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Espring Water Filter

espring water filter

    water filter
  • a filter to remove impurities from the water supply

  • (Water Filters) A water filter is required to remove parasite contamination in big city municipal water supplies, and growing concerns about well water contamination in rural areas. It does away with the inconvenience and expense of purchasing bottled water.

  • A water filter removes impurities from water by means of a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process. Filters cleanse water to various extents for irrigation, drinking water, aquariums, and swimming pools.

espring water filter - Amway eSpring

Amway eSpring Water Purifier Replacement Filter Cartridge

Amway eSpring Water Purifier Replacement Filter Cartridge

Product Description The eSpringŪ Water Purifier cartridge replaces the cartridge shipped with your original unit and is easily installed. The filter's "smart-chip" monitors system performance and sends messages about function or replacement timing, which appear on the eSpring unit's lighted display. Simple replacement once a year or every 1,320 gallons. The system alerts you when it's time to replace the filter and resets itself when you're done. Fits both eSpring Systems. *** Note: The UV lamp in the filter cartridge contains mercury. Please dispose of according to local, state, or federal laws. *** For use with eSpringŪ Water Purifier Below Counter Unit and Countertop Unit.

89% (6)

espring ice

espring ice

care enough to filter the water for ice.

espring water filter

espring water filter

eSpringŪ Carbon Water Treatment System - Below Counter with Auxiliary Faucet Kit

Description The convenient and easy-to-use eSpringŪ Carbon Water Treatment System improves the taste, odor, and clarity of up to 1,320 gallons of water, enough for a family of six to cook and drink with, for one year. The patented carbon-block filter effectively reduces more than 140 potential health-effect impurities, while allowing beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium to pass through. Benefits Effectively reduces more than 140 potential heath-effect impurities, including: 13 disinfection byproducts. 30 pesticides and pesticide byproducts. Lead, mercury, radon, and radon decay products. Two pharmaceutical impurities. MTBE (Methyl tert-butyl ether). More than 40 suspected endocrine disruptors. Suspected carcinogens known to exist in water. Reduces particulate down to 0.2 microns, including asbestos, sediment, dirt, and scale. Allows beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and fluoride to pass through. Dramatically improves the taste, odor, and clarity of water. More convenient and less expensive than bottled water. Convenient and easy to use. Innovative, patented design offers efficiency and reliability. NSF/ANSI Certified to Standards 42 and 53. Water Quality Association Gold Seal certified. Includes a 2-year limited warranty

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