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Download Digital Photo Professional Canon

download digital photo professional canon

    digital photo
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"George" Takes Flight Shot 1

While at the preserve this morning I came upon a beautiful blue heron. This is the first of two shots of "George" taking flight.

I am back to my troubled thoughts; Lightroom 3 or Canon Digital Photo Professional for best quality basic post processing??? My friend Grant swears by CDPP. And these shots from the Riparian Preserve make a good case for CDPP. They look GREAT!

Tired of manually mapping your shots on Flickr? I used GPSed on my Blackberry for this photo shoot, then uploaded the track to my GPSed web account, downloaded the track after I uploaded my shots to my iMac, then used PhotoLinker to link my photos to the time stamps on my GPS log. Presto! It worked perfectly!

To see the best quality and finest detail click Actions, then View All Sizes and select Large or Original.

Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia)-8743

Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia)-8743

A successful day at Bosque del Apache. Many birds encounterd despite this being the "slow season", and many images to download. I may have discovered that many of the issues with clarity of images may actually be due to lightroom. I am going to try and download the CD cards again with Canon's Digital Photo Professional, which should use my in camera user preferences that apparently Lightroom ignores! This Warbler was one of the many birds I saw today. In addition, I was notified that there have been mountain lions sighted in the refuge. They have tagged one or two. I was luck to be one of the few to catch a glimpse this evening. She moved fast and I could only get a few second burst through the windshield. I will upload the photo when I can.

download digital photo professional canon

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