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Photo Framing Software Free

photo framing software free

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On a Lunch Break to Havard with Leica DLux 4 on qAF setting (Photo Series)

On a Lunch Break to Havard with Leica DLux 4 on qAF setting (Photo Series)

For this pic, I did stop, framed and shot. But, I still had qAF mode turned on.


DLux 4---on qAF setting.

I wanted to play around a little more using prefocus mode, set to qAF (supposedly good for autofocusing moving objects).

I honestly didn't pay much attention to how fast the camera was able to focus. From the results I got, I'd have to guess the qAF mode does very well. I could have also set the camera on manual focus, aperture at f/8 to f/11 and auto ISO for quick pre-focus shooting. But, I wanted to go for a "street shooting" where I could take pictures from various distances with the largest aperture possible.

I walked from Central Square to Harvard (about a mile or less). Camera still set at qAF, I snapped a few pictures while I was walking, and never stopping (except for one picture of a chalk writing on the street). I shot from the waist level with camera to the side, as well as from the front (pointing the camera forward up and down as if I was looking at the photos I have taken.) I do that because I'm a bit shy being too obvious about taking photos of strangers on the street. Street photography hasn't been really "my thing" since I am kind of a quite/low key type of person.

I am very impressed with the results; fast focus, good metering, SILENT shutter and focus. Though I haven't done a lot of "street shooting," I'm finding Dlux 4 to be a quite capable "street shoot" camera. Having the Lecia grip also helped A LOT especially when I have to hold the camera side ways, taking shots from the side of the hip.

Anyway, I've posted a few pics from my walk. All these pictures in the series have been post-processed with a new free application I found for the mac, TiltShift to get the blur and softer look.

3 Pears - Framed Watercolor

3 Pears - Framed Watercolor

Foto Sketcher software (free) to convert a photo into a watercolor painting.

photo framing software free

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