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How to clean a mouse cage. Floor cleaning service

How To Clean A Mouse Cage

how to clean a mouse cage

    how to
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how to clean a mouse cage - Super Pet

Super Pet CritterTrail Clear View Habitat

Super Pet CritterTrail Clear View Habitat

Easy-view habitat with two levels of space for all hamsters, gerbils and mice. Oversized, clear-view door allows for easy interaction with pet. Removable petting zone acts as a travel carrier and resting location. Pre-assembled for quick set-up. Includes quiet exercise wheel, water bottle and food dish. Create a dream environment with expandability ports. Easy to clean construction. Kabob hook locations. Super protect technology built into all interior surfaces to provide a healthier habitat. Comes complete with water bottle and food dish, removable petting zone and exercise wheel.

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R.I.P. Joey Boy, 7/25/96-11/11/07

R.I.P. Joey Boy, 7/25/96-11/11/07

Joey, my bronze-winged pionus parrot, passed away due to a kidney infection early in the morning on November 11, 2007, at the Cat & Bird Clinic here in Santa Barbara.

A little history: Joey first came into my life in '00 when I responded to a request on an avian chat forum. It was from a woman in Oregon who could no longer care for her birds, and needed to find a home for her bronze-winged pionus. I agreed to take him, and we meet up in Northern California to do the exchange. Once Joey got settled in a bit, I could tell that he had some major behavioral issues. He was fearful of people and would lunge and bite anything that came near him. I worked with him every day, and we got to a point where he completely trusted me and became very protective of me. Because no one else was willing to work with him, be became the dreaded one-person bird, but at least he had someone he could love and trust.

Joey and I have had a number of adventures together, one of which being when he was lost for five days. I had opened the front door without ensuring that my birds were safe in their cages , and while I was at the door, Joey flew to my shoulder right as I was bending down to block my dog, Herbie, from running out. He missed my shoulder, and flew out into the open. He was gone so fast that I couldn't even tell which way he'd flown. I immediately called a bunch of people to help me look for him, but it was almost dark and we had no luck. I went to Kinko's the next morning and had 500 full-color "Lost Bird" posters made (500 didn't seem unreasonable at the time), and posted them everywhere. I ran an ad in the local paper, and posted to every avian chat board I could think of.

One morning, I awoke to a phone call from a man who said he had rescued a bronze-winged pionus (yup, he knew the species and everything). I dropped everything and drove up to Lompoc, which is about 50 miles away from here. I didn't ask questions-I just got in the car and drove. I arrived to meet a wonderful family who made a hobby of rescuing and rehabilitating local birds. The man (I forget his name) told me that his elderly father who lived just over the freeway from me had been startled by a bird flying into his window. The bird was being chased by a hawk, and had flown full-speed into the window, knocking himself out in the process. The old man scooped him up and made a little bed for him in a wooden box. Joey eventually woke up and being the little beast that he is, he flipped out on the man and bit him a number of times, drawing blood more than once. Despite this, the man called his son to pick Joey up and help rehabilitate him.

When I laid eyes on Joey, he was obviously stressed, but sitting very comfortably in a nice cockatiel-sized cage. The family had realized that the cockatiel perches were too small for Joey, so they'd gone out and found branches that were Joey's size. These people were the most kind-hearted people I've ever met-They even refused the $500 reward I had offered in the paper and posters. They were just glad that I had my friend back. I can't tell you how quickly Joey climbed into his cage when we finally got home!

I could tell 1000 more stories about Joey…I could go on all day. I can tell you he got the nickname "the land shark" because he loved roaming around on the ground, looking for hiding places or things to chew. He was obsessed with electronic devices (yup, just like his mom!) and would love to just hang out and "talk" to my cell phone, my mouse, or my ipod. He loved hanging out in his cage, and would put himself to bed every night at around 9pm. He spoke in a grumbly little voice that you could only hear if you were close to him: "Hello" and "Hi Joey" were the two things he could say. I could tell you about his favorite toy-the one with the bell-that he "enjoyed" on a regular basis, falling over onto his perch when he was finished "enjoying" it. Or how one day, he flew right over and pierced my friend Colleen's nose when she was so sweet to comfort me during a really rough time earlier this year (her nose has healed quite nicely, by the way). He had a rough exterior and everyone was rightly afraid of him, but in my opinion, he was one of the sweetest, most loving, and most misunderstood little birds I've ever met.

He was his normal self, doing fine on Friday, November 9. I awoke Saturday morning to find him refusing to eat breakfast, making baby feeding noises, and not willing to open his eyes and wake up. I called my avian vet immediately took him in for a checkup. They put him in an incubator right away and told me they would have to take care of him through the weekend. When I left, I was extremely concerned, but figured it was something that some antibiotics might take care of. Saturday evening, however, I received a call from my vet asking me to come over and say good-bye to him, because she was not sure he would make it through t

235. Be a house wife

235. Be a house wife

Well not much happened yesterDAY but last night was eventful lol.
Around 7 Porter and I decided to walk to Walmart, it was an average walk there, nothing special. Once in the Walmart parking lot we ran into Thomas, we stopped and talked to him for awhile. Once in Walmart we ran into Brian from Cowographers and we exchanged a few words. We also ran in Ryan Miller that I havent seen since like freshman year! Well we looked all over but couldnt find any little pens to let Robot run around in, but I walked out with almost $20 worth of shit for that spoiled little bunny. We walked down to Chameleon Encounters and looked at the giant snakes through the windows, then went to BK and ate :) we even sat in the booth that Ryan and I met in. After BK we walked down to my brothers house so I could borrow Oblivion, quite stoked about that, on the way we stopped to look at the baby bearded dragons through the windows at Fins and Flowers. (thats where I got my old beardie Jimmy, I miss him!). Then we went to Tobys and hung out with him and Marie for a bit but he has a cat so I was miserable! Damn cats.
It was on our way walking away from Tobys that the night got more interesting. We were saying bye to them when Porter spots a critter climbing on the phone lines and his first thought was I want to throw a rock at it. Toby thought it was a raccoon, I thought it was a darn lemur lol. I told Porter not to throw anything at it, that I wanted some pictures of it. The more we looked at it the more interested we got. It moved really fast but was so curious, it really wanted to be our friend but it was scared. Porter ended up climbing a tree and a phone pole just to get some pictures of it! We spent 45 minutes watching that Lemur Rat Ninja (thats what I named it lol). Neither of us had seen anything like it before. We walked home, and 190 was dead, I walked down the middle of this huge highway that I normally have to dart and pray for my life across, it was cool. Well we left the house around 7 right, and got home around 2!
It was on the way to the house that I saw a house with a red door and told Porter about how I liked red doors and he says dont we have a red door? and turns out that we do! After over a month of living here I just now realized that we have a red door! lol.. Im observant. Well I got on the interweb and started searching for what the Lemur Rat Ninja really was. All I had to search was raccoon tailed rodent and the wiki page came up. Turns out it was a Ring-Tailed Cat. It said that these critters are rarely seen! Rad huh? They are in the raccoon family and are only called cats cause they used to be used to catch mice. Theyr nocturnal. And can be domesticated!! I gave Robot all her goodies and she was totally stoked, jumping around her cage and everything! I got her some house thing from hamsters that she can eat, a salt like, little baked apple treats, and some fruit food mix treat lol spoiled bunny. We stayed up talking about the Lemur Rat Ninja awhile, we are both gonna get one. We fought over who gets the name (I still might steal it!) but we decided he gets Ninja and I have to find some badass Pokemon cause we were joking about how it was a Pokemon and we didnt have the right badge to catch it.. yeah we are nerds lol. It was 4 before we went to bed lol.
Great night lol.

Sticky note. I know its a weird aspiration, and Im spose to want to have a career and be independent.. but in all honesty this is what Iv always wanted to be. I want to be that woman that wakes up before everyone else in the house and gets breakfast ready, Ill send my kids and my husband off for their day, get the house clean, be able to spend time with my kids when they get home from school, have supper made for my husband when he gets home for work, be able to spend time with my family. I want to have my house, my family, my stability, my security. Thats all I want. Thats all I need. Maybe Im crazy, but thats just what I want. I hope I can have it some day.
Now about this note. I love the church signs in Cove, its actually one of my favorite things about Cove, they are all over, this is just a couple lol. I love the one that says "For info or reservations for heaven. See us at..." I thought it was funny lol. And we joked a lot about the one that says "Will the road your on get you to heaven?" I said probably not but itll get me to Walmart and HEB lol. Theyr fun.

how to clean a mouse cage

how to clean a mouse cage

Super Pet My First Home for Exotics, Large

Deluxe living for more exotic smaller sized pets. Half inch wire spacing is ideal for keeping smaller sized pets safe and secure. Great for sugar gliders, mice and dwarf hamsters. Multi level habitat with plenty of room to roam. Over 8 cubic feet of living space. Quality construction with chew proof coated wire and stain resistant plastic parts. E-z clean deep scatter-less base can be removed and replaced easily. E-za assembly with snap together setup and no tools are required. Includes 3 comfort shelves and 3 safety ramps; a hammock, exercise wheel and food dish.

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