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Battery powered shower pump - Water pump hire

Battery Powered Shower Pump

battery powered shower pump

    battery powered
  • powered by one or more electric batteries; "a battery-powered radio"

  • An electrical battery is one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy.

    shower pump
  • (Shower Pumps) provide the necessary boost to solve your problems of poor shower performance and can be used with any good quality mixer shower or shower panel.

Homemade Trommel

Homemade Trommel

A friend of mine (Jason) approached me with plans to build a prospecting trommel; he intended to use the machine for gold prospecting. I did the welding for him and the machine came together rather quickly. Later we added a small water pump to spray a continuous shower of water into the barrel and two motorcycle batteries to power the both the pump and drive motor then we added a solar panel to provide a constant trickle charge to the batteries. Jason tells me that he has used the machine and it worked even better than he expected.

Alaska 7-19 010.jpg

Alaska 7-19 010.jpg

Inside the yurt. The yurts had propane stoves and tankless water heaters, compost toilets, and a small bank of batteries that could power a water pump for showering...other than that there was no electricity...nothing connecting them to the mainland...fresh water, propane tanks, and a small generator to recharge the batteries had to be brought by boat every so often.

battery powered shower pump

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