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Free automobile repair manuals. Xbox disc repair.

Free Automobile Repair Manuals

free automobile repair manuals

    automobile repair
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Willits Automotive Services

Willits Automotive Services

Willits Automotive Services (335 S. Main St.) closed within the past couple of years and the buildings are now vacant. They offered "complete one-stop service & repair - no job too big or too small". We are looking northeast across Main Street (Highway 101).
In the late 1930s this was the site of Roy's Signal Station, and by 1950 Roy also offered an auto court. Historical information from Diane Hawk, Touring the Old Redwood Highway: Mendocino County (Hawk Mountaintop Pub., Piercy CA, 2001), p. 78.

Taylors Auto Repairs

Taylors Auto Repairs

Route 30 in Paradise PA - Came across this abandoned repair shop. Tried to capture the feeling of the place.

free automobile repair manuals

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