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Asian Fashion Uk

asian fashion uk

  • make out of components (often in an improvising manner); "She fashioned a tent out of a sheet and a few sticks"

  • characteristic or habitual practice

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  • United Kingdom

asian fashion uk - China Fashion:

China Fashion: Conversations with Designers

China Fashion: Conversations with Designers

This book documents the rise (and rise) of fashion design in China. Told through the stories of three generations of designers: those born in the 20s and 30s, who were active before the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949; those born in the 1950s and 60s, when fashion in China was isolated from the rest of the world and the wearing of “Mao suits” became obligatory; and those born in the 1970s and later, who are now attempting to integrate China in to the global fashion industry, not only as producers of clothing but as designers and marketers as well.

Chinese fashion in the past half-century is a fascinating case study, given that the country began in penury, isolation, and political correctness, went through a phase of militant anti-fashion ideology, and is now rapidly developing internationally-minded, and eager to challenge the world in all fields of endeavour. Written by an insider, this book provides a fascinating survey based on the personal, professional and creative experiences of the most influential Chinese fashion designers. As such it will be welcomed by all students of contemporary fashion and design.

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Asian Wedding Show, Glasgow

Asian Wedding Show, Glasgow

Just back from Asian Wedding Show with 1221 raws to sort! This image is one I prepared earlier (at the 2009 show).

I find it impossible to restrain myself from taking hundreds of images at events like this. Three girls who have modelled for me (and their pictures are also in my people set on Flickr - Ashleigh, Catriona & Rameet) were involved, so I obviously took a lot of photos of them. Then there were all the other models and some fabulous outfits too. Two fashion shows, rest of the show with stalls, etc. And the star attraction for many of the girls there was H-Dhami, a UK Bhangra singer with a funky infusion of British & Indian influences. His presence and thumping music drove particularly the girls wild and they sang along, danced and stretched out their arms to touch him. He totally played to the audience and indulged them by touching their hands which they loved! I took loads of photos of this part of the day too. In addition to all these great subjects, when people see a professional looking camera, they often ask me to take their photos too. It all adds up to hundreds of images.

The whole thing was a very happy event and fun to be at. I was even asked if I would do a whole Asian Wedding! I said no, but would be interested in helping document it.

One of the nicest things that happened today was that I got chatting to the owner of Anjalis Boutique (in Glasgow's South Side). I had met her before , but not chatted to her. She was such a lovely person. She showered me with loads of food and ice cream, as one of their party hadn't turned up and they had spare. And then I discovered she was from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania!! Where I am from! I also found out that she is also a Facebook friend of our son Omar, and a fan of his art, so I am sure we will be in touch again

Ladypool road, Birmingham, UK

Ladypool road, Birmingham, UK

Sparkbrook and Springfield is a culturally diverse shopping centre that is made up of 3 smaller local shopping communities – Sparkbrook, Ladypool Road and Sparkhill, which includes the Springfield Shopping Parade. Each has its own special shopping offer, provided by a wealth of independent traders, for visitors and the local community.

The centre hosts a wide range of local businesses offering specialty Asian Jewellery, Asian Fashion Wear and cultural foods as well as a wide range of restaurants and fast food outlets and is proud to host the famous “Balti Triangle” well known internationally.

asian fashion uk

asian fashion uk

Dress, Gender and Cultural Change: Asian American and African American Rites of Passage (Dress, Body, Culture)

Within the Hmong American community, mothers and aunts of teenagers use bangles, lace and traditional handwork techniques to create dazzling displays reflecting the gender and ethnicity of their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, as they participate in an annual courtship ritual. This book examines these events to show how dress is used to transform gender construction and create positive images of African American and Hmong American youth.

Coming-of-age rituals serve as arenas of cultural revision and change. For each of these communities, the choice of dress represents cultural affirmation. This author shows that within the homogenizing context of American society, dress serves as a site for the continual renegotiation of identity - gendered, ethnic and otherwise.

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