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Updates to photo viewer : Archival photo storage boxes.

Updates To Photo Viewer

updates to photo viewer

    updates to
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  • A person who looks at or inspects something

  • A person watching television or a movie

  • A device for looking at slides or similar photographic images

  • spectator: a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind); "the spectators applauded the performance"; "television viewers"; "sky watchers discovered a new star"

  • an optical device for viewing photographic transparencies

  • (viewers) viewing audience: the audience reached by television

not 365 #028: Time to update

not 365 #028: Time to update

September 17, 2008
This is so frustrating, I had typed this long description of my day job, compared to what I do at night, and Klick, the iPhone app I use to upload photos to Flickr while we don't have an Internet access at home crashed pitifully. So maybe I'll type that tomorrow at work, if I can remember it.

Now I can focus on my "real" photo.

Here is what I can remember from my description from yesterday night:
Today at work I was given full access to the demo computers for the first time. We have a showroom, you've seen part of it already, and the computers in there are locked so customers don't mess up everything. It also prevents us to change, add or amend anything on them; if there are some stuff we need to change, we have to ask someone, and it takes about a month. So I've been campaigning to to be able to do it myself, because I spend a lot of time in there; showing things to people, wowing customers with a couple of clicks, solving issues even before the finish their question, is the best part of the job, and it had become increasingly frustrating to not be able to do it completely.

So today for the first time I was able to instal updates, add photos and music with album art, setup iChat between computers, screen savers and scheduled shut down on two iMacs 20" and 24", a MacBook, a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. All is not finished, but I feel much better. OCD, me?

Anyway tonight I came home with a couple of installers and the need to continue tinkering with computers, so I got my MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iBook and Mac mini side to side and got to town on then, so they're all up to date, backed up and shiny. I think this is the job for me, what do you think?



The revised Air National Guard Web site has an interactive homepage that allows viewers to watch first-hand accounts of Air Guard service, chat online with recruiters and research careers and openings. Updated administrative functions also assist recruiters in their missions with unit-specific information. (National Guard Bureau photo illustration)

updates to photo viewer

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