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Clean Living Playpen. Bid Commercial Cleaning Jobs.

Clean Living Playpen

clean living playpen

    clean living
  • clean: morally pure; "led a clean life"

  • A small portable enclosure in which a baby or small child can play safely

  • (n.) play-pen:   Where the Big Boys play hard with their big heavy toys, i.e. Great Dorset Steam Fair Heavy Haulage Arena. Often fenced with orange netting.

  • a portable enclosure in which babies may be left to play

  • A playpen is a piece of furniture in which an infant or young toddler (typically those less than 35" tall and 30 lbs) is placed to prevent them from causing harm to themselves when their parent or guardian is preoccupied.

Kyle regression

Kyle regression

Kyle sighed as he dutifully mopped up yet another juice spill over in the toddler room. Little more then a giant playpen, the area was roped off by a colorful mesh net. The boy didn’t mind the menial duties, but he did wish his charges could keep the floor (and their pants) dry for at least five minutes. Five minutes. That’s all he was asking.

“Ky-ky,” one of the little girls whined, tugging on his pant legs. “Boo-boo,” she said, patting at her pants.

“Oh, Alicia,” Kyle groaned, lifting the little rabbit off the ground, keeping her at arm’s length. “I just changed you!”

Seeing the child begin to tear up, the teenage raccoon quickly donned a smile and reassured her that it was alright. Alicia was one of the super-sonic screamers…if she started up, she’d wake the whole nursery.

After finishing up the odious ordeal, Alicia was in a clean diaper and Kyle was seated on one of the plastic tables, exhausted. He knew the kids liked him, but he had to admit to himself that he was only doing it for the money. School was out and jobs were scarce, and the fact that Sunny Hills Daycare was so close to his house and hiring made this his number one choice for employment. It didn’t hurt that a few of the other ‘sitters’, as they were called, were his age and very hot. Still, this job took a lot out of him, and he was considering quitting. He had let his exhaustion get the better of him at times and had snapped at a few of the kids on occasion. No one minded, (it was within a sitter’s right to be loud) but Kyle knew that it wasn’t the kids fault.


Suddenly, a cold, chilling sensation raced down Kyle’s back, and the boy shuddered as it startled him. As he did, there was a falling sensation, a popping sound, and disoriented, Kyle allowed himself to slide to the floor in a heap, wondering what the heck had just happened. He was just pulling himself to his feet when he heard a very familiar voice call to him in sing-song.

“Ooopsy! Here, kiddo, let me help you there,” it said, and Kyle was astonished to find the voice coming from someone who could have been his mirror image. Same dark, reddish hair, same clear, moss-green eyes. The only difference between them that Kyle could see was that his doppelganger was about five times his size. “Can’t have you laying on the ground…you don’t know what kind of yuckies are living down there!”

As Kyle felt himself lifted into the air, he tried to find his tongue to shout for help, but for some strange reason, his voice kept catching, like his mouth was filled with peanut butter. Perhaps sensing his distress, the giant winked at him. “Oh, don’t you worry about that, Ky-ky. Kids your age can’t talk yet! All you have to worry about is playing, getting fed, and keeping your pants dry.” He chuckled. “If you were wearing pants, that is!”

The giant set Kyle back on the floor, and despite everything else, his first inclination was to verify the statement. Lifting his shirt, (which was still emblazoned with the Sunny Hills’ logo) a wave of chagrin washed over him as he realized that he wasn’t just pantless, his boxers had somehow morphed into an exact replica of the kind of diaper he had just put on Alicia. Dropping his shirt, Kyle’s eyes darted all over himself, and from the protruding belly, the round, pudgy fingers and the feet that were about the size of his head, he realized that ‘Kyle’ wasn’t a giant…he had gotten younger!

“Enjoy it, kiddo. I am you…well, a part of you at least. Believe me when I say you needed this. Think of it as a little vacation…just have fun with it!” ‘Kyle’ winked again. “I promise.”

“Wuh…wuh…weal?” Kyle managed to sputter out, around the peanut butter that wasn’t there.

“Real? Maybe. Maybe it’s just a dream. But you deserve to see your service in a different light. You’re good for these kids, they like you. Now you’re about to find out why.” The teenager grinned wide and slowly reached for the tot. “They say I know all the good tickle spots…”

171/365:2 /// 259/365

171/365:2 /// 259/365

Day 259
Today was BlytheCon 2011 in Portland. I had originally planned to go, but then it just never really worked out. So instead of meeting up with lots of Blythe collectors and having a mini-vacation I stayed home with the kids. I intended to take some doll photos, but never got around to it. I'm trying to get a custom baby booties order completed and get more pairs finished for etsy. And even that it taking longer than it should. Especially since Aubrey is much more active these days and crawling everywhere and getting into things. She gets bored in the activity chair, but when she is on the floor crawling around I can't focus on sewing. I got the playpen out today and set it up in the living room. I wasn't planning on using it since it takes up so much space, but we need a place for her to be when we are busy with cooking or cleaning or just other things going on. Not to mention I was hoping she would nap in there since she is really fighting napping in her crib. Fortunately, it did work and she played in there and eventually fell asleep with all her little toys all around her.

clean living playpen

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