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Handheld Steam Cleaning - How To Clean A Pistol Barrel - Washing Dry Cleaning.

Handheld Steam Cleaning

handheld steam cleaning

    steam cleaning
  • The cleaning method in which the detergent solution is forced through jets under high pressure into the carpet pile and immediately removed along with loose and emulsified soil though a wet vacuum. The vacuum head and jets are usually mounted on the same piece of equipment.

  • Steam Cleaning involves using steam for cleaning. Its uses include domestic applications in cleaning carpets, and industrial uses in removing grease and dirt from engines.

  • (Steam-cleaner) Vapor steam cleaners or steam vapor systems are cleaning appliances or devices that use steam to quickly dry, clean, and sanitize inanimate surfaces. Often the process is effective enough to disinfect or even sterilize the surfaces.

  • hand-held: small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands; "a hand-held computer"

  • A handheld game console is a lightweight, portable electronic device with a built-in screen, games controls and speakers.]. University of Maribor. Sixth Framework Programme (European Community). 24 April 2007. p. 20.

  • Handheld electronics is a common name for mobile devices. Handheld electronics includes personal digital assistants (PDAs), such as Palm Pilots or cellular telephones with connectivity to a network such as the internet.

Potomac view /14st Bridge, D.C.

Potomac view /14st Bridge, D.C.

5D 1/15s handheld ISO1600 F4.5 55mm effective, dcraw > Gimp rotate, crop, gamma 1.75, strong contrast, then a mild USM with a high threshold (for a fullframe). Not too high or nothing would happen.

...something a little more ambitious :) after shooting the sunset behind Rosslyn I was on my way back to the car when "The Dandy" made its way downriver "right there", so I tried to get it as it steamed under me.

So there are many technical notes here (nothing unusual) but also I wanted to compare it to the camera jpeg, following this, and also to some 10D shots that I have like this. By the way you get this shot from about halfway across the 14th St. Bridge (this is where that Air Florida plane hit about 20 years ago, due to icing) but also you can get some great shots of the Georgetown Harbor from the Rt. 50 bridge which is ahead of the Arlington Memorial Bridge above.

The main thing that I will mention about this technically is that this is about the limit of the 5D for handheld shooting. You can get ISO3200 shots out of it but they are going to be significantly more noisy with lower DR than the results at ISO1600, so ISO3200 should really be left for desperation, and definitely get a good exposure if you use it because it won't withstand too much pushing. And of course there's the usual Canon CMOS streaking at high ISO in continuous-drive that shows up even at ISO1600 but is truly obnoxious at ISO3200 (it's something to do with the file i/o because it doesn't appear in the first frame of a burst). I get around this by shooting in single-shot mode and waiting for the disk I/O to finish before taking the next shot. Also the really low-light focus on the 5D is just barely acceptable, aside from the lens-blur away from center from shooting this wide-open this shot is not in super-good focus like you'd get with the D700, D300 and so forth, with the 51p AF system that Nikon has now. Is it still the "D3000" now that they have a D3000 camera? I don't know. Anyway under very-close inspection it's clear to see that the 5D shots aren't in great focus, and the 5DMk2 has the same AF engine. Not a bad fullframe, but not great either. But every camera has its problems. 5D: a great fullframe -certainly better than any subframe that you can buy in terms of SNR and resolution- but clearly no longer "King of the Hill" in the DSLR market, and not even really standing head and shoulders above the D300 in terms of "artistic quality" or even in FPS. That's a great camera for low-res shots, it's just not clean enough at high ISOs and it's a bit soft for high-detail scenes. Still given suitable conditions you can get some great shots out of a D300. The problem is that I can get great shots out of a G9 too, given suitable conditions.

Following this is the camera jpeg with similar post-processing.

HAAN in InStyle Magazine

HAAN in InStyle Magazine

InStyle Magazine makes Spring Cleaning look good! Thank you for adding our HS-20, Handheld Steamer in the "Spring Cleaning Challenge"!

handheld steam cleaning

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