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City Inn Hotels

city inn hotels

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City Inn Hotel, Granary Wharf, Leeds

City Inn Hotel, Granary Wharf, Leeds

The City Inn hotel that sits alongside the Leeds-Liverpool canal on the edge of Leeds city centre.
This area is undergoing massive re-generation, the city inn, candle house (the cylindrical building behind it) and watermans place (out of view behind me) are the latest phase of the Holbeck Urban Village.

I work a short walk behind the buildings on the left - really nice area and full of historical mills and buildings.

Geeky photo point - bit of an interesting photo to process, my workflow is that i shoot in Adobe RGB, process the image in Adobe RGB, and then at the last stage convert the colour space to sRGB... normally, photoshops' Edit->Convert To Profile does such a good job of mapping between the 2 colour spaces i've never until now noticed a difference between the before and after, but this is the first photo where it's been so apparent - the blues in the adobeRGB version of this shot are *so* much more richer.... but as most web browsers dont like adobeRGB here's the slightly inferior sRGB version :-)

Candle House (with Light Installation) and City Inn Hotel

Candle House (with Light Installation) and City Inn Hotel

Shot of City Inn, and behind it the specially lit Candle House that on thursday celebrates it's official launch, and as such has a light installation by Lumen Arts, where each of the top levels gently cycles between blue and orange.

city inn hotels

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