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Caduceus Private Investments. Good Stocks To Invest In March 2011. Invest Now Or Wait.

Caduceus Private Investments

caduceus private investments

    private investments
  • The sale of equity or fixed income securities directly to institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and pension funds.

  • Investments that are not sold publicly.

  • The caduceus ? ( , from Greek kerykeion ?????????) is a herald's staff, a symbolic object representing Hermes (or the Roman Mercury), and by extension trades, occupations or undertakings associated with the god.

  • an insignia used by the medical profession; modeled after the staff of Hermes

  • CADUCEUS was a medical expert system finished in the mid-1980s (first begun in the 1970s- it took a long time to build the knowledge base) by Harry Pople (of the University of Pittsburgh), building on Pople's years of interviews with Dr.

  • An ancient Greek or Roman herald's wand, typically one with two serpents twined around it, carried by the messenger god Hermes or Mercury

  • A representation of this, traditionally associated with healing

Caduceus (?)

Caduceus (?)

This symbol of two snakes reminds me of the "Caduceus" - the greek symbol which is used in medicine. This is present in almost all ancient temples in India. This may also represent the "Kundalini" - the serpent power that sleeps in the bottom of the spinal cord of human beings. The Two serpents may depict Ida and Pingala , the two spiritual nerves that run in the spinal cord

East-end, Front & West-end, Rear - Caduceus

East-end, Front & West-end, Rear - Caduceus

On demolition day, two of the hospital's caduceus lay on the ground amongst the rubble. The first is covered by the large roofing shingle, lower center of picture. The second is not as covered by the other large roofing shingle, up and slightly to the left of the first.

caduceus private investments

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