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International Silver Inc. Henley's Silver Lake Resort.

International Silver Inc

international silver inc

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FILE PAI 2011 | Centro Cultural São Paulo - Workshop

FILE PAI 2011 | Centro Cultural São Paulo - Workshop

Paulista Avenida Interativa
Paulista Interactive Avenue


Lawrence Malstaf - Shrink 01995 - Belgica Belgium
Christoph Haag, Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch & Ludwig Zeller - Open Circuit - Alemanha | Germany
Alessandro Ludovico & Paolo Cirio - Face to Facebook - Reino Unido | United Kingdom
Coletivo COLETORES: Toni William, Flavio Camargo, Daniela Cordeiro & Karina Marques - Maquina/Brinquedo - Brasil | Brazil
Eduardo Omine - Fragments In Curved Air - Brasil | Brazil
Elie Zananiri, Hugues Bruyere & Mathieu Leger - Peptone - Canada | Canada
Esther Hunziker - DUMP - Suica | Switzerland
Julian Jaramillo Arango - The Happy Cube - Brasil | Brazil
Lauren McCarthy - Conversacube - Estados Unidos | United States
NaJa & deOstos (Project Team: Ricardo de Ostos, Nannette Jackowski, Manuel Jimenez, Thomas Sicouri) - Ectoplasmatic Housing - Reino Unido | United Kingdom
PirarucuDuo: Fernando Visockis & Thiago Parizi - Acusmograma - Brasil | Brazil
Rafael Rozendaal - Towards and - Holanda | Netherlands
Ricardo Iglesias Garcia - Surveillance Cameras: they are alive! - Espanha | Spain
Tamas Waliczky - Marionettes - Hungria | Hungary
Yoshi Akai - Heart 'n' Beat (Biorhythm Synthesizer) - Japao | Japan


Arnt Jensen - LIMBO - Dinamarca | Denmark
Gaijin Games - BIT TRIP BEAT - Estados Unidos | United States
Mediatronic - Monsters Probably Stole My Princess - Reino Unido | United Kingdom


Rafael Rozendaal - Carnal - Holanda | Netherlands
Rafael Rozendaal - Hot - Holanda | Netherlands
Rafael Rozendaal - Hybrid - Holanda | Netherlands
Rafael Rozendaal - Jello - Holanda | Netherlands
Rafael Rozendaal - The Persistence of - Holanda | Netherlands


Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti - Solo - Brasil | Brazil


Arnt Jensen - Limbo - Dinamarca | Denmark
Daniela Arrais & Luiza Voll - Invente um sorriso - Brasil | Brazil
Ricardo Barreto, Maria Hsu & AMUDI - feelMe - Brasil | Brazil
That Game Company: Jenova Chen - flOw - Estados Unidos | United States


Matthias Hoegg - August - Inglaterra | England
Andrew Ruhemann & Shaun Tan - The Lost Thing - Australia / Australia
Animatorio - Neomorphus - Brasil | Brazil
Bertrand Bey & Pierre Ducos - La Detente - Franca | France
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet & Amir Admoni - Monkey Joy - Brasil | Brazil
Coala Filmes: Cesar Cabral - Tempestade - Brasil | Brazil
Fabio Yamaji - O Divino, de repente - Brasil | Brazil
Max Loubaresse, Marc Bouyer & Anthony Vivien - Salesman Pete - Franca | France


*Instalacoes | Installations:
Andreas muk Haider - skia - Austria | Austria
Tim Coe - A Perfect Face - Austria | Austria

8-Bits Team: Valere Amirault, Jean Delaunay, Sarah Laufer & Benjamin Mattern - 8-Bits - Franca | France
Alan Becker - Animator Vs Animation - Estados Unidos | United States
Alessandro Novelli - The Alphabet - Italia | Italy
Alexander Gellner - 1 Minute Puberty - Alemanha | Germany
Andrew Huang - The Gloaming - Estados Unidos | United States
Ben Thomas & Leo Bridle - Train of Thought - Inglaterra | England
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti & Paulo Muppet - Bonequinha do Papai - Brasil | Brazil
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti & Paulo Muppet - Caixa - Brasil | Brazil
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet & Allan Sieber - Animadores - Brasil | Brazil
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet & Jimmy Leroy - Pequeno Cidadao - Brasil | Brazil
Brendan Angelides & Cyriak Harris - Eskmo - Estados Unidos | United States
Christopher Alender - Eye of The Storm - Estados Unidos | United States
Coala Filmes: Cesar Cabral - Dossie Re Bordosa - Brasil | Brazil
Dante Zaballa & Matias Vigliano - The Head - Argentina | Argentina
David O’Reilly - Please Say Something - Irlanda e Alemanha | Ireland and Germany
David O’Reilly - The External World - Irlanda e Alemanha | Ireland and Germany
David Wilson - Japanese Popstars “Let Go” - Inglaterra | England
Dominik Kaser, Martin-Sebastian Senn, Mario Deuss, Niloy J. Mitra & Mark Pauly - Silhouettes of Jazz - Estados Unidos | United States
Esteban Diacono - Olafur Arnalds - Ljosi? - Argentina | Argentina
Fabio Yamagi & Denis Kamioka ‘Cisma’ - Photocopy Romance - Brasil | Brazil
Fernando Sanches - Xixi no Banho - Brasil | Brazil
Gabrielle Lissot, Pierre Lippens, Laurent Jaffier & Nicolas Deprez - Tous Des Monstres (All Monsters) - Franca | France
Guilherme Marcondes - Tyger - Brasil | Brazil
Guillermo Madoz - Head Honcho - Argentina | Argentina
Hi-Sim - Jump - Inglaterra | England
Home de Caramel - Alone Together - Espanha | Spain
Jasmin Lai - Brave - Estados Unidos e Tailandia | United States and Thailand
Jason Wishnow - Oedipus - Inglaterra | England
Jean-Paul Frenay - Artificial Paradise, Inc - Belgica e Franca | Belgium and France
Joanna Lurie - Tree’s Migration - Franca | France

Valentine Event VENDORS and SPONSORS: Maserati of Baltimore Sweetheart Social Offers Singles and Couples a Fun Alternative Things to Do for Valentines Day in DC Metro Region

Valentine Event VENDORS and SPONSORS: Maserati of Baltimore Sweetheart Social Offers Singles and Couples a Fun Alternative Things to Do for Valentines Day in DC Metro Region

SILVER SCREEN & SOUND, Inc. is the area's leader in custom engineered Home Cinemas and electronic lifestyle systems. We are the only Maryland firm whose in-house capabilities include electrical/acoustical engineering, architectural/ interior design, and lighting design. In addition to our many satisfied customers we have also received industry recognition as 2 time winner of the International Award for Best Home Theater from Audio Video Interiors magazine and the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA). We were also voted one of the Nation's Best 10 Custom Installers by the Professional Audio Video Retailers Association (PARA) and Audio Video International magazine.

Silver Screen & Sound, Inc. specializes in custom engineered and installed electronic lifestyle systems. The Custom Home Cinema is our specialty, but read on for information on all our services. While our competitors focus a client's attention on their product lines, Silver Screen & Sound, Inc. will always focus on what we do best ... Engineering & Design!

With Silver Screen & Sound, Inc. your system is designed by a degreed Electrical Engineer ... not a salesperson. This insures that your system will operate precisely, with the highest level of performance possible.

Investing in a solid system design, quality electronics and meticulous installation/calibration will insure many years of trouble free service and enjoyment.

8832 Orchard Tree Lane, Towson, Maryland 21286-2143 Phone: 877-2CINEMA

international silver inc

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