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Best Investment Bond

best investment bond

    investment bond
  • An insurance bond (or investment bond) is a single premium life assurance policy for the purposes of investment.

  • Single premium investment with no fixed end date. You may be able to invest in a range of different funds.

  • An investment bond is a product that allows to you invest a lump-sum of money. On average, you will need a minimum of ?5,000 and unlike other products you may not be able to top it up.

Untitled..... (reposted from FB)

Untitled.....       (reposted from FB)

People do get tired from life from time to time. It may not be as often as how others feel it, but we all feel the same way. We never can't tell when to really follow our limit even if we have set a certain point to tell ourselves to stop. We still continue with things that makes us happy and somehow that tells us that its right and okay tho it conflicts with what is right for other people...

There are times that we don't really need to fully stop, we just decide to take a rest.... to start all over again without leaving. It may be painful for certain situations that's why its hard to do it... depending on the emotional investment, the bond spent, the promises given and the dreams being achieved together...

Love do really makes us hold on tight in one hell of a roller coaster ride. One time, it will make you feel that you are taken to the clouds as if there will be no bumps ahead. Sometimes, it drags you to hell even leading others to give up on life. Loving is crazy but one thing is for sure... The word Love is invented and has been part of our lives to teach us lessons and reasons about everything that life has to offer...

Have you been crazy in love? how deep was your love for that someone? did it took you sometime to feel that love that you felt? Did you even experienced leaving someone you love for someone who loves you more? How far have you gone with Love/Loving?

Whenever I'm down, it always challenge me to clearly and fully understand what Love is. Love works with all aspects that we have in life. People do advice us or teach us to slow down and follow what you have in your heart, if what's in your heart is not the best thing to do, then it's time for the mind to take over...

Are you a heart person or a mind person? For people who are more emotionally inclined, majority of the things that they need to decide on will be based more on their emotions and what they feel... With what I just said, I am admitting that I am a heart person more than a mind person.

hmm.... why am i writing this? well, as of this moment my heart wanted to speak out... to speak of something that it beats for... about Love and Loving...

Have you tried spending the whole night crying? have you done something very stupid because of love?What was the craziest thing that you did because you cannot stand being in the world of Love?

I dunno know... I just feel like typing right now and blurt out the words here in fb. I've been crying over the holidays and that could be the reason why I was able to come up with this Untitled thing...

I badly missed writing about anything, expressing myself thru pen and paper... Too crazy as it seemed, I even get to write an article/story/poem in a fully loaded bus while standing.

inhale... exhale.... haaayyyy... i think this is enough for now....

Thanks for taking time to read this... ;)

The ever useful Caboodle

The ever useful Caboodle

The space above our hall desk area had limited real estate, so I sliced up 3 foam posterboards and glued them together with kraft bond. Here my 20 year old Caboodle, now being used as a craft tackle box, weighs the pieces down as they bond. Best investment ever, mom ;D

best investment bond

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