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Buy Fashion Clothing

buy fashion clothing

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i bought a better bustier today!

i bought a better bustier today!

i actually bought two.

but there was a lot of other ones i wanted, such as ...

- a small bandeau-ish one with a zipper
- a denim one (it'd be so perfect if they had black, augh, i love the clasps of this one)
- a black one that looks a bit like lingerie (that's kinda the reason i didn't get it today, ahahaha)
- a black one which would've been perfect if it didn't have white lines running in the front
- a perfect black one with thick straps (again, would've been perfect ... BUT the back is strappy and nasty looking)


but man, i need to get skinnay :/



Anticorporate advice #6:
Instead of buying fashion clothes just shoot them in try-on room.

buy fashion clothing

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