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Aerosol packaging equipment - Racks for audio equipment - Professional music video equipment.

Aerosol Packaging Equipment

aerosol packaging equipment

    packaging equipment
  • Packaging equipment, packaging supplies and machinery. Tripack is a packaging company providing packaging, machinery, supplies and equipment UK-wide.

  • A substance enclosed under pressure and able to be released as a fine spray, typically by means of a propellant gas

  • A colloidal suspension of particles dispersed in air or gas

  • a cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas

  • a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)

  • A container holding such a substance

  • Technically, an aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in a gas. Examples are smoke, oceanic haze, air pollution, smog and CS gas. In general conversation, aerosol usually refers to an aerosol spray can or the output of such a can.

aerosol packaging equipment - Lubricant, 16

Lubricant, 16 oz

Lubricant, 16 oz

Do not apply in the presence of possible sources of ignition of residual liquid or vapors (such as active electrical circuits, switches, running motors or flames). Lubricates and prevents corrosion of nuts, bolts, corroded parts, door hinges, locks, machine parts, gears, slides, wire cable and other turning and sliding parts. For use around garages, oil rigs, homes, machine shops, assembly plants, electronics repair shops, service stations, locksmiths, industrial shops, factories and air conditioner repair shops

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La prima macchina mondiale di plastica
la maschera antiasmatica in trincea a casa mia
profondamente le inalai fiale di niente
liberamente volare via
come la musica si posa il fluido rosa.
Oh aerosol, quello che non ho e aria.
Erano gli anni della chimica per tutti
del blu di metilene, del natale al microscopio
e poi voila, d’un tratto e primavera
e ritornavano a fiorire graminacee
ma soprattutto ritornava l’allergia
la mia a questo mondo stupido.
Oh aerosol, quello che non ho e aria

[autore] Virginiana Miller
[album] La verita sul tennis

Aerosol Missle

Aerosol Missle

When folks think of the dangers of firefighting, they often think of fire and smoke. That's not always the case. This is an aerosol can that became a missle when exposed to the heat of a house fire. The can shot through a standard sheetrock wall towards firefighters on the other side.

aerosol packaging equipment

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