen leaves were glowing against a cobalt blue sky, and we spent hours in the Rocky Mountains. Last night, driving out of the Rockies, a herd of 30+ elk leisurely crossed the road in front of our car, and I thought I was dreaming. Incredible.

Today, we ventured to the Wyoming border (without first checking the weather forecast). Big mistake. We ran into a white-out(snowstorm), and had to quickly find a place to safely turn around and head back towards Denver. It was a little hairy for a bit of that drive! Tonight, I have checked into my hotel room near the Denver airport, relaxing, reflecting, and feeling sad that I have to leave tomorrow.

See you next time, Colorado. My heart and soul thank you. You were just what I needed.

(pics of my trip to come!)

Closed Sidewalk

Closed Sidewalk

Do you see that mysterious building under construction in the background? It's going to be a future Holiday Inn hotel. As a result, the north side of 22nd Street East between Wall Street and Pacific Avenue is closed. Despite the signs stating the closure, people still like to ignore them and walk along the roadway. That's dangerous, as you can be subject to drivers who attempt to hit you. I took this picture from the intersection if Idylwyld Drive and 22nd Street, where the city officially splits into four quadrants. I took this picture after dropping my car off at Kal Tire so that they could repair my tire. I then headed to the Midtown Plaza.

roadway inn hotels

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