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2266 Vintage Deadstock Aurora Clubmaster Sunglasses : Camouflage Sunglass

2266 Vintage Deadstock Aurora Clubmaster Sunglasses

2266 vintage deadstock aurora clubmaster sunglasses

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  • (sunglass) a convex lens that focuses the rays of the sun; used to start a fire

  • merchandize that had been removed from sale, now offered for sale at a later date

  • (Deadstocking) Buying sneakers with the intention to save and never wear.

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Fan design (completely non-commercial and for fun) of the cover for Jeffrey Thomas's Deadstock. All layout was done in Microsoft Word, as part of a competition between myself and another designer to prove that it is the idea and not the tools that make a great cover.

The original photographer is unknown, but that is a scene of a real atrocity… not some Hollywood version.

Black Sequin Slingback Heels -Deadstock-

Black Sequin Slingback Heels -Deadstock-

Glamour Evening Shoe
Black Encrusted Sequin Uppers
Low Chunky Heel with Satin Fabric
Adjustable Strap with Buckle Sling
Vintage Deadstock

Dolce by Pierre Size 9.5

2266 vintage deadstock aurora clubmaster sunglasses

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